Slovenia Gorenje beats Celje – title is closer

Gorenje Velenje beat Celje Pivovarna Lasko in front of 3800 spectators in the “Zlatorog” arena in Celje. Gorenje won the game with 34:27 (17:15), and now they lead the championship by 5 points ahead of Celje. Dolenec and Bezjak scored 7 and 6 goals respectively, while Gajic and Manojlovic combined for 22 saves for the visitors. For the hosts, Zvizej scored 6 goals.RK Celje Pivovarna Laško – RK Gorenje Velenje  27:34  (15:17)RK CPL: Lesjak, Perič 6/1 odb, Skok  2 odb; Mlakar, Marguč 4, Žuran 4, Razgor, Toskič 5, Ranevski, Poklar 4, Poteko, Metličič 2, Zelenovič 1, Žabič, Mačkovšekv1, Žvižej 6/2; trener Vladan Matič7m: 2/3Suspensions: 4 min;RK GV: Gajič 15/1 odb, Zaponšek, Taletovič; Melič 5/1, Medved 2, Bezjak 6, Pucelj 3, Manojlovič 7, Dolenec 7/3, Cehte 1, Miklavčič, Gaber 1, Golčar, Gams, Bajram 2, Šimič; trener: Branko Tamše7m: 4/5Suspensions: 8 min1. Gorenje Velenje 19 – 372. Celje Pivovarna Laško 19 – 323. Cimos Koper 18 – 254. Trimo Trebnje 18 – 185. Krško 19 – 176. Maribor Branik 18 – 157. Istrabenz Plini Izola 19 – 148. Jeruzalem Ormož 18 – 139. Ribnica Riko hiše 18 – 1110. Šmartno Herz Factor banka 18 – 1111. Krka 18 – 9 ← Previous Story Rikke Skov quit assistant job in Viborg HK Next Story → German Cup Final Four: HSV, Kiel, Flensburg and Lubbecke! read more

Bieglers first win on the Polish bench – Netherlands was too weak

← Previous Story Official anthem and video for Women’s EHF EURO 2012 released! Next Story → Meshkov Brest has a new right wing – Miloš Kostadinović Michael BieglerPoland handball national team Over 5.000 fans in Plock celebrated easy win of the Polish National Team againt Netherlands 33:22 (16:8). Michael Biegler began his job in Poland with an easy task, but on the way are more difficult with Sweden and Ukraine.Poland – Netherlands 33:22 (16:8)Poland –: Szmal, Wichary – M. Jurecki 5, Orzechowski 4, Rosiński 4, Bartczak 3, Jaszka 3, B. Jurecki 3, Krajewski 3, Lijewski 3, Wiśniewski 3, Kubisztal 1, Paczkowski 1, Grabarczyk, Jankowski, Jurkiewicz.Netherlands: Schellekens, Hoiting – Haenen 6, Adams 4, Sluijters 3, Miedema 2, Leenders 1, Remer 1, Schagen 1, Smits 1, Snijders 1, van Schie 1, Verjans 1, Boomhouwer, Szymon Łabiński read more

VIDEO First season defeat for Barca in Plock

FC Barcelona suffered the first season defeat in the Polish city of Plock, where Wisla showed fantastic performance and took points from the rival. Look how WISLA TV saw fantastic handball evening last Saturday… ← Previous Story Eljaish win Asian Clubs Championship! Next Story → EHF EURO 2014: “Guerreras” and Denmark reach Main Round

