Science for teens

first_imgUniversity of GeorgiaFor high school students interested in science, the University ofGeorgia Plant Science Scholars program is an incredible deal.For just $30, students can spend almost three days, June 23-25,on the UGA campus exploring areas of horticulture, plantpathology, crop and soil sciences and forestry.The students will learn how to extract DNA. They’ll visitgreenhouses and research farms. And they’ll learn how topropagate plants. These are just a few examples of the manyhands-on activities they’ll be able to try on the UGA campus.Students will be housed in UGA dorms. Their meals and eveningentertainment are provided.DeadlineThe application deadline is April 1. To apply or get moreinformation, visit contact Kisha Shelton at(706) 542-1426. Or write her at 2105 Miller Plant Science Bldg.,Athens, GA 30602-7274.last_img read more

Georgia Ag Forecast 2012

first_imgGeorgians can expect to pay more at the supermarket in 2012. This is good news for peanut and pecan farmers who can expect record prices for their crops. These financial predictions, and more, were presented across the state this week at Georgia Ag Forecast events planned by the University of Georgia, Georgia Farm Bureau and the Georgia Department of Agriculture.“Consumers can expect to pay more for products like beef, pecans and peanuts as farmers fight drought and increased fuel and fertilizer prices to produce crops and raise animals,” said Kent Wolf, an agricultural economist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Farmers paying more to produce cropsWolf says food prices are also on the rise due to the increased costs of delivering crops to consumers and the rising demand for Georgia crops overseas.“Commodity prices peaked midsummer for row crops in Georgia and the outlook is that they will remain high, depending on how many acres are planted and what kind of growing season we have,” said CAES ag economist Nathan Smith. “Predictions are for another dry spring and all our best laid plans could be impacted by a continuation of the drought.”The U.S. dollar is weak, but Smith says this “generally helps Georgia because we have a strong export market.”Agriculture is the largest industry in Georgia with 65 products and a farmgate value of $12 billion in 2010. UGA research focused on helping farmersAt the first forecast event, held at the Georgia Farm Bureau in Macon, Ga., CAES Dean and Director Scott Angle told farmers the college is working to help them maximize profits and reduce inputs. “Whether it’s research on your farm or one of our farms, we are working very hard to solve some of the most pressing problems we have in the state,” Angle said.For example, recent changes to immigration laws have Georgia farmers scrambling to find workers to harvest their crops.Agribusiness lawyer Nowell Berreth presented the keynote address that focused on the H-2A program. Through the program, farmers hire and house immigrant agricultural workers on a temporary basis.H-2A program doesn’t help year-round farmersBerreth said one downside of the H-2A program is that workers can only stay in the U.S. for six months. This requirement makes the program useless for dairy, poultry and livestock farmers who need help year-round.Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black said the state needs “to develop a twenty-first century guest worker program that works for (all farmers), not just some.”“Farmers tell me they would love to have a local workforce that is sober, reliable, on time and has a work ethic. They say they’d be happy to hire them all if we can tell them where to find them,” Black said.Black urged farmers at the ag forecast to voice their opinions on the current farm labor issues to their congressmen. “We have big obstacles to overcome, there is no doubt about it. But Georgia can’t do it on our own. We have good members of congress that are stepping forward, but we need to work with other states to get the word out,” he said.Robot labor?In 10 years, many of the current labor problems will be solved by new technologies, according to Angle. “The real solution to immigration is that we are going to be developing robots that are going to be out there picking apples off the trees. It’s not that far away. We are going to have to find ways of mechanizing more,” he said.Also during the ag forecast event, Mary Kay Thatcher of the American Farm Bureau provided an update on the farm bill. She said the farm bill is about food more than farming. “We have probably doubled the number of people on food stamps in the past five years,” Thatcher said.Angle called Georgia “the breadbasket, not just for the United States, but for the entire world.”“I feel very good about the future of agriculture. In many ways it’s our moral obligation to produce food for people around the country that even today remain quite hungry,” he said.last_img read more

