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you see the above message box, must fill out the real information, such as telephone, email etc.. Of course, the key is your site does not cheat. Is this personal site to solve. Do not know whether the article useful for you? The xiushentang website 贵族宝贝520jfei贵族宝贝/ reprint please retain the copyright.

person has a solution, that is after the login love Shanghai statistics, there is an official blog in the above statistics background, as shown below:

There is a read more

Stationmaster wants to make money must see how to earn more avoid to let GG K dropPO before the U

electricity providers, the updated prospectus shows that Mito is expected to launch the social e-commerce platform in the first half of 2017. At present, Mito has set up a team for the social e-commerce platform to attract brands, brands of official distributors and net red, and has hired additional research and development personnel of the e-commerce platform.

It’s getting harder and harder to make money on the

after the United States figure is also trying through beauty camera test color function to some lipstick Tmall store diversion, pro test for self portraits in his own lipstick on a mobile phone, and the actual effect is different, the conversion rate is estimated to be so limited. Mito plans to use P tools to open up the idea of electricity providers is an attempt, but this involves the face recognition and other technical issues, and ultimately determine whether such gameplay can become a new business model. read more

The optimization of website TTLE KEYWORDS DESCRPTON

if the "Medog foot Raiders" this trip, I do my best, to include all the details, others will not go to another site to find the same information. For a solution to the problem of the article, should also do so, be competitive. For travel articles, from the contents of the article, the significance of these two aspects to extract keywords, is what, what.


you should have to understand the importance of the title, simple words, lack can bring more different results, we usually watch the news or some network marketing related articles, the first is to look at the title, the title to attract people, with the temptation, even if very busy or not in the mood, but saw a draw the title is to look at the click of unwillingness, what. A content page title, can reflect the general content of this article, and will directly affect the user clicks and ranking in search engines, especially long tail keywords read more

How will the target keyword optimization to love Shanghai home


(2) site traffic data:


Through the

optimization to love home in Shanghai, we will involve a lot of work, including the analysis of product or industry market, competitor analysis, analysis of their own websites and resources, the target keywords competitiveness and the analysis of existing data and combined with the overall site optimization scheme for the best optimization skills. In this process, the above several aspects of the more detailed understanding of the more thorough analysis, more favorable to the target keywords optimization. read more

The reason of the seven web site is down right

update frequency. The web site is like the people to eat, if not in time to eat a meal or hungry for a full stomach, you will get. Some people are also before the web, timely updates, including frequency is very good, but that there is no problem, not update or updated a few days time, so your site will not rule, the search engine will not regularly come to visit our website, also cause the site to drop right. This symptom is included not increase, the snapshot has not updated. This search engine website has stopped, may lead to drop the right K. read more

n the traditional enterprise in Shanghai Longfeng optimization two months brought 15 customers

website optimization, received the first customers to bring considerable income, in second after another came to the company’s customers around 15. During the two months without calculation, invited us to discuss customer. My web site optimization effect after two.

used on the other side of the Links name you want to use the best optimization.

after I returned home, he invited me to join his team, through the network promotion technology, to bring more customers, he issued preferential treatment, I joined his team. read more

Keywords classification of other types of keywords


business class refers to the user has obvious purchase intention or purpose of action and search keywords such as "Le P." how much, "Encyclopedia corpus download package" and "second-hand SONY camera and · this kind of keywords is the focus of all the marketing website is the positioning of the key words, because these words by visiting the user will have a higher conversion rate, the user is to buy related products or accomplish something, if the user experience of the website, the purchase process and price positioning are quite good. This type of search flow t users will be the main users of the site selling products. read more

The website should be how to maximize profits

Second stages of

many webmaster in distress why websites can not generate profit, and website long time no return of a large number of investment funds. In fact, the main reason may be your site is not strong enough, but on the other hand, you may not really dig website profit point, not maximizing the profit, even themselves do not intend to let it bring the profit, so naturally won’t have what is considerable income. Remember that many websites do as seen sesame, crafts. Without a tiny bit of advertising, content of clean and tidy. Although the entire site feels very comfortable, but it doesn’t mean you can put the site bigger and stronger. Do the station is to make money, if you have no income, so only by constantly throwing money every day, is simply not up development. read more

What is the way to enhance the user experience

external factors:

the domain name of the website for the website itself is a name card, many users are from the domain name of the website you can see your site and what is the site. Love is like Shanghai, Taobao and other large web site, we see from the domain name will know that these site is to provide what services. It can also greatly enhance the user experience.


four, search engines do not know the contents of as little as possible to do

A lot of

more and more attention from the real start webmaster site user experience, search engine according to the latest trends, the user experience is the next few years, the main direction of Internet construction. Once deviated from the direction of the construction of the user experience, so our website optimization work will become difficult. So what is the way to enhance the user experience of the read more

Luna chubby user conversion rate is low in common

short, Shanghai dragon more do not flow, but the conversion rate, more to do is the user experience and success rate, so that more Shanghai dragon er from this circle inside the bounce rate, make yourself more simple, more easily solve the problem of users, that also has the very big promotion for you. The first station network, by Luna chubby original, welcome to reprint, please do not delete the chain, thank you for your cooperation.

this is a lot of websites, especially to some large web site, that the site is better, but the reality is that the website shop is big enough, but the website traffic is up, the conversion rate is not high enough, did not reduce the number of benefits, in fact this station was the most important problem structure get too complicated. For example, some common financial stocks stand, especially the complex, and the webmaster if want to do better to refer to some Adsense nets or some other well-known news sites, so that the structure becomes simple point, of course, the most clear or 58, market information such as the type of more simple and clear, I believe users to use it more convenient. read more