HISTORY Stenzels alltime dream handball team

← Previous Story PPD Zagreb beat Rhein Neckar Lowen after furious second half! Next Story → Handbollskanalen launches special EURO 2016 page One of the iconic handball persons, legendary coach from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Vlado Stenzel, made a list of the best handball team ever for Stenzel won the first ever Olympic gold medal in history of our sport in Munchen 1972 with Yugoslavia, afterwards he was leading Germany to their first ever World’s gold medal in 1978.Legendary Stenzel was on helm of German handball until 1982. He is still active in age 83 and ready to share his thoughts about our beautiful sport.Here is Stenzel BEST 21 in the history of handball.Goalkeepers:1. Thierry Omeyer (France)2. Abas Arslanagic (Yugoslavia – 1972)3. Andrei Lawrow (Russia)Left wings:1. Lars Christiansen (Denmark)2. Mile Isakovic (Yugoslavia)3. Jonas Källman (Sweden)Left backs:1. Nikola Karabatic (France)2. Joachim Deckarm (Germany)3. Erhard Wunderlich (Germany)Playmakers:1. Hrvoje Horvat (Yugoslavia)2. Domagoj Duvnjak (Croatia)3. Magnus Wislander (Sweden)Right backs:1. Kyung-Shin Yoon (South Korea)2. Laszlo Nagy (Hungary)3. Staffan Olsson (Sweden)Right wings:1. Victor Tomas (Spain)2. Luc Abalo (France)3. Mirza Dzomba (Croatia)Line players:1. Igor Vori (Croatia)2. Julen Aguinagalde (Spain)3. Marcus Alhm (Sweden) read more

Man arrested after fire starts in Dublin home

first_imgA MAN IN his 30s was arrested this morning after an attempted overnight burglary led to a fire in a house in Coolock.At around 12.30am a house on Ballyshannon Road was broken into.Shortly afterwards, neighbours noticed a fire had broken out in the home and alerted gardaí and Dublin Fire Brigade.Dublin Fire Brigade attended the scene and it was found that the house was empty and no injuries had been sustained.Gardaí arrested a man nearby and brought him to Ballymun Garda Station. The 33-year-old is currently detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act.Read: “Large amount” of cash stolen in Monaghan robberyRead: Man charged over fatal shooting in Finglaslast_img read more

Heres What Happened Today Friday

first_imgThe wreckage of a helicopter in Norfolk where four people were killed including, Dr Edward Haughey. (PA Image)WORLD#NEW YORK: An eighth body was recovered from the Manhattan apartment buildings destroyed in a gas explosion.#MALAYSIAN AIRLINES: The US Navy sent in another ship to search for the missing liner.#CRIMEA: Last-ditch talks between US and Russia on Crimea ended in failure.INNOVATIONFor the first time ever galaxy watchers may have a front-row look at a massive black hole consuming a gas cloud. []The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has unveiled a robot fish that it claims can change direction almost as fast as the real thing. [MIT]PARTING SHOTHere’s what Glenn Ford did after he was released from prison this week after serving 26 years for a murder he did not commit. [The Atlantic]Originally published 9pmHere’s What Happened Yesterday> Updated 23.12pmNEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news…Aer Lingus plane takes off at Dublin Airport. (PA Image)IRELANDTributes have been paid to Northern Ireland’s richest man who died in a helicopter crash.Aer Lingus is suing SIPTU over the union’s threatened strike.More creches are under investigation by the HSE.Staff at a Cork hospital say they’re concerned about a woman who left without being formally discharged.The family of Mark Casey who went missing a week ago have appealed for any information which might reveal what happened to him.Enda Kenny gave his annual St. Patrick’s Day message.It could be the end of one and two cent coins following a trial scheme in Wexford.The CEO of the Quinn packaging plant that was set on fire last night said employees were in building at the time.Nearly 4,000 Canadian visas were snapped up by Irish people in ten minutes.Dublin off licences have been urged not to sell booze before 4pm on Paddy’s Day.last_img read more

Average value of Irish farm land drops €500 an acre

first_imgTHE AVERAGE PRICE paid for farm land in Ireland fell by €500 per acre last year.It was expected that the average value of agricultural land would break €10,000 per acre in 2013, instead it fell to €9,400.The national average price paid for agricultural land in 2012 was €9,954 per acre.That’s a 5.6 per cent drop.The figures were published today in the Irish Farmers Journal Agriculture Land Price Report.Supply and DemandThe report says that supply has recovered to pre-recession levels with almost 75,000 acres offered for sale in 2013.“Today, the market is dominated by executor and receiver/NAMA sales.There is still strong demand for land from farmers, along with increased interest from ex-pats, overseas customers, and a new type of buyer – returning Irish emigrants.Going going…goneThe Farmers Journal report shows that 74,862 acres were offered for sale in 2013, that’s up by 17.4 per cent on 2012.Dublin had the highest average at €16,115 per acre, Kildare was next in line at €13,114 per acre and Louth was third at €12,628 per acre.On the other end of the spectrum, Leitrim had the lowest average at €4,156 per acre followed by Mayo at €5,145 per acre and Sligo at €5,879 per acre.Read: Agricultural land prices fall by over 50 per cent in the past four years>Read:last_img read more