Downtowns from Quebec, Vermont celebrate “sisterhood”

first_imgOfficials representing the downtown associations of Coaticook, PQ and Newport City formally celebrated their new Jumelage or ‘sister downtown’ relationship at a ceremony in Montpelier Tuesday, the first of what supporters hope will be many such connections made.‘Both of these communities have thriving downtowns, and both are working to further enhance the economic and social vitality in their downtowns,’ said Governor Jim Douglas, who attended the ceremony. ‘I hope this initiative will provide yet another opportunity for Vermont and Quebec to learn about each other’s best practices, this time in downtown revitalization, and set the stage for greater cooperation in the future.’Officials from Quebec’s downtowns and the Fondation Rue Principal (Main Street Foundation) were in Vermont for several days visiting their Vermont Downtown Program counterparts in several of the state’s designated downtowns and village centers to learn more about their efforts.‘We are very excited,’ said Julie Favreau, Coordinator of Coaticook’s Rues Principales. ‘We are at the very beginning of this process, so we are looking forward to cooperating with the City of Newport.’‘Newport City Renaissance Corporation is looking forward to exploring all possibilities and opportunities to partner with our sister organization in Coaticook, Quebec,’ said Patricia Sears, Executive Director of the downtown organization for Newport. ‘This will be an expansion of the work we have been doing for the past three years with the Eastern Townships in Quebec to enhance cross-border exchange of culture and commerce.’The Vermont Downtown program works to support local revitalization efforts in the state’s designated downtowns and villages. To date, 23 Vermont downtowns and 103 village centers are designated and all older and historic buildings in these designated areas are eligible for investment incentives.‘One of the key things we’ve learned in downtown revitalization is that you have to have a dedicated downtown revitalization organization to lead the process,’ said Joss Besse, director of the Vermont Downtown Program.  ‘This visit brings together the managers of those organizations, both Quebec and Vermont, to learn from each other’s experiences.’Designated communities become eligible to compete for funding for building rehabilitation and safety improvements, and transportation projects, primarily Downtown and Village Center State Tax Credits.In 11 years, the state has dedicated over $12 million these communities, leveraging hundreds of millions more in private and municipal investments.For more information, please visit: is external)last_img read more

Colombia and Ecuador Sign Plan to Strengthen Border Security

first_img It’s always nice to see countries that faced bilateral turbulences recently adressing their common issues. South American Countries have to acknowledge that they must cooperate in order to improve their own internal security due to the porous boundaries they share, specially the Amazon.I hope the governments will be able and willing to implement politics that are able to improve security, diminish smuggling and drug trafficking, while taking care of the inhabitants of the border areas. Colombia and Ecuador signed a bi-national action program to strengthen security in the border area, where they also deployed health and education campaigns. The document was signed by the defense ministers of Colombia, Rodrigo Rivera, and Ecuador, Javier Ponce, in the Ecuadorean locality of Puerto El Carmen, in the Amazonian province of Sucumbíos (in northeastern Ecuador). That region borders on the Colombian department of Putumayo, where the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, a Marxist guerrilla group) operate. The two countries agreed to promote cooperation and the development of their capabilities to respond to common threats, the exchange of information, and the establishment of border service centers to promote integration, according to the Ecuadorean ministry. The program, with twenty-one lines of action, complements the objective of elevating the political and strategic level of the bilateral relationship in security matters, the Colombian ministry indicated. The two nations will also adopt protocols for regulating the interaction of security forces with the inhabitants of the border area with regard to human rights and for promoting social projects. In that context, Ecuadorean medical personnel plan to provide care to around five thousand people in Puerto El Carmen, on the banks of the Putumayo River, which marks the border, while the Education Ministry will provide materials and breakfast to students. Similar activities are underway in Puerto Ospina (Colombia), which was also visited by Rivera and Ponce, across from the Ecuadorean locality. In March 2008, Colombian troops made an incursion into Sucumbíos to attack a clandestine FARC camp, killing twenty-five people, including rebel leader Raúl Reyes, one Ecuadorean, and four Mexicans. The bombing led Quito to break off diplomatic relations, which were fully restored in November. By Dialogo June 14, 2011last_img read more

Are your cross-sellers dropping the hand-off at your credit union?

