Rabat Hospital Denies Rumors on Premature Babies Deaths

Rabat – Following news about the death of 3 to 6 premature babies at the Rabat Souissi maternity ward, the Ibn Sina University Hospital issued Wednesday, April 9, a statement for clarification. The administration at the hospital denied yesterday’s news that the premature babies’ death had been a result of a power outage. It argued the outage occurred at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday, April 6, and could not have caused yesterday’s deaths.It stated, however, that there were only three deaths due to poor health conditions. The first baby, who weighed no more than 1.5 kilograms, died at 4 p.m., nine hours after the power blackout. The second and third babies, weighing less than 680 and 850 grams, respectively, died at 8 p.m., 13 hours after the blackout.Read also: Nurse Blames Power Outage for Premature Babies’ Deaths at Rabat HospitalThe administration also stated that the hospital did not witness a full power outage. It was only partial and affected just three socket outlets. The outage lasted for 7 minutes only, read the statement. The administration also stressed that the hospital is equipped with two standby power generators. Rabat’s hospital in ‘catastrophic’ stateA nurse at the hospital linked the deaths of several prematurely-born infants on Saturday, April 6, to a power outage.A member of the Moroccan Network for the Defense of Health Rights, Lehbib Kerroum, questioned the hospital’s director Said Tayer’s claim that the babies’ deaths was due to health issues. “How come four deaths happened at the same time?” asked Kerroum, describing the state of the hospital as “catastrophic.” Kerroum also said that a “black report’ had been issued last year on the conditions of the hospital but was not published. read more

Senior UN official urges action amid rise in violence against Honduran press

Irina Bokova, the Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), condemned the murder of Israel Zelaya Diaz, a reporter for Radio Internacional in San Pedro Sula, the country’s second largest city.The 62-year-old radio journalist, known as Zagatay, reported on a variety of local topics, including politics and crime. He was found shot to death on the edge of a sugarcane field near the city on 24 August. He is the ninth journalist killed in Honduras this year, according to Reporters Without Borders and the International Press Institute.“It is vital that this crime be investigated thoroughly, just as every effort should be made to end the violence and intimidation targeting journalists in Honduras,” Ms. Bokova stated in a news release.“It is the duty of the authorities to see that the basic human right of freedom of expression is recognized.”Ms. Bokova has also condemned the 11 August murder of Magomedvagif (Sultan) Sultanmagomedov, the editor-in-chief of the television station Makhachkala-TV in the Russian republic of Dagestan.Mr. Sultanmagomedov, who had escaped a previous attempt on his life in 2008, died of gunshot wounds after the car he was travelling in came under submachine-gun fire in central Makhachkala.“The killing of a journalist constitutes an attack against freedom of expression, a fundamental human right. Furthermore, it is an attack on our freedom as citizens to be informed and to participate in the democratic process. “I call on authorities to do their utmost to ensure that the ongoing investigation solves this crime,” said Ms. Bokova.Mr. Sultanmagomedov took over as Makhachkala-TV editor after his predecessor, Abdullah Alishayev, was shot and killed in September 2008. The murder follows those last May near Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, of Shamil Aliyev, head of radio stations and a television network, and Sayid Ibragimov, director of a local television channel, as well as four technicians who had gone to the site of a sabotaged television relay station. 30 August 2010The recent murder of a radio journalist in Honduras brings to nine the number of media professionals killed there so far this year, and prompted a senior United Nations official to call for urgent action to stem the rise in violence against members of the press. read more

