AFE is seen today with Thebes: “The one who will say what to do is the Government”

first_imgThe Association of Spanish Soccer Players and LaLiga will meet again this afternoon by videoconference to continue tackling the crisis that is plaguing Spanish football as competitions cannot be played due to the coronavirus pandemic. David Aganzo and Diego Rivas, for the union, and Javier Tebas and Luis Gil, for the employers, will face each other from 19:00 on the fourth summit between them in just one week.AFE President David Aganzo attended AS this Thursday to reiterate that any hypothesis that is spoken and launched, regarding possible schedules and even losses to be assumed in the future by clubs and footballers, are valid as they depend on how they are developed events. “Here the one who will say what to do is the government and the health authorities. It is good to study the possible scenarios, but keeping this in mind.”Even so, the news continues to be produced regarding the calculations that each one makes and what can happen. Brand Today it has revealed some data that LaLiga manages about the losses that the clubs would have if the rest of the competition is played, with an audience (156 million) and without an audience (304), or if football does not restart (957), as already AS assured that some protagonists (not LaLiga) have come to value as a serious option since this week. In those calculations of the employers, with Champions and Europa League included, almost 50% would be assumed by the footballers. However, in no case would it be a general rule since each club must negotiate with its squads, since each economy is different, and it would even be necessary to negotiate player with player if necessary. As reported by AS days ago, players would see a 10% reduction in their salaries if played behind closed doors and 20% if the remaining 11 days cannot be completed. “We do not know the amounts that the clubs handle or what their losses would be. I suppose that the numbers that LaLiga reflects in its report refer to the 11 remaining days. The players, and we have already said it many times, are aware of the situation and are the most supportive. In fact, they are already reaching agreements to help their clubs as normal workers, “says Aganzo. He adds: “There are very different circumstances in each club. Lugo is not the same as Madrid. So there cannot be general data that applies to everyone.”“There will be a before and after with this crisis and what I do ask is that the footballer is not stigmatized. The meetings with LaLiga will continue. We do not agree with the ERTE and we choose to negotiate at all times. Here we must all go hand in hand, CSD, RFEF, LaLiga and AFE. What is clear is that the Government will dictate the guidelines to be followed at all times. We don’t even know if the competition is going to resume or not. It does not depend on anyone, but on a virus that is doing a lot of damage. And that is what we should focus on. In the health of everyone, footballers, family, fans and citizens in general. The rest, now, exceeds “, concludes.last_img read more

“In Lazio, people looked at me like the Beatles …”

first_imgArgentine Hernán Crespo, former player and current Defense and Justice coach, defined his experience at Lazio as “impressive” and He recalled the difficulties he had in going out for a walk in Rome, since people looked at the players of the capital club “like the Beatles”. “In Lazio I had a fantastic, impressive experience. When we were out on the street in Rome we looked like the Beatles. It was very difficult even to take a simple walk,” Crespo recalled in an interview broadcast late on Wednesday on Italian television “Sky Sport ” “In the end I started to know Rome at night and I got to know the best city in the world”, added the Argentine. After training at River Plate, Crespo arrived in Italy in 1996 when he signed with Parma and, after winning the 1999 UEFA Cup, he signed for the current Italian champion Lazio. He stayed two years in Rome and scored 48 goals in 74 matches, crowning himself with an Italian Super Cup. He also wore the Inter Milan shirts, with which he was triple champion of Italy, Milan and Genoa.Crespo considered that in some respects he feels similar to the Polish Robert Lewandowski and praised the Argentinean Lautaro Martínez, with whom he would like to form a hypothetical forward. “He always fights, he can play alongside another center forward or be the only ‘nine’ in a trident. He is a complete player. And I like his mentality.”, he claimed.last_img read more

