What to do with the chain marketing software bug

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exchange chainThe directory

group always asked me to use insect insect marketing software outside the chain how one does not go, no one to you, this is what software. Shanghai dragon Chong want to say, not all places can leave the chain, there are places where you are not alone with artificial chain, is the software, so where you can do the chain? Today with Chong Shanghai Longfeng see


exchange chain support is our most aware of the construction of the chain way, but for me the link to you, you are my link to the construction of the chain, the search engine website. Also more and more low, but not absolutely no use for. Exchange chain demand is that the other site included quantity, snapshot days, PR value, station chain number, content related degree, refer to our website for a comprehensive assessment, to determine whether the worth to exchange, be sure not to go on what exchange is not a link, otherwise it will let us also added a software bug to lose, right – extensions – set chain or chain signature, general audit, but set the signature of each insect friends are going to do. Shanghai dragon www.7sola贵族宝贝 such as Chong do a lot of the station’s signature. read more

Website home page ranking unremittingly

two, insist that every update

I probably know the website link is within the chain, the chain, Links. First, Links, it pays attention to the quality but not quantity. I usually choose to follow up and update the snapshot of the website Links. So far, I can only exchange more than 20.

first, we must understand that a web site traffic is very important, but high quality traffic is more important. Because our ultimate goal is to let the website bring us business, win customers love. We need to choose keywords accurately, and not necessarily choose popular keywords. On the choice of keywords, I made two points: one is from the customer’s point of view to do a questionnaire; the two is the analysis of competitors’ keywords; finally my website keywords. read more

Easy to appear on BBS signature chain construction error

error two: do not pay attention to the content of the post

error five: the effectiveness of

error: to win the number


platformMany people love to go to

optimization personnel always pay attention to the number of the chain in the chain when forum signature, although a large number of signatures outside the chain, but when the chain query love Shanghai is always a lot of ups and downs, the chain was closed after the soon to be deleted, this will lead to fluctuations in the chain site keywords ranking is not stable, which I think we do in the chain do not suddenly released outside the chain too much, it will cause your hair falling too fast. read more

Google teamed up with 360 Shanghai war love both how much chance of winning

Google: I think that the most depressing world is the Google search engine, because by virtue of its own strength, it can be said that Google in the global scope is invincible, but China ten mysterious fertile land that Google repeatedly crashed, finally lost away, though this is a political reason, but Google in China "or The climate does not suit one. revealed beyond doubt," at least one love Shanghai segmentation technology let Google in the starting line behind a big slice. At present, the market once again return to Chinese, I think Google’s purpose is very clear, that is the 360 advantage, regain their own market share. read more

How to build high quality chain

strongly recommend everyone to exchange some high quality Links, speaking of high >


The chain is a good choice for Q & a platform navigation station ?

4. classification information network


although Shanghai dragon industry is already quite mature, but mature means more competition, you need to know more to beat your competitors. Unlike six or seven years ago, just do something can have a good ranking, after all that time did less. So many people compete with you, basically you can think of others can also think, so you need to do better than others, so you will be more opportunities. Today a separate discussion of some methods and techniques to do outside the chain, the introduction of the chain, because the chain has a very important factor in the whole process of Shanghai dragon. For many people confused in how to do outside the chain of friends, here are some very practical, as long as it executes hard will have a good effect. I hope the following content can help to you. read more

Love in Shanghai to see how live without

1. soft exchange promotion. Basically a web site to do the promotion of soft. Sometimes their soft Wen is invisible, ha ha, the news release form of soft wen. It is sometimes hard to find.

because my site is mainly MV sharing. This makes me think of can be extended by SNS community website. I have carefully selected outstanding MV youtube. Then join us in the website resources above URL, sharing in the SNS community. Of course。 You must have a large number of SNS friends. This promotion can have value. In fact, the promotion of ideas also apply to the meager promotion. Meager promotion is one of an important means of website promotion in the future. I think the little promotion in the future will become increasingly difficult. The development of more and more matured meager. There will be a lot of professional firms are meager promotion, for individual webmaster to hand is a huge competition. read more