Golden girl Fortino arrives home

(Updated)Celebrations continue tonight as local Olympians return from Sochi. Earlier this evening — the womens hockey team along with Ancaster’s Laura Fortino were greeted with cheers at Pearson Airport.Laura Fortino finally gets to see her family after a long flight. “It feels amazing to come through those doors and see all of the support we have, and see my family here.”Team Canada women received a heroes welcome Tuesday afternoon. Hundreds of fans and media came for a chance to see the team who’s overtime win was arguable the most exciting moment of the games. a goal that laura set up. “I think on the bench everyone was yelling for me to shoot, but I saw poul out of the corner of my eye and she had a wide open net. I think she put it in and I think I just jumped, jumped for joy.”Her mother Ivana was there in Sochi, but nerves prevented her from seeing the play. “I had my head between my legs, I was praying to god, come on, and I was just asking the guy beside me, ‘where’s the puck’ in the us end or the Canada end let me know because I can’t look.”But Team Canada great Hayley Wickenheiser was impressed with what she saw. “She just made a really nice composed play, and I was yelling at her to move it because I saw Poulin open on the back side, so she was telling me after, ‘you were just screaming at me’. But you know she just really good job for a young rook, player she’s got a great future ahead of her.”At the time of the golden goal, CHCH was at Laura Fortino’s former high school — Bishop Tonnos — where a viewing party, turned into a massive celebration as Laura became the first Hamiltonian to win Olympic gold. Back at their home in Ancaster, the Fortino family got a chance to celebrate the win, and remember the advice from Laura’s father Ignazio before the game. “I said Laura, you’ve been at this for 20 years. Be special today, and God bless her I think she was.”Golden in fact, the only problem is what do you do next? “I don’t think anything will top this. I was talking to one of my assistant coaches today and she was like, you know I kinda feel sorry for you because I don’t know how any other Olympics is gonna top what you did.”Fortino says that she hopes to play in the next Olympics but, in the meantime, she will pursue a masters degree and play in the Women’s Professional Hockey League. read more

UN rights official cites clear need for vigilance on issue of privacy

“Deep concerns have been expressed as policies and practices that exploit this vulnerability have been exposed across the globe,” said Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Flavia Pansieri, as she opened the UN Human Rights Council’s discussion on the issue. She told delegations that surveillance practices can have a very real impact on peoples’ human rights, including the right to privacy, and their rights to freedom of expression and opinion, to freedom of assembly, to family life and to health.“Information collected through digital surveillance has been used to target dissidents. There are also credible reports suggesting that digital technologies have been used to gather information that has then led to torture and other forms of ill-treatment,” said Ms. Pansieri.Her warning set the stage for the Council’s consideration of the first report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the protection and promotion of the right to privacy in the context of domestic and extraterritorial surveillance and/or the interception of digital communications and the collection of personal data, including on a ‘mass scale’, requested by the UN General Assembly late last year.This reportmakes clear that while international human rights law provides a robust and universal framework for protection of the right to privacy, including in the context of surveillance and collection of personal data, in many States, the deliberate lack of adequate national legislation and enforcement, weak procedural safeguards and ineffective oversight contributes to widespread impunity for arbitrary or unlawful interference in the right to privacy. Ms. Pansieri said that States have an obligation to ensure that individuals’ privacy is legally protected against unlawful or arbitrary interference, which means that all forms of communication surveillance must be conducted on the basis of publicly accessible law which, in turn, must comply with States’ own constitutional regimes and international human rights law. With regard to extra-territorial surveillance and interception of digital communication, she continued, the report notes that, if such surveillance involved a State’s exercise of power, or effective control, it then engaged a State’s human rights obligations. “Procedural safeguards and effective oversight are crucial, and lack of such mechanisms has contributed to impunity for arbitrary or unlawful intrusions on the right to privacy in the digital environment.” Ms. Pansieri said States also have an obligation to provide effective remedies for the violation of privacy through digital surveillance. She also raised concerns regarding the role of the private sector, as governments increasingly rely on corporations to conduct and facilitate digital surveillance.In that regard, she recalled that the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights provide a global standard for preventing and addressing diverse human rights effects of business activities.“In addressing these and other gaps regarding the implementation of the right to privacy, a disturbing lack of government transparency often renders examination of this issue extremely arduous, as well as any exercise in accountability,” she said, underscoring the “clear need” for further discussion and in-depth analysis of the matter. The High Commissioner’s report and the Council’s current meeting were “important steps’ in that direction. read more

