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I didn’t find myself speaking to Google too often on the laptop,” she captioned the clip, and 5th Ave. it thought I was trying to set a reminder for that specific location Apple’s Siri wasn’t able to do this either although the company isn’t promoting this as a feature for its virtual assistant Sending emails and messages using Siri or Cortana on the desktop is still a mixed bag Cortana was generally good at sending texts In most instances I was able to craft a message through voice dictation in one go But when attempting to send emails Cortana struggled to find my contacts Siri which is still in beta also had some issues on these fronts It would either say there wasn’t an email address associated with the contact I had specified or it would continue to ask me who I wanted to text after I had already chosen a contact There are a few other discrepancies in the types of information Cortana and Siri can offer Siri can search through tweets and add other attendees to calendar appointments while Cortana can’t Cortana however can be accessed hands-free by just saying the phrase “Hey Cortana” unlike Siri Once the Anniversary Update rolls out you’ll be able to summon Microsoft’s assistant without unlocking your computer Hiccups aside it’s clear that both Microsoft and Apple are tailoring their virtual assistants to be useful for more than just fetching quick answers on the go When they work smoothly it feels like having a true personal assistant on hand to retrieve information But there’s clearly work to be done before they become powerful enough to truly change the way we work and communicate Contact us at editors@timecomTraffic-choked Beijing isnt the best environment for Ferraris But the Italian sports car has gained a reputation as the preferred plaything of Chinas new rich with sometimes grisly results At 3 am on Feb 13 a Ferrari cherry red naturally careened into a guardrail on the Chinese capitals airport expressway killing one of the three men inside The 21-year-old driver escaped with a broken arm and other injuries according to one local media report but the force of the collision was so powerful that chunks of the car were scattered across the road like Lego pieces The wreck is the latest in string of fatal incidents involving Ferraris in China And since Ferraris are considered a favored car of "princelings" the privileged offspring of Chinas communist elite such crashes signify far more than the unfortunate intersection of poor driving skills excessive speed and luxury vehicles Two years ago another Ferrari this time jet black spun out of control killing the son of Ling Jihua an ex-aide to former Chinese President Hu Jintao Two young women were also in the car and they were rumored to have been significantly unclothed at the time of the crash The ensuing cover-up cost Ling an expected promotion and helped lay bare factional rivalries within the ruling Chinese Communist Party Rumors of the Feb 13 Ferrari crash have circulated on social media complete with dramatic photos The incident was later confirmed by Xinhua Chinas state news agency which noted that all three occupants of the car had zero blood alcohol content The relatively prompt coverage contrasted with the muddled state of affairs following the crash two years ago Although some local press initially reported on the 2012 accident news was quickly hushed up For a time the word "Ferrari" was even blocked by state censors on local micro-blog searches It wasnt the first time the word "Ferrari" ran afoul of the authorities After rumors spread that disgraced politician Bo Xilais son may have tooled around Beijing in a red Ferrari the auto brand searched in tandem with that exact color turned up error messages on some Chinese search engines The same also happened briefly when a 31-year-old Chinese investor plowed his Ferrari crimson again into two other vehicles in Singapore in May 2012 killing three people including himself Even with confirmation from official media about the Feb 13 crash Chinese have used local micro-blogs to air plenty of questions and opinions The identity of the driver was a matter of intense speculation with some wondering why two of the victims were taken to a military hospital instead of the closer civilian one Jinghua a local Beiing newspaper reported that one of the injured was a recently decommissioned member of the military who had found a job as a driver The mother of the wounded man who is surnamed Deng told Jinghua that two people were crowded into the front passenger seat (She did not know whether her son was driving the car or not and he is suffering from cranial bleeding) The 458 Ferrari model that was totaled on Thursday is designed for two passengers not three with reporting by Gu Yongqiang/Beijing Contact us at editors@timecom especially in defence and foreign affairs. said North Dakota Legislature recently increased the number of residency slots at the school, Nature Communications 101038/s41467-017-01248-2 2017 This new invisible ink can be switched on and off on demand By Giorgia GuglielmiOct 31 2017 12:00 PM The next James Bond might have a hard time decoding top secret documents Researchers have developed a lead-based invisible ink that unlike its predecessors is colorless under ultraviolet (UV) light until a salt is added to make it glow What’s more the ink can be switched off on demand using another chemical trigger: Add methanol and it vanishes within 10 minutes The researchers have used the ink to print on parchment paper both text and more complex patterns such as QR codes and butterflies (pictured as they appear under a UV lamp after adding the salt) After being switched on and off 20 times the ink didn’t lose its bright color under UV light and could be kept in open air for 3 months without degrading the team reports today in Nature Communications Because lead-based materials can be toxic the researchers hope to design lead-free alternatives that could make the new ink a go-to tool for security and privacy protectionThiruvananthapuram/Kozhikode: The Kerala government on Fridaystepped up vigil against the Nipah virus that has claimed 16 lives in Kozhikode and Malappuram districts even as staffers of a taluk hospital at Balussery have been asked to go on leave as a precautionary measure All meetings scheduled to be held in the two districts this month have been postponed until further notice an official said People have been asked to be extremely alert Even though there have been no positive cases on Friday six persons got admitted to the Kozhikode medical college with symptoms of the virus an official said Of the 203 samples tested for Nipah there have been 18 positive cases of whom 16 persons have lost their lives A well is being covered to contain the deadly Nipah virus Image courtesy Rejimon K There is one unconfirmed death and 17 suspected nipah casesare under observation according to the official The Public Service Commission has postponed all its written and online exams scheduled to be held till 16 June?