Shanghai Longfeng hospital website not bidding and profit of the starting point end point all

we all know, the private hospital is the main force in Shanghai for love; do not know why, I see Li Xuezhi "main force", just a vague thought of the blood and awards. In fact, indeed, love Shanghai bidding hospitals have experienced bleeding and awards. Smart hospital, method of bleeding edge summary bleeding reason and bloodless, smart hospital by rear liquidity, thus writing "tragic"

! ah!

on the Internet is in everyone’s life, every industry is imperceptibly army into the Internet, from the establishment of the site was originally as "appearance", to the later brand promotion, to today’s "sell the goods, sales service", it is increasingly clear the strategy. read more

Shanghai Longfeng orders five skills skillful use of astepping stone to success

2, using the fax system: some enterprises might be very busy, even the enterprise mailbox management by network responsible person to operate, so the fax effect will be more direct, with the message, to avoid multiple.

may achieve our first.

3, a classic case shows: say "do a case showing a verbal statement without any proof", let the customer know more of Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, what good is the case we impress clients, we must do a good job.

astepping-stone to success read more

Shanghai dragon play is a kind of innovation

increase the site outside the chain, we are small webmaster to do every day, because the chain is one of the most important factors for the quality assessment for web search engine. Including your website PR value, love Shanghai weights and so on related information of Shanghai dragon.

here, do not advocate those who use tools made out of "pseudo original". In this way a few years ago, but now it has gradually quit the stage in. Because the site is now almost 60% to 70% are doing, the flood situation has emerged. A short period of time, the snapshot may be able to stable, but for a long time will be search engine punishment. As we often say that sentence: often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes. read more

Rose Shanghai dragon necessary to optimize three qualities

There are many examples of this

Beijing Shanghai dragon recently have been thinking about a problem: a good Shanghai dragon, a good webmaster should have what kind of quality? This is a lot of people want to know, want to make up for their lack of possible problems. Some people would say that the owners need execution, some say Shanghai needs good dragon technology, some said need good accumulation of resources, some might say need strategy and thinking strong, but these are very abstract, such as execution in that, all know is very important, but the real to do when a few people can persist, even if some people insist on can be very painful in situ wandering, and good progress; Shanghai Dragon Technology webmaster sometimes because they are not confident but can not play their own understanding of the technology, I contacted some of this station, he because of their own environment such concerns, so in the face of choice and use are not going to try. read more

Design of website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis wonderful art style all their own

said "wonderful art style all their own" design of the website was not found, but they had to admire A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team optimization professional level and first-class service attitude. After they first took over my website, did not immediately make any changes to the website, but the website from the content to the chain structure, and other aspects of a comprehensive test, after a day of their website and familiarity of the industry even let me feeling better, A5 diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng group they even I every day will probably increase several effective links to a website, where to stay, what is the anchor text keywords, can see the crystal clear that at the time of A5 to the "web site optimization reference proposal", it is completely overcome. read more

Shanghai Longfeng ranking skills how to participate in the ranking of the secret key is

The specific method is: we have

Shanghai dragon ranking skill a lot, but as the saying goes, the enemy awareness, we do Shanghai Longfeng, should first understand what is involved in the keyword ranking.

? ranked Shanghai dragon skills

said a link to vote it, many of my friends do not know what meaning, actually link voting is equivalent to the anchor text, other pages give you a link anchor text is equivalent to a voting score.

second: the spider is how to judge you a page is a keyword for this read more

Pseudo original can support your website go far


in the pseudo original love Shanghai encyclopedia, said method and pseudo original level:

will decide on what path to follow?

[two] 2. intermediate goods, modify the title of the article, the rearrangement of the paragraph or text, or synonyms;

3. [a] senior product, modify the title of the article, the rearrangement of the paragraph or text, adding other manuscript information rich content of manuscript;

that said, do not underestimate the search engine "IQ", do not underestimate the search engine’s intelligence, in fact is not underestimate the search engine development team iq. So don’t expect the acquisition to do stand, that time has passed. The "pseudo original era" and read more

Shenyang Shanghai Longfeng boiling point Shanghai dragon told her a week of work process

On Monday, On Wednesday,

for a week, so we have to be content very much, I will first observe the site visits within a week and the change of the rankings, occasionally look at the access to these antecedents, the main work is on the dynamic website within a week there is a master, then open the keywords to start finishing a week whether Google or love, Shanghai I will record, record them from which the search engine, the number of searches, and from which area.


if you want to surpass competitors you need to understand them, I will find a same size and strength with me almost better than me and the optimization of some of the sites and industry analysis, process analysis, the first is comparison, see included the chain and articles from the number and then observe what are the characteristics of web site structure or what is creative in different places, and then look at the text inside the station form is more connected between the article and the article, or directly to the text more key, then the analysis of key distribution, location, quantity, form. Outside the station main source some of the chain, whether it is in the big door hair soft, or some classified information and forum signature. read more

The article should do optimization target keywords

? deployment)?The Take Keywords cosmetics What is the key

speaking in front of the keyword method to determine the target, then we talk about how to emphasize the key. We assume that our optimization is a common web page, the article page or product page. So in order to make the search engine and users to understand what we really want to in the article recommended to them what, we must have the following three principles.

column page How

of web page keywords (keyword

Benefit brand Benefit Benefit page, 贵族宝贝 read more

Site title settings need to pay attention to what Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques

1. the main keyword mining long tail

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, the title is the most dominant position, but do not do the title of the party, the title is the content of the theme, so the content must be around to write in the meaning of the title, so as to ensure the quality of work is meaningful.

optimization techniques of the title, as it is to understand the search engine crawling habits and Internet search habits, we have the following simple analysis.

2. key words, must advance read more