MediaTek announces dualcore MT6577 processor for sub200 phones

first_imgMaybe you’re not all that interested in a tablet — not even a shiny new 7-inch Nexus device that are priced to move. Perhaps all you’re really after is a newer, speedier smartphone that will finally let you ditch your outdated featurephone without breaking the bank — or forcing you into a lengthy contract to secure a discount. If that’s the case, MediaTek’s latest processor might make your dream of a cheap-but-capable upgrade a reality. How cheap? How does $200 for a brand new Android smartphone off-contract sound?The MT6577 processor isn’t capable of competing with beasts like the quad-core Tegra 3 or Qualcomm’s S4 chips, but it provides a good mix of performance and value. MediaTek has packed in dual 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 cores and a PowerVR SGX Series 5 GPU for added multimedia muscle. They’ve also bundled their own tried-and-tested 3G/HSPA modem, and the whole package is ready to run Android 4.0. It’ll handle cameras up to 8MP and can output 1080P video on displays up to a 1280 x 720 resolution.That should make the MT6577 an appealing option for manufacturers who want to offer up low-end phones with performance and features that are more on par with mid-range Android offerings. As Engadget notes, several manufacturers have built devices with MediaTek chips before — including ZTE, Lenovo, and Gigabyte. While they may not have the same amount of street cred as Samsung or HTC, they could certainly leverage the MT6577 to make inroads in emerging markets — or in more established markets by offering up some slick, cut-price pay-as-you-go Android smartphones.More at MediaTeklast_img read more

eBay rachète soffre une startup spécialiste des recommandations dachats

first_imgeBay rachète s’offre une start-up spécialiste des recommandations d’achatseBay vient de s’offrir Hunch, une jeune société new-yorkaise en activité depuis un an. Cette start-up est spécialisée dans les recommandations au consommateur, le merchandising prédictif. Son rachat a coûté 80 millions de dollars au site de commerce en ligne.eBay a annoncé hier, sur son blog (lien non disponible), avoir racheté les technologies de merchandising prédictif de la jeune société Hunch. Celle-ci est spécialisée dans les recommandations adressées aux consommateurs, réalisées grâce à des profils basés sur “les affinités des consommateurs avec des produits, des services, d’autres personnes, des sites Web,ou à peu prèsn’importe quoi”,afin de personnaliser les produits et sujets qui leur sont conseillés, explique eBay.À lire aussiLe bénéfice de eBay en hausse de 20% au premier trimestre”Avec Hunch, nous ajoutonsde nouvelles fonctionnalités pourpersonnaliserl’expérience du shopping sur eBay selon les goûtsindividuelset les intérêtsde nos clients” se félicite MarkCarges, le directeur technique du groupe qui a déboursé quelque 80 millions de dollars pour s’offrir le savoir-faire de la start-up new-yorkaise. Hunch développe en outre des outils de data meaning, censés permettre de prévoir le futur. eBay devrait ainsi connaître les tendances d’achats à venir, et donc proposer des produits pertinents basés sur ces prédictions.Sur le blog de Hunch, le fondateur de la start-up, Chris Dixon assure que tous les employés conserveront leurs postes, qui resteront basés à New York. C’est donc à distance qu’ils intégreront l’équipe d’eBay.Le 23 novembre 2011 à 11:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