first_imgIt’s what every credit union hopes for…an existing member is interested in another product or applying for a new loan. Often, there is a hand off that is required from one employee to another. That hand-off is crucial not only to a successful sale, but also to building a stronger relationship with your member. Too often, that hand-off isn’t handled as well as it could be.Let’s look at a real life situation.A member calls and says she is in the process of buying a car and would like to get an auto loan.  She reached out to Joanne in Business Services since the member already had her business accounts with Joanne and had a relationship with her. Joanne said, “Terrific, come on in and I’ll introduce you to Daniel who handles auto loans.”So the member comes to the branch and is greeted by Joanne.   Joanne chats with the member about the car she’s looking to buy until Daniel finishes with his customer.   So far so good.   When Joanne sees that Daniel is done, she rings him and he comes out. Joanne says, “Daniel, this is member, member, this is Daniel. Great to see you (member).” Daniel shakes the member’s hand and walks her back to his office.Joanne and Daniel just fumbled the hand-off.There were three missed opportunities.   Did you spot them? All had to do with a lack of transfer of trust.Missed Opportunity #1 – Transfer member relationship information (and say something nice)   Joanne has a lot of information about the member and thanks to their chat, information about the car she’s interested in.   Joanne had an opportunity to share two key pieces of information with DanielOne was to acknowledge the existing relationship and say something nice about the member. “At (credit union) we’re a big time fan of (member). She runs a successful sales consultancy right here in (town). She has all her personal and business accounts with us.”You may be thinking, but Daniel will likely see that information on his computer screen when he starts the process True, but it’s important to publically acknowledge and thank the member (in the hand-off) for being such a great customer.   If you can share something nice about the member as well, even better.Missed Opportunity #2 – Transfer member situational informationThe second piece of information that should have been shared was about the car. Members traditionally hate having to repeat information.   If information is shared with someone, in the hand-off a synopsis should be shared with the person the member is being handed to.   In this case, Joanne could say, “(Member) is looking at a Honda Accord she likes at (dealership).   She found a 2013 special edition and is ready to move fast. She’s already got an estimate for her trade-in.”It was great that Joanne had the time to talk to the member. Sharing the information not only shows Joanne was listening and paying attention, but also helps the member who doesn’t have to start all over at square one with the new loan officer.Missed opportunity #3- Transfer of information about the employee the member is being handed to (and say something nice)This is the most common missed opportunity I see in my work with credit unions.   In every transaction, the member has initial contact with someone. Whether that person has known the member for years or minutes, a bond is created (providing that employee does their job right).   It’s important for that “trust” to be transferred to the next person.In the case of Joanne and Daniel, Joanne could say, “(Member) I want you to meet Daniel. Daniel is going to take great care of you. He’s probably helped more members buy cars than just about anyone I know.   He’s also just a great guy. I understand you want to move fast so I know Daniel will do everything he can to expedite the process.”Note that she also shared the member’s key concern – moving fast.Bonus: It would also be nice if Daniel has something nice to say about Joanne.When you build in this transfer of trust you’ll have more successful hand-offs and better results for your members and your credit union. 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Holly Buchanan Holly Buchanan is the author of Selling Financial Services to Women – What Men Need to Know and Even Women Will Be Surprised to Learn. She is the co-author of The … Web: Detailslast_img read more

SUNY to test all students before they leave for break; SUNY Broome reacts

first_img(WBNG) — The SUNY School System announced earlier this week that it will require their students to test negative for the coronavirus before returning home, so as to not potentially transmit the virus to their family members. SUNY Broome says testing is mandatory for all their students. When it comes to enforcing the rules, however, they say it will be more regulated with those students who live on campus. For those who live off, it will be more of an honor code system. SUNY Broome officials said testing students is incredibly important and they said all the SUNY schools were on the same page for this decision. They say that if someone tests positive, they will have to self-quarantine before they can go back home. SUNY Broome says all students who return back to campus after break will also have to provide the university with a negative test.last_img read more