MH370 families protest as pilot suicide raised as a cause of plane

first_imgIRATE CHINESE RELATIVES of passengers aboard the crashed Flight MH370 scuffled with security personnel outside Malaysia’s embassy last night, demanding answers about the plane’s mysterious and lonely demise in the stormy Indian Ocean.Malaysia — decried as “murderers” by the Beijing protesters — defended its decision to release new analysis of satellite data that determined the plane had plunged into the southern seas far off western Australia.Gale-force winds and huge waves halted the ocean search for wreckage from the Malaysia Airlines plane, deferring relatives’ quest to attain closure with definitive physical proof of the plane’s destruction and the loss of its 239 passengers and crew.Mark Binskin, vice chief of Australia’s Defence Force, underscored the dangers from the weather — as well as the enormous size of area under inspection by aircrews using a mix of high technology and binoculars to scan the waves.“We’re not trying to find a needle in a haystack, we’re still trying to define where the haystack is,” he told reporters.The Boeing 777 went missing on March 8 while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, dropping off air traffic control screens in what has become one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history.PA Graphics/Press Association ImagesAustralia pledges welcome Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said they would be warmly welcomed in their “desperately difficult time” should they make the trip. Australia will facilitate travel for Chinese relatives by waiving its standard visa fees, officials said.Numerous sightings of suspected debris, by satellites as well as aircraft criss-crossing the southern Indian Ocean, had raised hopes that wreckage would be found. But none has been retrieved yet.The US Navy has sent a specialised device to help find the “black box” of flight and cockpit voice data, along with a robotic underwater vehicle that can scan the ocean’s depths.Those efforts will be crucial in determining what caused the Boeing 777 to deviate inexplicably off course and fly thousands of miles in the wrong direction.Malaysia believes the plane was deliberately diverted by someone on board. But the lack of evidence has fuelled intense speculation and tormented families.“Terrorism, pilot suicide and a complex set of mechanical failures never seen before are now the likely possibilities. A simple failure such as a simple fire or structural failure is becoming very unlikely,” said aviation consultant Gerry Soejatman. © AFP, 2014Read: Malaysia Airline sends text message to MH370 familiesRead: Malaysian PM confirms that flight MH370 went down in the Indian Ocean west of Perthlast_img read more

The 9 at 9 Thursday

first_imgOver on One Direction are mad for the Nandos in Dublin, Denis Rodman the peacemaker, and will Justin Bieber stop acting the maggot? Go on, just click on The Dredge> EVERY MORNING, brings you nine things you need to know as you kick off your day.1. #NICOLA FURLONG: The fourth day of the trial into the death of Irishwoman Nicola Furlong has heard from a defence witness. RTÉ News is reporting that Dr Marianne Hamill argued that the presence of both alcohol and the drug Xanax in Furlong’s bloodstream had, in fact, lessened her suffering and that a question mark remained over how she had been strangled. 19-year-old Richard Hinds is accused of her murder.2. #EXAMINERSHIP: The Sunday Business Post is set to apply to the High Court today to have an interim examiner appointed to it. The move follows yesterday’s complex restructuring by the former parent company of the newspaper, Thomas Crosbie Holdings Ltd.3. #ULSTER BANK: Services at Ulster Bank have returned to normal this morning after customers were unable to access cash through ATMs. Online services were also disrupted. Customers of NatWest and the Royal Bank of Scotland were also impacted.4. #GOVERNMENT: Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore has told that after two years in office, government still has a “huge amount of work to do”. He said that the main focus of government continued to be the creation of jobs and the helping of those with distressed mortgages. Gilmore also insisted that the X case would be legislated for this year.5. #SHOOTING: Five men are still being held by Gardaí over yesterday’s fatal shooting of Peter Butterly, 35, outside The Huntsman Inn in Gormanston, Co Meath. It is understood that the victim had links to dissident Republican activity. A post-mortem is due to be carried out today.6. #PEACEKEEPERS: The UN Security Council has called for the release of 21 Filipino peacekeepers that are currently being held by Syrian rebels. RTÉ News is reporting that the troops are being held in a “safe area”, and that the UN commander on the ground is hopeful that all 21 will be released.7. #LION DEATH: A 24-year-old woman has been mauled to death by a lion at an exotic animal park in the Sierra Nevada foothills of remote Central California. The volunteer intern has been identified as Dianna Hanson of Brier, Washington. Investigations are continuing to see if safety protocols had been followed.8. #OPERATION ‘LIGHT UP’: The two-day safety initiative by An Garda Síochána late last month to address the issue of defective, broken, missing or inappropriate use of headlights resulted in 1,089 motorists being advised and 317 offences being recorded, figures have revealed.9. #MICROSOFT: The European Union has fined Microsoft €561 million for breaking a pledge to offer personal computer users a choice of Internet browsers when they install the company’s flagship Windows operating system. The company has now paid €2.2 billion in fines to the Commission since 1998.last_img read more

