2012 Chinese e commerce market many concepts and development direction

2012, China’s e-commerce market has not dissipated the smoke, the new pattern and immediately formed. New things and new situations in 2013 Chinese e-commerce market presented does not cause more people’s attention, which appear to originate in the past year, the business enterprise competition, an endless warfare, slobber battle, even in the beginning of this year has a large number of Internet new explosion point. As in the past the people still stared at the electric window. China Internet e-commerce market competition is more like a hero elegy, Losers are always in the wrong. spell is more and more serious, people will not to mind taking the trouble again and again the successful experience of the analyst, but not willing to look at changes in the upcoming new arrival in 2013. read more

All com arbitration domain name transactions need to be cautious

recently, D&, N domain name firm learned that a group of three experts WIPO dismissed the complainant on the application of all.com domain name dispute, on the grounds that this does not belong to the scope of arbitration WIPO.

it is understood that the dispute originated in a typical system of domain name transaction, the buyer provides plenty of evidence that the domain name has already ordered and transfer money to the account of the seller and the seller, but said all don’t know this thing. read more

Hair products and new restrictions Dunhuang suspended 2 types of wig investment

news August 31st, learned billion state power network, Dunhuang network announced the category to the wig industry and human hair to suspend investment, but its specific opening time to be determined.

it is understood that the suspension of investment involved hair products category are: 1, sending and receiving & hair curtain 2, SHUNFA & hair products; debate. At the same time, including the second category and all three categories.

in addition, in the above categories, online sellers have not affected, not to open a new seller. Other categories of wigs remain open, new sellers first settled in other categories of hair products. read more

Tmall released global trend report six trends in the online apparel industry

NetEase Francisco October 23rd news, Tmall double 11 tide festival held in Shanghai Sports Center, Tmall CBNData released "2016 global trends consumer trends report", the report shows, consumer groups of young, online brand diversification, clothing category diversity, full channel mode, highlighting the advantages of high-end brands electricity providers, individual needs the birth of personal customization, is the six largest online apparel industry trends 2016.

2016 Ali platform for more than 400 million active users, Tmall clothing brand over the number of over 50 thousand. The consumption data of users based on the platform of Ali, the report predicts that the autumn and winter of 2016 the latest trends, namely the head wind, wind, street fashion sports humor were wind, wind, wind and Oriental exquisite minimalist style. read more

How to improve the professional B2C website to improve the conversion rate

the main purpose of this paper is to introduce professional B2C station how to improve the flow conversion rate, but before the introduction of website promotion posts, these methods are my assumption (ashamed, younger brother do B2C when only consider the "surgery" and did not consider the "Tao", these assumptions are recently when they think of tourism). So did not pass the practice of testing, please be a new person when nonsense, the table I.

In addition to

, we can better understand, I want to choose some B2C sites do hope this hypothesis, several websites bosses don’t blame me! But, maybe I said some desirable place really, you have to help. read more

Music as the ecological sharing of the night of the ecology of more than a dozen companies lying joi

April 13th, LETV "ecological shared night" officially opened at the National Tennis Center Diamond stadium, Mercedes Benz C class car as the chief ecological partners "crossover, control change, Party ecological dazzling. Like the music as a unique conference "ecological economic model, the music sharing night" not only to create a film and television industry, the Internet, technology and entertainment such as the Carnival Party, but also to a number of industries of many brands jointly presented a transnational anti feast. Data show that as this big lie has been HEDY, grapefruit homes, smart cats, Midea air conditioner, one shop, Mengniu hi Milk and dozens of other companies. In addition, this activity not only in the music video on the 360° and VR; panoramic live broadcast, while other video sites broadcast and cross platform, combined with popular mainstream music live broadcast, reflecting off the application of Hi, pepper, Betta, panda, mogujie.com, nice, and other platform easy to live and live catwalk stars. read more