On yer bike: cycling industry out-pedaled by demand

first_imgCycling is booming across the globe as people seek to avoid crowded buses and trains on their commute in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic — or get back into shape after long months of lockdown.But with bicycle sales exploding in many countries, the craze has left manufacturers and retailers out-pedaled by demand.In Paris, where mayor Anne Hidalgo has been working hard to put cycling on the map, vastly increasing the number of bike lanes in recent years, would-be buyers often have to wait weeks for a brand new ride. “For three or four weeks now, I’ve had a dozen or so clients waiting. And I’ve had to return money to a few because I simply have no idea when I’ll have bikes for them,” independent Paris retailer Federico Mosca told AFP.One customer, 31-year-old Nicolas, said he had visited eight different shops before getting lucky.Even then, he was forced to bust his budget and buy a more expensive model because the cheaper bike he wanted was sold out.”I was looking for a specific bike and had given myself a month to buy one, but it’s not available anywhere,” he said. Broken chainBut in addition to runaway demand from the end consumer, lockdowns have made it difficult for European and US manufacturers to obtain parts.The Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) estimates that 45 to 50 percent of parts for all bikes sold in Europe are imported from Asia.Moreno Fioravanti, secretary general of the European Bicycle Manufacturers’ Association (EBMA), said the industry has “lost three months of production of components, and our stockpiles were used up in only two months”.Pancho Pimentel, marketing chief for Summit Bicycles, which has five stores in California, said “there are shortages everywhere, from bike brands to parts”.Cycling “works off of a global supply chain that has been interrupted due to COVID-19 and its consequences are being seen in every category”, he said.According to CONEBI, 7.3 million bikes and e-bikes were imported into Europe last year, principally from Taiwan and Cambodia.The world’s leading manufacturer, Taiwan-based Giant, saw its European sales increase by 140 percent year-on-year in June, driven in particular by sales of e-bikes.Its order-book is full until the first half of next year and it is similarly optimistic for the second half.However, CONEBI’s director general, Manuel Marsilio, said the bike shortage was not as bad as some people might suggest.”There was some shortage because of two months of lockdown, due to the fact that EU production stopped,” he said.”But our bike industry is working very hard to fill the gap. It is a very positive thing that we have so many small and medium-sized makers all over Europe, who are very flexible.”Most EU producers will continue to work also in July and August, so there won’t be a halt in the summer,” he said. Leading retail chain Decathlon said it also has waiting lists, but can refurbish second-hand bikes for impatient customers.French bicycle sales doubled in May and June compared to the same months last year, according to the sporting and cycling federation.Sales are booming in most countries around the world.Decathlon calculated that in Europe overall, sales “have increased two- and even threefold”.In China, demand has increased fivefold since lockdowns were eased.And in the US, sales of bikes have exploded, with online purchases alone skyrocketing in May by 5,000 percent over the figure for the same month last year. Overall US sales, both online and in-store, jumped by 81 percent year-on-year to $1.1 billion (950 million euros) in May, according to People for Bikes, a coalition of manufacturers and retailers.  Topics :last_img read more

Senegal: Cairn preparing SNE FPSO tender

first_imgCairn Energy, a London-listed oil company, has shed some light on the development progress of its large SNE oil discovery offshore Senegal.The company said on Monday detailed planning was underway for the for phased development of SNE field using a standalone FPSO with subsea wells and expansion capability.According to Cairn, engagement with major contractors has started prior to formal tendering for the FPSO and subsea infrastructure later this year.The transfer of operatorship to Australia’s Woodside for the development phase is planned to take place next year with Cairn continuing exploration activities on the acreage.The JV plans to submit an evaluation report and exploitation plan to the Government of Senegal in 2018. The Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) is also planned to start next year with a FID targeted before the end of 2018.Cairn estimates that the first phase of the SNE development will target ~240mmbbls principally in the S500 lower reservoirs with an initial target plateau of 75,000-125,000 bopd (dependent on FPSO capacity). The initial well count is up to 25 with oil producers, water and gas injectors. First oil is targeted from 2021 to 2023.The subsequent development phases will target the S400 upper reservoirs and additional areas, with current Cairn estimates of an additional well count of 40 wells, with 20 producers and 20 water injectors.The current SNE development plans assume gas re-injection during initial development with the potential for gas export in later phases. It is estimated that the SNE field holds more than 1 TcF recoverable non associated gas and 0.3 TcF of associated gas.Cairn (Operator) has a 40% WI in three blocks offshore Senegal (Sangomar Deep, Sangomar Offshore and Rusique Offshore) alongside partners, Woodside 35% WI, FAR Ltd 15% WI and the Senegal National Oil Company, Petrosen 10% WI.last_img read more

Siemens Gamesa Contracts FairWind for Turbine Pre-Assembly

first_imgSiemens Gamesa has contracted FairWind for turbine pre-assembly work for the Borssele 1+2 offshore wind project in the Netherlands and the Yunlin project in Taiwan.The work for Borssele will take place at the Port of Esbjerg in Denmark, with pre-assembly of 94 Siemens Gamesa 8.0-167 DD towers planned to begin at the start of 2020, including the high voltage scope and HSBM.FairWind will also be involved in the pre-assembly of 80 Siemens Gamesa 8.0-167 DD towers at the Port of Taichung in Taiwan for the Yunlin project in 2020/2021, also including the high voltage scope and HSBM.Due to the announced work at Taichung, FairWind will continue to expand its team of Taiwanese technicians. The recruitment process has begun, with meetings scheduled in early January 2020.“We look forward to continuing the constructive cooperation we have had with Siemens Gamesa, as well as partners BMS Heavy Cranes A/S, and Sevenstar in Taiwan,” said Per Friis, Head of Offshore at FairWind.“We welcome back our technicians and site management in Esbjerg and Taichung, who have proven they can provide the quality, HSE, and milestones expected by our client.”This year, FairWind was involved in the pre-assembly of 87 towers for Siemens Gamesa for the Hohe See and Albatros offshore wind projects, as well as of 20 Siemens Gamesa SWT-6.0-154 turbines for the Formosa 1 Phase 2 project, which marked the company’s first in Taiwan.last_img read more