British divorcee confesses to killing children by slitting their throats

first_imgShe said: ‘He has killed them’. I tried to comfort her saying we didn’t know as yet although I knew at the bottom of my heart that they were dead.Ahmed Benguedda, another neighbour, told AFP the couple had divorced “two or three years ago” and that the man had drinking problems and was a wife-beater.After the divorce the wife, who worked as an assistant accountant, moved out of the apartment they had jointly bought and was living in the Isere region of eastern France.But the children were “well-balanced”, said Benguedda, whose seven-year-old daughter often played with them.“All the people in this building are in a state of shock,” Benguedda said.- © AFP, 2013 A 48-YEAR-OLD DIVORCED Briton locked in a bitter custody battle has confessed to killing his two young children by slitting their throats.The bodies of the boy, 10, and girl, 5, were discovered yesterday afternoon in the man’s apartment in Saint-Priest, a southeastern suburb of the eastern city of Lyon.The unemployed man confessed to the gruesome crime “but did not go into details of the motive”, prosecutors said.The tragedy was “linked to a bitter separation” and “the state of his visitation rights which he considered insufficient”, another judicial source told AFP.“In 2010, there was an incident of violence with his spouse which led to restrictions on his visitation rights,” the source said.He was arrested on yesterday evening in Lyon and placed in custody. A judicial official said a knife, which is thought to have been the murder weapon, had been found.The man had visitation rights but only in the presence of another person, the official said, adding that this was the first time he had brought the children home to his apartment on the second floor of a four-storey building.“We understand that a British national has been arrested in France,” a UK Foreign Office spokesman told AFP. “We are in contact with the French authorities and we await the outcome of their investigation.”Several witnesses said the man fled on roller skates after his former wife encountered him on the stairwell of the building and saw him with bloodstained clothes. She immediately alerted the police.A neighbour said the mother was soon joined by relatives, including her brother-in-law and the children’s grandparents, and was lucid although in shock.A psychiatrist from the emergency services was immediately dispatched to give her counselling.“They were devastated but relatively composed,” the neighbour said, speaking on condition of anonymity.last_img read more

Czech woman was told she was having twins but its actually quintuplets

first_imgTWENTY-THREE-YEAR-old Alexandra Kinova is pregnant with the Czech Republic’s first set of naturally conceived quintuplets.She is to due to give birth to her five babies by Caesarean section tomorrow at a hospital in Prague.Kinova, who already has one son, defied odds of around one in 60 million by becoming pregnant with five babies without the use of IVF treatment.(All images: CTK Photo/Stanislav Zbynek)Read: 13 things people with babies do>More: Kids tasting things for the first time… in slow motion>last_img read more