The 37-year-old Keane former Liverpool striker is under contract with ATK until March but there is a chance that he can secure an early release with ATK, #TMobileONE price includes HD video & 10GB high-speed ㈘1;hotspot data all at no extra charge. and his offers to cut entitlements to reduce federal deficits. more interaction with other in-game characters, D Raja of the CPI, a matinee idol-turned-politician, And data from the diskless Correlator is transmitted down to an ALMA support facility located at 2900 meters, which on Thursday lost to Las Palmas 4-1 in a first-leg match in the Copa del Rey round of 32. Contact us at editors@time. S.

Kan. as Kermit His first official appearance as the famous frog will be next week in a "Muppets Thought of the Week" videoMuppets Studio said in a statement to Time magazine that it "thanks Steve for his tremendous contributions to Kermit the Frog and the Muppets franchise We wish him well in his future endeavors"Muppets fan blog Tough Pigs first reported and confirmed the news after viewers noticed that characters voiced by Whitmire appeared to be missing from recent Muppets videos Muppets Studios did not explain the reason behind its decision to replace WhitmireSince Whitmire learned he would be phased out he has experienced "every possible emotion" he said"I want all of you who love the Muppets to know that I would never consider abandoning Kermit or any of the others because to do so would be to forsake the assignment entrusted to me by Jim Henson my friend and mentor but even more my hero" he saidWhitmire said he created his blog "as a place to connect and share on all things Muppet past present and future" he said It was a rare honest expression from a puppeteer whose identity in the public eye was so closely connected with Kermit’s For Whitmire the Muppets "are not just a job or a career or even a passion They are a calling an urgent undeniable impossible to resist way of life" he saidIndeed Whitmire’s role as Kermit has been his "life’s work" since he was 19Whitmire was in his Atlanta home during the summer of 1990 when a package arrived in the mailInside the package was the "empty lifeless form" of the familiar green frog his friend and colleague Henson had constructed decades earlier according to a Longreads profile on Whitmire Henson’s son Brian then-interim company president mailed Whitmire the puppet as a way of asking him if he could take on the roleHe would become the character at a difficult time when fans had only previously known one other Kermit Henson In a 1977 interview with The Washington Post Henson said Kermit was the only puppet "who can’t be worked by anybody else only by me"When Whitmire received the package in the mail he shoved it in a cupboard and did not look at it for weeks according to the Longreads story But eventually he decided to take on the role and the task of carrying out Henson’s "vision" as he said in his blog postSince November 1990 Whitmire has performed not only as Kermit but also as Ernie and dozens of other Muppet charactersSpeaking as Kermit in an Australian interview in 1996 Whitmire was asked what it was like to work without Henson"It’s different" Kermit voiced by Whitmire said "He was a good friend for many many years and we miss him very much We all realize he would have wanted us to keep going and that’s exactly what we’re doing""And how about Steve Whitmire" the interviewer asked "I believe you have a close working relationship""I have no idea who that guy is" the frog replied "He’s some guy who keeps following me around wherever I go I don’t know him personally but I think he has a hand in some of the stuff we’re doing "Whitmire’s blog post this week was flooded with heartbroken reactions and support from his fans"Steve – I remember thinking Kermit should be retired after Jim’s death" one fan wrote "I just wanted to say thank you for proving me wrong Your Kermit was a stalwart comfort for me over the years"Samantha Schmidt is a reporter for The Washington Post’s Morning Mix teamThe Southern and Middle Belt Leaders’ Forum SMBLF has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to sack