Count the seven Links exchange in the game

three, the most easily overlooked tricks – reduces the chain page weight

This trick of the technical content of

has a special Links > page

exchange Links is every webmaster can do and must do, like when I was a rookie, main job every day is to exchange Links, think this is simply the most Shanghai dragon…… Exchange Links, experienced some webmaster handled fortunately some webmaster or Shanghai dragon was a rookie did little to lose. Most of the webmaster is to do good, the good faith cooperation each other, some owners love playing tricks very deceptive, fantasy these Links without chain, only to benefit and not return, this behavior should be condemned. The combination of my own rookie Shanghai dragon forum Links experience to the novice to count seven flowers under the part of webmaster often play a trick. read more

Domain results in the title or description and site inconsistent solutions

Hello, I’m Wang Jishun, recently many people reflect their own website in the query domain using the domain command, found their search results, or describe the site title and site title and description is not the same phenomenon, many people feel panic, guess this is that such search the engine down right on the site. In fact, as a webmaster, our own most clear website, completely don’t use speculation of techniques to evaluate the site, the site of North Amoy bar as the case to explain the forum website title and description information and website inconsistencies. read more

A server earns 3000 per month also talk about the webmaster to network operatorsXiao Xunke Wangzhua

2007 I engage in their own servers, do callback server rental, after the study, and finally in a server with multiple callback system running at the same time, each a callback platform 500 monthly rent for tenants, than to buy their own server hosting cheap, do not own to buy call system, also need not about network security, as long as they can ease the development of the user, and all callback system management authority. Then I was in the callback card group, the Internet phone group to do mass, and soon someone contact me, the highest time, a server installed 10 callback system. Later, as the number of users increased, there was a card at night, and only 8 callback systems were installed read more

Case analysis of Shanghai and the 301 noble love baby steering response

website snapshot update to 4-8, included the same (5), the chain increased, ranking did not change, the old site is still in the rankings.

Shanghai: area of love words, the old station ranking title; rather than a regional word does the new title (the original area of the word; and now almost, that love for 301 to Shanghai, the ranking is good, or to the original station according to the ranking, and the beginning is not very good the new station has ranked

(the biggest change)

website snapshot update to 4-9, included in the 12, the chain increased (19), replaced the old station Ranking Ranking, the old station ranking disappear. Google has been included in the new 265 (site old site included 993), new or old title station title. (the rank did not observe, failure). By the above observation, be sure it is 301 is right, the weight transfer is also normal. read more

Comparative analysis of the garbage station and normal station Shanghai Longfeng optimization of sim

for the garbage station, we are most concerned about the most important thing is to let the website quickly get search engines, the most important is the rankings. Only ranking more forward, in order to search relevant keywords in Internet users get more traffic, get more traffic, and then put these traffic into revenue. So, the garbage station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization we focus lies in how to quickly improve website rankings. To improve website ranking, optimization specifically do relevant keywords. read more

100 thousand novel P station suffered DDOS attacks antecedents and consequences


site traffic, jealous is inevitable, then met with DDOS attacks.

12 years of the Spring Festival, has been in the starting point on the energy-saving Wu move back, to see the latest chapter, nature is to buy VIP, not expensive, just feel a little waste, read the useless, then built a novel station Wu move back, the latest update the sections and toss nearly a year, not much better, not to love Shanghai home, no traffic, but he just do the website itself, so don’t expect any prospect. read more

Adsense is no longer the brilliant noble baby say goodbye

in 2015, as a webmaster I even found Google Adsense even before you can display began to appear unable to access the situation, even if they have the function of asynchronous, can not stop the pace of China’s GFW! ~ not to mention, slow down my web page loading speed. So, I finally decided to temporarily remove all Adsense ads, looking forward to one day return again.