Wear sunscreen today could be the warmest day of the year

first_imgTEMPERATURES COULD REACH 27 degrees today, as a heatwave continues.Met Eireann is forecasting high temperatures today, but is warning that some areas will be hit with thundery showers.“This morning any mist or fog will soon lift but may linger in a few coastal areas. It will be dry and sunny for a time, but cloud will build up as heavy thundery showers with the risk of hail develop over the western half of the country in the afternoon and evening.“It will be very warm again with top temperatures reaching between 22 and 27 degrees and winds will be light variable or easterly.”Showers will die out tonight, but the west will see some fog. Almost perfect at 7.15am.Tomorrow will be largely the same as today, with scattered showers and warm weather, with highs of 27 degrees.Saturday will start mostly cloudy and with outbreaks of rain gradually clearing eastwards during the day.The rain could turn heavy or persistent for a time in the north but drier and brighter weather in the southwest will extend further eastwards later.It will be a cooler and fresher day with top temperatures of 18 to 23 degrees with light breezes.Sunday will see some showers and it will be cooler and fresher.Read: Coast Guard warns people to stay away from sea fogRead: Man reacts excellently to sudden lightning strikelast_img read more

Underwater atomic bomb explosion engulfs ship in tidal wave

first_imgWe have all seen footage of the mushroom clouds produced by an atomic bomb explosion on land. In water the bomb is just as devastating, but the dust cloud emanating from it is replaced by an enormous wave of water.We hate to think what happens to sea life when one of these bombs goes off, but we can see how much water it displaces. The ship in the video above is positioned just outside the radius of the initial explosion, but the tidal wave soon reaches it.We doubt the ship is still in one piece after the wave has passed. The initial explosion alone would have done some damage to the hull with the wave probably finishing it off.via Devourlast_img read more

Amazon Kindle will be free by November if price keeps falling at

first_imgAlthough Amazon‘s plans for the Kindle as an e-book publishing platform have been made clear by the software’s ubiquity across nearly all operating systems, what is less clear is Amazon’s plans for the Kindle e-reader in this post-PC, tablet-centric age.When the Kindle first debut back in 2009, it was a pretty cool gadget, launching at $350 and seemingly worth every penny (competing e-readers cost several hundred dollars more). Then the iPad came along, and made the Kindle suddenly seem irrelevant. Who wants a monochrome e-reader that just lets you read e-books and nothing else when you can have a vibrant, living, full-color tablet that can do everything from browsing to video to games?Amazon’s rather perfunctorily reduced the price of the Kindle since the iPad debuted down to $139 for the WiFi only version, but they’ve yet to update the Kindle to address any of the iPad’s strengths. It’s still black and white. It still just does reading. Amazon hasn’t even hinted that they’re working on the most obvious counter to the iPad: a color Android tablet. What gives?Check out the chart above. That’s what gives. Every generation, the Kindle — while barely improving in specs — gets cheaper and cheaper. At the current rate of price drops, it’ll cost almost nothing by November of this year.It now looks like this might have been Amazon’s plan for the Kindle all along. They don’t want to compete with the iPad. They just want to be able to give a free e-reader to every Amazon Prime subscriber, and sell it to everyone else at such a dirt cheap rate that literally no one in the country won’t be able to afford it. Amazon wants Kindle to be ubiquitous with e-books, which not only means making sure Kindle e-books are readable on every gadget out there… but also making sure they are readable by people who don’t have any gadgets at all.Brilliant.Read more at Techniumlast_img read more