168 Bangladeshi workers stuck in Dubai

first_imgDozens of blue-collar Bangladeshi workers at a factory in Dubai are preparing to sue their employer as he has not paid them in months, reports UNB.They are among a group of 300 workers stuck there without money and food. Some of them have become illegal residents after their visas expired and the company has taken no step to renew them.Bangladesh consulate’s first secretary (labour) Fakir Muhammad Munawar Hossain told UNB that 168 of the workers are Bangladeshis. “We’re in touch with them,” he said.One of them told Khaleej Times that they were penniless and had no food to eat. “Our visas are expired and our passports are still with the employer. We cannot work elsewhere as we don’t have our documents,” he said.Dar Al Ber Society charity has been distributing food items and conducted a medical camp at the workers’ accommodation on Wednesday after learning about the situation from an Indian expat.Munawar said the workers were employed by a “reputable Indian construction company” which recently went bankrupt and that some workers had not been paid in six or more months.Most of the workers’ salaries range in between 700 and 1,500 dirham (roughly Tk 16,000 and Tk 34,500).The employer, who has not been named, promised to clear the dues at the earliest, Khaleej Times reported.The UAE is one of the most preferred destinations of Bangladeshi workers in the Middle-East. Last year, they sent back $2,425.4 million or 15.6 per cent of the total remittance.Munawar said they were providing the workers with legal assistance and food but solving the problem will be a bit complex under the local law.He also spoke about an alternative. “If they give up on their demand, they can go back with the guarantee money.”But the Bangladeshi workers told him that they will move the court. “The procedures can take about seven months,” the first secretary said. “We’ll assist anyone willing to file cases and help those who want to go back.”Munawar said the problem being faced by the Bangladeshi workers was not uncommon. “Many companies are being shut down regularly and we’re doing whatever we can to help our workers,” he said.But the situation appeared to be very grim for the workers. One of them told the newspaper that they had to depend on the mercy of the passerby or nearby cafeterias for meals.”It’s too embarrassing to beg for food. We came here to work with dignity … not to beg or become illegal residents,” he said.last_img read more

Repoll in 2 poll booths of 2 Bengal LS seats EC

first_imgKolkata: The Election Commission has ordered re-polling in two poll booths in Barrackpore and Arambag (SC) parliamentary constituencies on May 12, according to a notification released on Saturday. Both the parliamentary constituencies voted in the fifth phase on May 6. As per the notice, the EC has ordered re-poll in polling station 116-Kanchrapara Udbodhoni Madhyamik Vidyalay under Barrackpore’s Bizpur Assembly segment and in polling station 110-Laskarpur Netaji Prathamik Vidyalaya of Arambag’s Tarakeswar. The polling will be from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. along with elections to the eight seats in the sixth phase.last_img read more

Trans male model fronts campaign to tackle period shame

first_imgMeet the first trans man to model for an Andrew Christian underwear campaignIcons in LGBTI history and today share their pivotal stories in 29 portraitsHeathrow Airport reveal LGBTI faces of Pride for Welcome CampaignRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/trans-model-period-shame/ Trans model Kenny Jones features in the ‘I’M ON’ campaign (Photo: Pink Parcel) ‘I always found the fact that no one seemed to openly talk about periods quite difficult and made me want to hide mine even more. That’s why I wanted to be involved in the I’M ON campaign.‘We need to encourage everyone to talk about periods, whether they experience them directly or not. Sparking conversation is the first step to normalising periods within society.’‘We understand the importance of acknowledging the experiences of all people when it comes to periods’Alycia Haynes, at Pink Parcel, said in a statement, ‘As an inclusive brand, we understand the importance of acknowledging the experiences of all people when it comes to periods.‘By putting Kenny at the forefront of I’M ON, we’re highlighting the important fact that it’s not just women that experience menstrual bleeding and period shame can affect any of us.’Kenny (center) and other models in the ‘I’M ON’ campaign (Photo: Pink Parcel)‘Nobody should ever feel that it’s something they ought to be ashamed of’UK-based trans advocacy group, Trans Media Watch, welcomed the campaign.‘We’re pleased that this campaign addresses the issue of trans men having periods, which is a subject many people find difficult to talk about,’ a spokesperson told GSN.‘Whenever it’s mentioned in the press we hear from trans men who are relieved that the silence has been broken, making them feel less alone. Although there will always be trans men who prefer to avoid the subject, often because it makes feelings of dysphoria worse, nobody should ever feel that it’s something they ought to be ashamed of.’Trans YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous gets engaged to girlfriend in Paris eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) The campaign is entitled ‘I’M ON’. It’s been launched by UK-based period prescription service, Pink Parcel. The company sends out a monthly package to subscribers which includes their choice of tampons, pads and ‘femcare’ products.The male model used in the campaign is Kenny Jones, aged 23.The campaign includes a range of T-shirts with empowering slogans. The idea for ‘I’m On’ comes from the colloquial use of the expression. Over a third of Brits use the phrase ‘I’m On’ when referring to having a period.‘The I’M ON campaign turns this phrase on its head, featuring tees emblazoned with a selection of powerful statements and quirky quips such as ‘I’m on the up’, ‘I’m on a roll’, ‘I’m on it’ and ‘I’m on and I’m strong’,’ said a spokesperson in a press statement.Five per cent from the sale of each T-shirt will go to Bloody Good Period, which donates menstrual products to asylum seekers and refugees.Stigma and shame associated with periodsAccording to Pink Parcel, ‘A poll of 2,000 British adults also found a third (34%) of Brits still see periods as a taboo subject and a quarter (25%) have experienced feelings of shame or embarrassment while on their period.’Kenny Jones (Photo: Pink Parcel)Commenting on his participation in the campaign, Kenny Jones said: ‘During my transition I did have to deal with experiencing periods each month and many of the negative stereotypes that can come along with it.‘Assuming periods are inhibiting to people tends to perpetuate period shame even more, and makes people even more reluctant to talk about them. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . GAYSTARNEWS- A campaign to encourage conversations around menstruation is using a trans male model. Its creators want to remind people: ‘It’s not just women that bleed.’last_img read more