Smith, Marsh heap pain upon England with 301-stand

first_imgBy Ian RansomPERTH (Reuters) – An epic and unbeaten 301-run stand by Australia captain Steve Smith and Mitchell Marsh left England’s hopes of retaining the Ashes in jeopardy on day three of the third Test at the WACA on Saturday.On an agonising day for Joe Root’s team, Smith broke English hearts with his second double-century after recalled all-rounder Marsh celebrated his maiden ton.The pair pushed Australia to 549 for four and a first innings lead of 146 runs, rendering England’s 403 a hopelessly inadequate total on a featherbed wicket.They strode off to a standing ovation, with Smith unbeaten on 229 and Marsh 181 not out, pushing towards a double-century of his own.“It felt really good yesterday, I was in the zone. I wanted to cash in today,” Smith said before he exited the ground to roaring applause.“We wanted to be out in the middle and just keep batting.”Two-nil down after losses in Brisbane and Adelaide, England’s hopes of keeping the series alive to Melbourne appear bleak.On day two, Dawid Malan and Jonny Bairstow had English chests bursting with pride after compiling 237 runs for a record fifth-wicket partnership at the WACA.But the mark lasted less than a day, as Smith and Marsh smashed 57 boundaries between them to leave England praying for the mercy of rain.Showers are forecast for days four and five, but the weather may not be enough to save the tourists, who managed only a single wicket despite no fewer than seven players rolling over their arm throughout the day.Having torched England for 107 runs in the middle session, Smith and Marsh plundered another 128 after tea, as the tourists’ lack of pace was ruthlessly exposed.“It’s been a very, very tough day for our team,” England assistant coach Paul Farbrace told reporters.“What can we do? We’ve got what we’ve got… When it comes to flatter pitches, we don’t have that express pace.”Smith punished England with 215 at Lord’s in 2015 but set himself a new personal best at the WACA in a masterclass of patience, precision and timing.His unbeaten 390-ball knock has him fourth on the list of highest innings at the WACA, with the possibility of further promotion on day four.He reached the three-figure mark, his seventh against England, when he whipped paceman James Anderson through the leg side for four.The second hundred came with a single off all-rounder Moeen Ali, and he bounded down the wicket roaring in triumph to the delight of a big day three crowd.He also notched his 1,000th run for the year, and joined former Australia opener Matthew Hayden in reaching the mark four years in succession.Marsh completed a rare family trio of Ashes tons.His older brother Shaun Marsh scored an unbeaten 126 in the second test win at Adelaide Oval, and his father Geoff, beaming with pride in the heaving WACA crowd, posted 138 as an opener at Nottingham in the 1989 series.The younger Marsh cut paceman Stuart Broad to the fence to bring up his ton from 130 balls and pumped his fist in jubilation, having scored only two half-centuries in his previous 21 tests.While stopping short of declaring England’s spirit broken, Marsh said they were “obviously tired”.“Today was just a great day for Australia. To only lose one wicket for the whole day has really put us in a strong position,” said the 26-year-old.Moeen had Shaun Marsh caught at slip for 28 in the first hour but it was to prove England’s only highlight.Farbrace insisted the Ashes were still alive.“We’ve got two more days to play. It’s going to be tough, of course it’s going to be tough,” he said.“We’ve got to show some guts and determination.”ENGLAND 1st innings 403 (D. Malan 140, J. Bairstow 119, M. Stoneman 56; M. Starc 4-91) Australia 1st innings (Overnight: 203-3)C. Bancroft lbw b C. Overton 25D. Warner c Bairstow b C. Overton 22U. Khawaja lbw b Woakes 50S. Smith not out 229S. Marsh c Root b Ali 28M. Marsh not out 181Extras (b-2 lb-10 nb-1 w-1) 14Total (for 4 wickets, 152 overs) 549Fall of wickets: 1-44 D. Warner,2-55 C. Bancroft,3-179 U. Khawaja,4-248 S. MarshTo bat: T. Paine, M. Starc, P. Cummins, N. Lyon, J. HazlewoodBowling: J. Anderson 29 – 8 – 85 – 0(nb-1), S. Broad 28 – 3 – 112 – 0,C. Woakes 32 – 4 – 108 – 1(w-1),C. Overton 23 – 1 – 102 – 2,M. Ali 31 – 4 – 104 – 1, J. Root 3 – 0 – 13 – 0,D. Malan 6 – 1 – 13 – 0.last_img read more