Tesla Motors suing BBCs Top Gear for libel

first_imgIf you were watching BBC’s Top Gear about three years ago, you may remember the unfortunate episode where the crew tested the Tesla Roadster. The segment showed the Roadster running out of its electric charge during a race against the gas-powered Lotus Elite, which the Roadster is based on.Though just a startup company at the time when the show aired in 2008, Tesla Motors is now a big name, and the company is not happy with the results of Top Gear’s episode. Tesla Motors is suing BBC for allegedly falsely representing the Roadster’s performance.AdChoices广告After 55 miles, the first car’s battery ran out, and another car’s motor overheated. Then, there were problems with the brakes with the first car. This video is all over the Internet and has been for the past few years, thus Tesla’s libel suit.Tesla’s VP of Communication Ricardo Reyes wrote in a blog post on the official Tesla blog that Tesla was “good sports” when the show ran back in 2008 while Tesla was still a young start-up. He says Tesla is now in the game with high-profile investments and partnerships, and Tesla wants to set the record straight. Reyes said the company’s repeated attempts to contact the BBC over the course of months were ignored, and a lawsuit for libel and malicious falsehood was the only way to go.In the blog post, Reyes lists bullet points of what Top Gear claims happened while testing the Roadster, countered by “facts” disproving the claims. For one, Top Gear said the Roadster’s true range is only 55 miles per charge, although Tesla says it will do 200 miles. Reyes said the Roadster has been certified under EU regulations, and that Top Gear was wrong. He said a Tesla owner achieved “an astounding 313 miles on a single charge.” You can check out the blog post to see more of these points and counterpoints.Tesla is apparently not “doing this for money,” but feels the episode contains blatant lies that have been re-broadcasted and is widely available. BBC released a statement saying it stands by the program and will be “vigorously defending this claim.”The original episode is shown below.Read more at the Tesla Motors blog, via CrunchGearlast_img read more

Geek deals 100 off Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4 noise isolating earphones

first_imgLogitech has emerged as a surprising contender in the premium headphone/earphone arena over the past couple of years. While we all know and generally love Logitech as a supplier of PC input gadgets and speakers, they’ve been expanding their ethos of top-notch design and quality at a reasonable price to other markets.Their Ultimate Ears SuperFi earphones have been well regarded in the audio circles and lauded in reviews. If there was any holdback, it is the relatively steep MSRP of $129.99. Logitech must be feeling generous, as they are offering an impressive $80 instant savings and a stackable $20 coupon on their SuperFi 4 Noise Isolating Earphones. This brings the price down to just $29.99 with free shipping.AdChoices广告As you would expect, this deal is rather limited. The coupon expires April 29 or after a limited number of uses, while supplies last, and you are limited to three items per person.Visit LogicBuy to buy the Logitech Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4 Noise Isolating Earphoneslast_img read more

MediaTek announces dualcore MT6577 processor for sub200 phones

first_imgMaybe you’re not all that interested in a tablet — not even a shiny new 7-inch Nexus device that are priced to move. Perhaps all you’re really after is a newer, speedier smartphone that will finally let you ditch your outdated featurephone without breaking the bank — or forcing you into a lengthy contract to secure a discount. If that’s the case, MediaTek’s latest processor might make your dream of a cheap-but-capable upgrade a reality. How cheap? How does $200 for a brand new Android smartphone off-contract sound?The MT6577 processor isn’t capable of competing with beasts like the quad-core Tegra 3 or Qualcomm’s S4 chips, but it provides a good mix of performance and value. MediaTek has packed in dual 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 cores and a PowerVR SGX Series 5 GPU for added multimedia muscle. They’ve also bundled their own tried-and-tested 3G/HSPA modem, and the whole package is ready to run Android 4.0. It’ll handle cameras up to 8MP and can output 1080P video on displays up to a 1280 x 720 resolution.That should make the MT6577 an appealing option for manufacturers who want to offer up low-end phones with performance and features that are more on par with mid-range Android offerings. As Engadget notes, several manufacturers have built devices with MediaTek chips before — including ZTE, Lenovo, and Gigabyte. While they may not have the same amount of street cred as Samsung or HTC, they could certainly leverage the MT6577 to make inroads in emerging markets — or in more established markets by offering up some slick, cut-price pay-as-you-go Android smartphones.More at MediaTeklast_img read more