When clothing retail nternet 2016 apparel industry in the top three trends

economists predict: 2015 – 2017, China’s economy is the most difficult winter. In the past year, clothing industry, sports brand, Menswear enterprises closed shop tide storm continued, showing a bleak market. But in 2015 it is the traditional retail clothing business the biggest change in a year, a series of Internet terms ensued, "Internet plus", "web 4" and "door-to-door service" and so on.

just in the past, the CHIC exhibition in Shanghai, China clothing forum, entrepreneurs in the past 2015, but also have their own views: read more

Taobao Tmall turnover this year to break trillion accounting for 2% of China’s GDP

online shopping has become the first choice for many consumers CFP picture

morning news reporter Miao Xiali

business and store at the end of 2012, or "chill" pushed to the climax.

group announced yesterday, the Alibaba, at 21:50 on November 30, 2012, under the Tmall and Taobao cumulative turnover exceeded 1 trillion yuan, which became the Ma "new economy to subvert the traditional business model" is the most powerful evidence. Ma Yun is in the 13 years to build the business ecosystem forcing traditional business. read more

Red Net makes money Wang Sicong’s girlfriend of 8 months sold more than 200 million

with a beautiful young and millions of fans, some network Reds fans into purchasing power will be successful. Currently on the Taobao platform for the top ten women’s clothing store, the 7 are net red shop. However, the team management is not standardized, fans of the economy is too simple, may lead to net red mode life cycle is not long enough.

released in 2015, China’s Forbes celebrity list, the top 128 million yuan in revenue to Fan Bingbing, however, such income for China’s net red, it is not difficult to achieve. August 26th held in Shanghai, the network red economy seminar, a number of network red gathered, revealed their business through. After the meeting, said the person in charge of the WCC reporter related Taobao, 6 beautiful "the seminar of net red", the average net income of all the billions of dollars per person per year read more

Dangdang Dangdang new LOGO monkey cat dog monkey wars start again

dangdang.com since last week selection was renamed "Dangdang" was also released a new brand attitude, "dare dangdang". And no matter how Dangdang, at least now, Dangdang has a new slogan, shouting is also particularly loud.

On the occasion of the eleven major electricity supplier

double melee occasion, Dangdang also seems to be the butt of meaning, in previous years because of the major electricity supplier price war and the fall of another batch, not being acquired is facing the settlement situation. This year, the situation is somewhat different, at least a few competitors, there was no image of LOGO Dangdang in the release of the "monkey" also has a new version of the Q image, easier to deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. read more

Spell good cargo will be a single sniper brush will involve dry cleaning and other O2O services

news May 18th, the day before, the franchisee to billion state power network broke the news that "good fresh spell spell station" Shanghai investment team to evacuate, and suspended subsidies, promotion of cooperation projects, resulting in a "semi shutdown state".

good fight cargo billion state power network to clarify that spell station investment team has been transferred to the green commercial building. A project to "shut down", it is because some investment agents and station operator is suspected, earn platform subsidies through scalping, involving large amounts of the future ", Shanghai area project is in the stage of adjustment. read more

E commerce choice is more important than effort

in the field of electronic commerce, a comprehensive e-commerce platform for Alibaba, global resources, HC IT monopoly portal, by Taobao, eBay, pat, and then to today’s ah, B2C, integrated portal C2C has been difficult to surpass. So for grassroots entrepreneurs in terms of the webmaster, where to go?

with the gradual breakdown of the industry, the whole structure is undergoing tremendous changes, vertical portals and vertical class B2B class B2C, C2C shopping website development Suxun in recent years, provides a good business environment for the grassroots webmaster, you will see how to divide the industry segments in place, I think the choice is more important than hard work, choose no efforts. read more

Amazon store Tmall first big promotion four all pay user operation

news March 16th, the latest was informed that since March 6th, Amazon officially arrived Tmall after the day before, "Amazon official flagship store launched the first all big promotion activities, in order to pull the prior to the opening of flagship store sales.