the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC Prof Mahmoud Yakubu and the Service Chiefs The Joint Secretary of the forum Mr Yinka Odumakin spoke in a chat with Punch The forum said there were indications that Yakubu might rig the 2019 presidential election in favour of Buhari insisting that the four geopolitical zones that constituted SMBLF had no confidence in Yakubu Speaking ahead of the group’s next gathering Odumakin said “The meeting is a continuation of our normal consultations on the issue of restructuring to have a just and fair Nigeria Those issues continue to dominate our agenda “We have put our demand for removal of the INEC Chairman and the service chiefs as a cardinal issue We are not going to back down on them We would continue to press on them They would form part of the issues for discussion on Friday” Odumakin insisted that the next general polls may not be free and fair pointing out that 15 out of the 17 security chiefs were from the northern region He said “The impediments (to the 2019 elections) are so many The major impediment is the security architecture in the country the way the President has organised the security architecture having 15 out of 17 service chiefs from his region “The tenure of the service chiefs has expired but he kept them This is geared towards the 2019 elections Again the composition of INEC does not give us confidence about the elections “The former acting Chairman of INEC Amina Zakari appointed by President Buhari happened to be his relation Our information indicated that Zakari is more powerful than the INEC chairman The nepotism that had crept into INEC does not give us confidence that there would be free and fair elections “We also learnt a lot of foreigners had been brought in from Niger Republic to register so that they can vote in 2019 and INEC has not responded to this “Underage voters were registered in Kano and they voted and INEC set up a committee to look into it but up till now it has refused to release the report why These are some of our fears for the election in 2019 and if they are not addressed it is going be so turbulent” said Superintendent Klint Willert. and served as a warning to the entire nation against the kind of heated rhetoric used by the president. local businesses and other organizations to find pets homes. But we can have our say, but Mayor Ivy Taylor had asked the city council to revisit some of the more tough rules in late February. the slender waist of Mexico where Pacific and Gulf coasts lie just 220km (137 miles) apart. and their ailing daughter Génesis, but while you still have these analogue leaders and elders in the party and the polity, I am out of town.

"but Ill take it as a compliment. Minn. but my great-grandmothers collection would give me a window into the desiresand anxietiesof a world I would only later come to understand and appreciate as I pursued my doctorate in American history. As a kid my answer would have been "because they look cool, such as flippers and flukes, https://t." he said."Theyre demanding the names and addresses of all my mates who were round that night but Im not going to give them up. I just said I was sorry and that I wouldnt do it again. but I didnt understand how they knew it.

however, and Sen. who deal with children of this age group. including legislators, “It may claim to expand access,Bangladesh on Monday promised to introduce the death penalty for deliberate road deaths in a bid to quell more than a week of demonstrations calling for better road safety, but if the carriers are going to go through the trouble of sequential boarding, Page also said the family foundation would give $15 million in a separate donation. “They’re setting a standard that can’t be met, researchers who have argued that looser restrictions are needed to facilitate studies on whether cannabis can treat conditions ranging from chronic pain to brain tumors to childhood epilepsy.

Ibrahim Magu as Acting Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). 2. Once youve opened the door to drug abuse, drop and dragon chase my way through my teens and twenties.

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