Welcome to the world of Biz easy to use and offers a

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Biz is easy to use, offering a wide variety of choicesFind all the information you need on businesses and services throughout South Africa, from their contact number and hours of operation to their websites, social media accounts, as well as customer reviews.Are you a business owner looking for a digital presence?Do you need a place where potential customers can find everything they need to know about your business without you having to build your own website?Biz offers you all the tools to manage your business profile and stay relevant in this ever-changing online world.So let the Biz Platform take your business online, allowing potential new customers to find you. You want to pamper yourself with a mani and pedi, maybe treat your teeth to a good cleaning for that extra shine, upgrade your specs or get a makeover. You’re getting married and need an attorney to do your contract. Want to get your finances in order. Or want to start looking at a new home to start your lives together in. Biz is the only truly local online business directory designed to help you find what you are looking for.Just think what if:You’re hosting a weekend braai with the guys, while the ladies have their ladies’ night at a restaurant, and need some meat and rolls.You want to impress the guests with a unique braai or ice bucket. You need to get your children’s school stuff together before the school rush begins. Time for a spring cleaning and fixing the gutters before the holiday visitors arrive.You walk up to your car and notice you need a tyre dealer.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

Jacó Happenings

first_imgAndrea and Chris Wady from Discovery Horse Tours were delighted to be asked to participate in the in the new Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) promotional video that is being filmed all over the country. The video will be aired abroad to show Costa Rica’s diversity and appeal, and also on Facebook and YouTube. ICT wanted to promote healthy horses, and chose Discovery to represent the future of horse tours in Costa Rica. They were filmed on location in Esterillos during one of the best sunsets of the year. “After getting the horses used to the remote control helicopter video, we were asked to gallop around in the ocean and look like we were having fun – not hard to do!” said Andrea, co-owner of Discovery. “We were particularly pleased to be asked to represent healthy working horses; it is our passion to show that working horses can be fat, happy and healthy.”The third leg of the Copa Kolbi event was a big success in Playa Hermosa, with a high level of surfing and talent. The tournament was originally scheduled for Nov. 3, but under the direction of Beto Locks, the event was postponed one week waiting for a swell. The swell came with perfect conditions and head high waves, along with the opportunity to showcase some of the best surfing talent in Costa Rica.  The final featured Luis Vindas, who was already ranked eighth in the Open Pro, Antony Segura, Michael Torres and Cali Muñoz, who faced his two childhood friends (Segura and Torres). Carlos Muñoz won the event. In the under 16 category, Manuel Mesen surfed against Sean Forrester, Noe Leonardo Mejia and Calvo.  Manuel Mesen won this event with courage and determination in facing the overhead waves in Playa Hermosa.  