The keys to the makeover of the new Santiago Bernabéu

first_imgExpansion of the museum.The Madrid museum is, today, one of the main sources of financing for Real Madrid, and it will modernize and gain square meters. The museum and the Bernabéu Tour are visited every year by almost four million people (the most crowded after the Prado and the Reina Sofía). Currently the tickets, for both accesses, are around 20 euros … After the reform, the product offered will improve and will be more expensive. In addition, spaces will be enabled to be rented for major events within the new stadium. It will be easily transformable so that income increases. “Mixed use was essential,” say the architects. Ceiling that closes in 15 minutes.According to the stadium designers, the roof can open in 15 minutes and close in the same time. The cover is a kind of plastic of extreme firmness. The evacuation of water on the roof has been carefully considered to prevent it from falling due to its weight on rainy days. There will be a large 360 ​​degree led scoreboard that will preside over the stadium and it will be installed in that great ring. The retractable roof will have 76 meters of light, which is a world record, according to the architects in charge of the project. Maybe a luxury hotel.In the initial project that was overturned by justice, Madrid gained a lot of buildable. Specifically, 12 meters deep from tower to tower on the side of the Castellana. They were many square meters, and there the intention was to make a large luxury hotel and a shopping center. That will not be possible, but the possibility of setting up a small luxury hotel with rooms facing the field has not yet been ruled out … It will be difficult, anyway. It is more feasible that commercial premises are enabled. The new Santiago Bernabéu will become, after its inauguration, one of the architectural symbols of the world. That is the idea with which Florentino Pérez commissioned the project that is now being developed by the construction company FCC. The architectural project that resulted Contest winner was headed by three of Europe’s leading studios. They are L35, the Catalans Ribas and the Germans GMP. All three proudly display images, models and videos of what the transformation will be like on their official websites. The following are the keys with which these architectural studios have worked …Total transformation.When Florentino commissioned the contest he made the bases clear: a total transformation of it was a fundamental requirement. And with that idea they got to work. It was asked to convert the stadium into an architectural icon, but that the result did not remember the current Bernabéu at all. It is intended to be a recognizable figure worldwide as is the Big Ben or the Sydney Opera House.The decisive rings.The upper rings are essential to carry out the work while the stadium is being used. Otherwise it will be impossible. The works must be carried out from summer to summer, although this stoppage in the competition for the coronavius ​​has been essential so that the deadlines can even be shortened. Even more so if you end up playing at Alfredo Di Stéfano. There is a first compression ring around the stadium. That allows for a key issue, lifting another inner pull ring with a series of cables. This frees the field to continue playing while continuing to work on the deck. That should happen next season.DAILY AS & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>DAILY AS (DAILY AS) DAILY AS & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>FOOTBALL 18/19DAILY AS (DAILY AS) A special facade.The studio that designed the New Bernabéu wanted to run away from a building with four traditional facades. That was the initial motivation. They wanted to run away from symmetry. So the facade is completely asymmetrical. It changes depending on the side from which you look. The smooth and curved lines change the face of the facade according to the perspective from which you look. There are three suggested cornice lines that model the building as one moves.A perimeter walk.The upper line defines a walk that will be around the perimeter of the stadium that is open. It is a kind of terrace. The fan will be able to go around the entire stadium on this walk seeing the sights of Madrid. It is one of the last solutions found when the first project that put the TSJM back, had to be changed, and one of the most striking elements.A symbolic entrance.The current Bernabéu has 57 doors but no main entrance. This will be one of the fundamental changes to the new stadium. The entry was intended to be recognizable. So there will be a large lobby on the facade of the Castellana. There will be a great control of lathes and then people will distribute to their area already inside the stadium.DAILY AS & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>DAILY AS (DAILY AS) It will only change on the outside.The current stand will remain exactly the same as now although it will gain some height on one side. The change will be substantial on the outside, but on the inside the Bernabéu will be the same although with some logical change (not of structure) as the video marker that you want to put around the upper perimeter.Stainless steel skin.The stadium envelope will be made of stainless steel plates, a fully open metal skin to maintain the conditions of the stadium. It is made of stainless steel treated to avoid reflectability and to have the appearance of “pans” stainless steel. as the architects themselves say. It will definitely have a titanium look. It is a subject that has been studied very carefully, since the metal wrap could give rise to a situation that has already been experienced in another emblematic building, the one known as the London Walkie Talkie, which needed a major reform after its construction because its concave structure reflected the sun’s rays on the road and ended up melting parts of parked vehicles and objects in shop windows.last_img read more