After entering

since Google out of China, the freedom of the network really as one day, even the owners are most concerned about the advertising alliance would be spared. The last days of 2014, and even in the Google mail is completely shielded, events, so it can be determined, at least for now Google basic and we say goodbye to the people on the mainland. read more

Google ranked Shanghai dragon small details you do it

4. select keywords, we can use the keyword analysis tools, web site, or to communicate with friends, always understand the product dynamic and degree of enthusiasm, to see what some forums >

my main contact is English web site keywords ranking optimization optimization that is noble baby. Learn how to analyze keywords and keywords, reasonable arrangements for the keyword density, write labels, update the news station, learn how to send the chain, the chain effective, high quality the chain, how to do the third party blog and maintenance stations. read more

A way of network marketing is not just Shanghai assisted by SEM

this simple example on how to buy Shanghai Longfeng resources. We can buy one to two PR greater than or equal to 3 of an old domain name, after buying two using the method. First, we can directly use the old domain name to do stand. Second, we can be used to create a two resource station, note that the two resource station site space IP must be different, and they do not link, the resource station in chain form the chain to the main station. This can shorten the time of the rankings to a certain extent. read more

2013 Shanghai dragon has been from the technical manual work into an art

so, your site is

after 2013, the website of Shanghai dragon has no Shanghai Longfeng?……

before reading this article, you put aside all think about the place of the Shanghai dragon knowledge, what weight, what the amount collected, what words, what title writing, what H1, what the anchor text like only Shanghai dragon talent will go on. Because today is the site to share Blog 39 Shanghai dragon has been living from physical technology into an art.

art! >

a few days ago, Shanghai refused to love owners launched outside the chain of tools beta version, the number of links to low quality, at the site of the false spam links is considerable, and may have a negative impact on the site, and is difficult to pass through the other way to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool. I think this is on the one hand before a redemption of K station opportunity, on the other hand also love Shanghai prelude to the current flood cleaning garbage site, after all, love Shanghai search results by netizens recognition is the key, can not let the spam has been ranked first. read more

The novice webmaster should be how to maintain stable rank

website on the server, we must make some updates on the website to post, waiting for the love of Shanghai and our new sites included the spider crawling. When the new station is love Shanghai included, early in the evening every day to observe peer ranking, and rank their station, check the spider crawling log. In order to better optimize our station, because the search engine is a machine, after all, not artificial. It has its algorithm, we have our approach, but if in order to rank as far as possible or to follow the way we do spiders. To conduct a thorough examination of the rankings and connected every day. read more

Export external links is conducive to the website of Shanghai Dragon

I think this strategy is a more friendly strategy. Do you have the same one on the red boots website, there are a lot of resources with you, and you will choose to link to your competitors website. I think the biggest benefit is automatic expansion, we spend a lot of time to write mail to say "Shanghai Dragon Staff hey, you can link to me? I wrote these contents". Although the link to them, they will see your behavior when analyzing the website or flow, nature will know you are chain to him. read more

Love the new algorithm adjusted chain reaction phenomenon in Shanghai

1, website snapshot date phenomenon. According to the analysis of most of the site observation, many sites have site snapshot, direct search box enter the URL snapshot, snapshot keywords ranking three to maintain synchronization, even more surprising is the three completely different date 3. In fact, before the more we see is the keyword site home page snapshot snapshot and often date inconsistencies, did not feel what site normal. But as long as the website snapshot three completely inconsistent situation, according to the analysis of most web data, many websites were right down state. To see through a simple domain command (just a simple view, do not represent all), a large number of websites such as www.qizejixie贵族宝贝 is not the first home page. read more

On May 20th the Shanghai club to share love

activity is mainly discussed on 4 aspects of

Personal view:

activities of the "chain of judgment" is also our webmaster should consider another point, the chain has been the focus of our attention, but now the chain, Shanghai love has been updated, also issued a lot of algorithms, but there are still many in the chain of garbage, A5 forum signature cancel I believe everyone is clear, so this is the purpose of what, I personally think it.

May 20th is a special day, married on this day a lot of people, a lot of people say, a lot of people so romantic, in this special day was held in Shanghai, the activities of love. "May 20th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform held in Beijing" 2013 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform high-end Shanghai dragon club "activities, invited a number of well-known sites, senior Shanghai dragon R and webmaster participation, dynamic love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, Shanghai love to share, and the recent launch of the" pomegranate "and" origin ", the original algorithm the original project and other issues, conducted in-depth exchanges and sharing. The site is responsible for people provided a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions, Lee is the webmaster generally reflect the problem one by one to answer." For this event, I believe the future is more clear for many Shanghai people understand how long a step by step to establish their own based on the move. Love is also the position of Lee in Shanghai, Shanghai after the love will change more perfect, more uncertain factors, everything is perfect as the center. read more