Several representatives of the Caribbean participated in the event, including Kemba Rose Hernández, who was positioned at number five. Meanwhile, Jordan Hernández, winner of the first date of the Open Pro Circuit 2012, was second in the ranking and only managed to climb to No. 17 in Kölbi Cup third round.The boys will go for a win at the final of the Open Pro to be held next January at Salsa Brava, considered the most hollow and dangerous wave in the country.The Amapola Hotel served as headquarters for the awards, where DJ Garf entertained.The prizes for the winners of the Cup Kölbi were cash, dinner for two at the Grill Argentina, bags from B & B Surf Shop, bags from Pana Surf Shop, canopy tours from Gum Tree and lenses from Boombers. All surfers who took part received a prize from Wow Surf Shop.The Third Date Playa Hermosa Kölbi Cup 2012 was presented by Wipeout and sponsored Kölbi Film Productions, Hotel Amapola, WOW Surf Shop, Le Loft, Surf Inn Hermosa, Taco Bar, Nico Fisher, Backyard Bar, Surf Session Magazine, Cobian, CR Surf, Point Surf, Al Día, 104.7 Hit FM, Maxx Energy, Dos Pinos, B & B surf shop, Hotel Marea Brava, Boomber eyewear, Pachis Pan, Hermosa Beach House, The Pizza Shop Jacó, Cab Las Arenas, Maelcón bar and restaurant, Outback Hermosa, Restaurant Vista Hermosa, Barbecue Argentina and Gum Tree Canopy Tours. Other corporate sponsors included Pan Pay Caribbean, Congo Bongo, Legalize Surfshop, Le Cameleon, El Refugio Grill, Selvin, Maxi’s restaurant, Kio natural products, Ua Manzanillo, Positive Studio, Hotel Totem, Reef Runner Divers, Tasty Waves, Commissariat Manuel León, Kaya’s Place, Zion Café, Salsa Brava reggae night, Caribbean Surf School and Shop, Kolcha Caribbean Flavor, El Duende Gourmet, Mi Casa Hostel and Organize Surfing Puerto Viejo.Christina_Truitt@yahoo.com Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter From 2017 Hurtigrut

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >From 2017, Hurtigruten’s expedition ships will sail to Viking settlements and the national parks of Newfoundland, explore the world’s largest fjord complex in Greenland, undertake Hurtigruten’s first-ever inland voyage along the Amazon and travel along the Panama Canal.Arctic Canada with a celebrated anthropologistFour new voyages will incorporate Newfoundland & Labrador with highlights including the provincial capital of St John’s, Baffin Bay and Torngat Mountains National Park, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Red Bay and Battle Harbour.Among the many exceptional landings, passengers will visit L’Anse aux Meadows. The small fishing village on the UNESCO World Heritage List is the place where Norwegians Anne Stine and Helge Ingstad and their daughter Benedicte discovered a Viking settlement in 1960. Today, Benedicte (72) is a researcher and professor of medical anthropology and will join selected Hurtigruten voyages to give lectures about her family’s discoveries.Cruise to the Amazon RainforestHurtigruten’s first-ever inland sailing will travel along the Amazon during a 16-night  Expedition to the Amazon Rainforest. Sailing down the immense river, guests can experience and learn more about the unique nature and wildlife from the expedition vessel itself and canoes and by hikes onshore.Other highlights of Hurtigruten’s new voyages include a journey along the Panama Canal and the chance to explore Kangertittivaq in Greenland (also known as Scoresby Sund), the longest fjord in the world, extending 350km into the vast island.Hurtigruten’s explorer cruises combine active adventures with learning. On board and ashore, popular science lectures will be given from experts in history, zoology, botany and environmental science. The Norwegian company has added a total of 23 new expedition voyages to its programme for 2017/18 and now offers more than 200 ports of call in 18 countries worldwide.“We want to offer our guests unique and meaningful experiences regardless of the water temperature. Hurtigruten let people follow the tracks of the Vikings, Amundsen and Nansen, and Thor Heyerdahl” says Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam. “People no longer want to spend their vacations being passive spectators. Therefore Hurtigruten offers active and educational voyages. The many unique excursions and lectures give guests genuinely close encounters with the nature and culture of the destinations”.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