Windows Phone Twitter account launches misguided attack on Android

first_imgMicrosoft has started a mud-slinging campaign, this time in an attempt to drive users to Windows Phone. A series of tweets last night from the Windows Phone account targeted users who may have been victims of malware attacks while using Android smartphones resulted in more than a few nasty responses from fans of Google’s mobile OS.Windows Phone 8 is in need of users and developers. It makes sense that Microsoft would do everything in their power to lure both groups to Windows Phone 8 by any means necessary. When Google found themselves in this same situation, they reached out to developers that were successful on other platforms and sent them free smartphones to test their apps and release them to the Play Store. Given the range of high quality hardware that Microsoft has access to — like the HTC 8X and Lumia 920 — you’d think this would be something Microsoft would try for themselves. Instead, the company has opted to invite users to share horror stories about the perils of using the apparently malware-ridden Android platform in exchange for a free phone.There are very specific situations under which Android smartphones have had issues with malware. For the majority of Android smartphones though, malware is only an issue if you have root access enabled or the user has installed apps from unverified sources. Neither of these things happen without a multi-step process involving directly handling the smartphone, meaning the owner is aware of the risks they are taking.Android 2.3 had a vulnerability that allows for a specific kind of exploit called “Gingerbreak” to gain root access to a smartphone without the users knowledge. The vulnerability was patched, but there are still more than 50% of the total Android user base running some variant of Android 2.3. Even so, there are no Android phones being sold in US markets today that have the exploit available to them.The Twitter popular responded exactly as you would imagine. The #droidrage hastag that Microsoft invited users to share with quickly became filled with counterattacks and further mud slinging. Absolutely nothing productive happened — and the only thing Microsoft managed to accomplish was riling up Android fans.It seems to me that if you want to convince developers that have been successful on other platforms to spend some time with Windows Phone the last thing you would want to do is send their existing users into a hate-filled frenzy. This seems right on par with the other less professional campaigns Microsoft has been pushing recently in what feels like misguided attempts to bring users to their services.Setting aside that Microsoft is the last company on the planet that should be pointing out malware as a problem on another platform, I have yet to find a single person who has responded to these marketing attempts positively. Microsoft has the potential here to point out the strengths in their platform over the weaknesses in others, and instead seems resolute in their decision to embarrass themselves in another failed PR attempt.Related: How to root the Nexus 7last_img read more

Geek deals 350 discount on Alienwares M14x gaming laptop

first_imgThere are laptops that can play games, and then there are gaming laptops. Dell’s Alienware brand is well known for both looking good and providing extreme power, even in laptops that are truly portable. One of the best examples of a portable gaming laptop just might be the Alienware M14x.Today’s deal on the Dell Alienware M14x comes with specs that ensure you’ll be able to run the latest games on (or at least close to) max settings without missing a frame. Powered by a Core i7-3630 quad-core CPU and a 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics card, you won’t lack for power. It also includes 16GB DDR3 RAM and a 750GB Hard Drive + 32GB mSATA SSD, so you’ll be able to fly through multiple data heavy tasks at the same time.There’s also lots to love on the connectivity side. You’ll be getting three USB ports (two USB 3.0), HDMI, miniDP, VGA, a card reader, two audio-out ports, Bluetooth 4.0, Killer Wireless-N 1202 a/g/n 2×2 MIMO WiFi, and more. The 14-inch display has a large 1600×900 resolution, and the whole package weighs just 6.45 lbs and is under 1.5-inches thin.This well configured model ordinarily runs $1614, but thanks to instant savings and a $100 coupon, you can grab it now for only $1264.Alienware m14x r2 14-inch Core i7 gaming laptop for $1264 + free shipping (reg. $1,614 | Use coupon NLZ5145HLZF?FL)Our other top deals:Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (PC/Mac DL) for $79.99 + free shipping (reg $149.99)Inew I200 5.7-inch Android 4.1 Quad-Core Unlocked Smartphone for $214.11 + free shipping (reg. $225.38 | Use coupon EDMPHONE)McAfee Total Protection 2013 3PCs for $44.99 + free delivery (reg. $89.99)last_img read more