Amazon flagship store official website

according to reports, the form of big promotion in four main categories: discount, post, red envelopes and spike buying. Among them, the spike activity followed the Amazon China official website Z spike style, respectively, as early as 10 points, the evening of 8 each launched a single explosion. read more

Website how to make money

More and more sites, because we want to use the site to help themselves make money. However, want the website to help their money is not too easy, a few years, I studied many silent money website, also did a lot of research to spend a lot of energy but still not profitable website. If your site has not yet helped you make money, if you want to make a profitable website, please read this series of articles:

61548;         the Internet is not the biggest trend of current economic development: grasp the big trend to earn a lot of money, grasp small profit trend. At the end of the last century, the Internet was the biggest development trend in ten years. For the original website, they grasp the trend, as long as the undead, after the money is in the affirmative, so they don’t have the energy to consider how to make money, to consider just how to expand the site, how to attract more people’s attention. Now, the Internet is still a very big development trend, but it has gradually matured, do more and more people, more and more intense competition, is not the biggest trend.
read more

Eight reasons to tell you why WeChat electricity supplier can not get through

is now entangled in WeChat electricity supplier companies and friends more and more, in view of my personal observation of the electricity supplier WeChat, WeChat electricity supplier that at least for the time being at least, the reasons are as follows.

first, the user is the first purchase habits, WeChat lack of DNA

Ali electricity supplier, a few years ago, Taobao First impressions are strongest, not only with differential strategy to beat eBay, but with a keen sense of smell and market of the industry predicted gradually occupy the domestic C2C market dominance. Ali electricity supplier has been fixed in people’s minds, a reference to the first thought of shopping is Taobao, Tmall, a mention of social first thought is QQ, WeChat. This mindset is difficult to change, has become a habit, it is generally Chinese Internet users buying habits, more detailed purchase network habits, this is the sign of directional, Ali is the electricity supplier. read more

United States Mission network requires a special agreement to cooperate business monopoly

engaged in the food and beverage industry in Hebei, Tangshan, he hopes to buy the site for their own companies to buy activities. As a result, he found the most local group in Tangshan, the United States to buy the advantages of the network, hoping to work with them to do a good job for their own corporate projects. At the same time, in order to better promote their own food and beverage business, he also want to cooperate with other group buying site. However, the United States Mission Network refused his request, said only the United States and mission network exclusive cooperation, otherwise it will be punished. read more

Tangbei network B2B maternal electricity supplier countryside surrounds the city can counter attack

to say that the electricity supplier is the Red Sea, it is almost the maternal electricity supplier. Not only Tmall, Jingdong Pinqiang fierce, with the rise of the sea Amoy, honey bud baby at half a year to complete the four round of financing. Each round of billions of dollars in financing, repeatedly refresh our understanding of maternal electricity supplier market.

baby market trillion, a second tier city Internet Co to enter the blood fighting, it still has the market opportunity for read more

Alibaba logistics extends to the first pilot 8 provinces

September 3rd morning news, Alibaba’s Taobao, Tmall group announced the day before, will set up a Alibaba service station pilot in the domestic 11 universities, the campus express system to solve the problem of "last kilometer".

it is understood that the first batch of Ali cooperation in 11 universities located in Zhejiang, Hubei and Shanxi and other provinces (including municipalities) (8). Service station in the form of small post office cut, in order to provide express delivery, since the provision of services to facilitate college students to take and send. These service stations are expected to debut in late 9. read more

New tide Jingdong to raise the public is Hyun tide dad milf fresh products

Jingdong to the public to raise product characteristics of its novelty, tide, Hyun has been highly touted, here are the most intelligent and innovative new technology, the most interesting, let you see it; the most unique, most popular and most exciting cultural style, make you more elegant; also have more dreams dream than reality, let you self achievement. 80, 90 freaky tide dad how they take their adorable baby go high-tech rail? Small Jingdong to raise the public launch of the project is to recommend a few early adopters of products for the tide dad milf: read more