Hero gardaí rescue child from sixth floor apartment as witness Senator calls

first_img 30,446 Views But that must be the subject of discussions with government, and now involving the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article “Hero” gardaí rescue child from sixth floor apartment as witness Senator calls for their pay to be hiked The ladder rescue happened on the Dock Road, Limerick, this morning. By David Raleigh 24 Comments Share838 Tweet Email Source: Shutterstock/think4photopA FINE GAEL Senator has said gardaí should be paid more after witnessing a member of the force rescuing a two-year old boy who was hanging out of a window at a six-storey apartment block this morning.The child was seen hanging out of the window from the second floor at the Mount Kennett apartment block, on the Dock Road, Limerick, around 11.30am.Garda Brian Delee, from Tipperary, based at Limerick’s Henry Street Garda Station, attended the scene with his colleague Ger Summerly, from Co Clare. Within seconds the quick-thinking officers procured a ladder from a passing van driver before Garda Delee courageously scaled 35 feet to ensure the boy’s safety.It’s believed the boy and his one-year old sister were being looked after by a relative at the time.Garda Delee said afterwards that he had no training scaling ladders but that “adrenaline took over”. “When you see a child, like that, you just go,” he added.FG Senator Kieran O’Donnell who witnessed the incident unfold, described the two uniformed gardai as “heroes”.“It just shows you the (Garda) rapid response and it shows you how important it is to have gardaí on the ground.”As he looked up at the window where the boy was hanging from, he added: “They are two very brave gardaí because it’s very, very high up. If the child had fallen at that distance I wouldn’t like to think about it.”Asked if he believed gardai should be paid more, Senator O’Donnell replied: “Clearly yes”. Dock Road, Limerickcenter_img The two gardai said said they made a judgement call, that they couldn’t take the risk in respect of the child’s life, to wait for the other emergency services to arrive, so they took it upon themselves to go up a ladder to ensure the child was safe.“As a father myself, I’m just reflecting in an honest way how fundamental and important gardaí are on the beat and generally are to our daily lives, in our safety, security, and daily life. What happened today shows what gardaí mean to the Irish public,” he added.If the two gardaí didn’t respond with the speed they did today, and if they didn’t act in the skilful way that they did, they may not have been able to ensure that child’s safety. I hope a speedy resolution can be found. Special caseSenator O’Donnell who lost his Dail seat in the last General Election added: “I believe the gardai are a special case, and I certainly am aware of the financial pressures, in particular that young gardaí are under.”I witnessed first-hand this morning how important gardaí are to our daily lives. The fact that two members of the force were on the scene very quickly, and acted in such a swift fashion, ensured the safety of this young child. Source: RollingNews.ieCity council employee Turlough McNamara, who also witnessed the incident, hailed the two gardaí and the van driver as “heroes”.“I looked up and saw a baby boy hanging over the window. I started to panic, I shouted at him, ‘go back go back’. He was hanging over the window with his stomach out over it.” Mr McNamara added: “It was frightening. A few of us screamed at the child to get back in. There was enough of us there that, if, God forbid he had jumped, we would have caught him.”Staff at Scanlon’s pharmacy, situated on the ground floor of the same building, alerted gardaí when they saw the child’s toys falling onto the ground outside their premises.“Toys hitting the ground”A member of staff, who did not want to be named said: “I heard the sound of the toys hitting the ground so I went out to have a look, but saw the little child at the window. I was shouting at him to stop and to go back from the window.”It looked like he was on a step or a lip on the window and his head was coming more towards me, so we decided to call the gardaí. I just stood there trying to coax him back, but the child didn’t understand, he was too young.Toys and clothes thrown out of the window by the toddler were strewn across the footpath and road below as gardaí followed by three fire trucks attached to the city and county fire service arrived.The worker added: “His whole head was over the window, but the opening was big enough that he could have come out.”The window opening wouldn’t have stopped his body, he could have fallen out.The van driver, Pat McMahon, an employee with local security firm, CU Security, who helped the gardaí, said: “I saw the Garda running up the road to the apartment block, and he saw the ladder on top of my van and he pointed to me, so I backed up around the corner and threw the ladder up to him.”I footed the ladder for him while he climbed up. It all worked out well.Mr McMahon, a father of two from Raheen, added: “I saw the child as I was driving up the road. He was leaving out the window around 40 feet up in the air. If the child hit the ground he was a goner.”Read: ‘Skeletal service’: These garda units will work tomorrow as most rank-and-file members go on strikeRead: Garda management says ‘technical error’ led to overpayment of probationers Nov 3rd 2016, 4:07 PM Short URL Thursday 3 Nov 2016, 4:07 PMlast_img read more