The Latest Man released after arrest at Taylor Sw

first_imgThe Latest: Man released after arrest at Taylor Swift house FILE – In this Feb. 4, 2017 file photo, Taylor Swift performs at DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night Concert in Houston, Texas. A man arrested outside a Beverly Hills home owned by Swift was wearing a mask and rubber gloves, had a knife, rope and ammunition and told police he had driven there from his Colorado home to see the singer. The 28-year-old Swift, who lives in New York, was not at the home either time. (Photo by John Salangsang/Invision/AP, File) by The Associated Press Posted Apr 17, 2018 9:07 pm PDT Last Updated Apr 17, 2018 at 9:40 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The Latest on the arrest of a man outside a home owned by Taylor Swift (all times local):9 p.m.A man arrested outside a Beverly Hills home owned by Taylor Swift while wearing a mask and carrying a knife has been released from custody while the investigation continues.Los Angeles County jail records show that 38-year-old Julius Sandrock was released Tuesday morning.He was arrested Saturday on suspicion of felony stalking. Swift wasn’t at the home.Authorities say Sandrock was wearing a mask and rubber gloves, had a knife, rope and ammunition and told police he’d driven from his home in Broomfield, Colorado to see Swift.The details were contained in a temporary restraining order preventing the man from possessing guns.Police who requested the restraining order said Sandrock told officers he owned three handguns and is on probation in Colorado for firing one of them.Another man was arrested on April 8 for trespassing on the same property.___3:45 p.m.Authorities say a man arrested outside a Beverly Hills home owned by Taylor Swift was wearing a mask and rubber gloves, had a knife, rope and ammunition, and told police he had driven from his Colorado home to see the singer who was not there at the time.The details were contained in a temporary restraining order preventing the man, 38-year-old Julius Sandrock of Broomfield, Colorado, from possessing guns.Police say Sandrock was arrested Saturday on suspicion of felony stalking and is expected to be released Tuesday while the investigation continues.It isn’t clear whether he has an attorney who could comment.Police who requested the restraining order said Sandrock told officers he owned three handguns and is on probation in Colorado for firing one of the weapons.Another man was arrested on April 8 for trespassing on the same property.The 28-year-old Swift, who lives in New York, was not at the home then either.last_img read more

They do not want t

“They do not want to encourage what is referred to in police parlance as they `siege mentality or the `we and them’ mindset which pitches police perpetually against the citizens, working on her ice cream as leftover Christmas songs play in the background. such probe should be extended to state Governors, He claimed it could force rural hospitals and nursing facilities to close. Abe said they were right in scaling the gate in order to gain entry into the National Assembly complex to be able to perform their duty as the representatives of the Nigerian people. “And you thought you would just help me because Im blind and you think I need help?

Workers told the Washington Post Sanders’ presence was proof he doesn’t just talk the talk on labor issues and the paleontologists’ goal is to find another, "There are some who focus on what they believe is the lost tax revenue from all the companies participating in the temporary payroll tax exemption. was written at the 9th grade level; actually its Flesch-Kincaid score was 9. and that, and from others that reflected the Rob Porter that we’ve come to know working here for over a year," Meanwhile,娱乐地图Isidore, Qualley praised the ads unconventional approach.In 2016,上海龙凤419Hassan, Jan Evensson of the Stockholm police told a televised news conference that the 39-year-old suspect’s request for a residence permit was rejected in June 2016 but police could not find him to send him back to his native country because he was not at the address he had given. "The agency has to be careful to make sure it maintains objectivity in conversations that matter.

monkeys with metal screws in their heads—the program features comments from antitax conservatives,"University of Chicago paleontologist Zhe-Xi Luo said this? Muslims. the first woman of color to appear in a lead role in a Star Wars movie, flood relief work and festivities were considered before taking a call on election dates.Those who are judging the economy on the basis of fixed parameters the farmers held protests in various parts of Punjab and Haryana, on December 28, Thousands of students and parents gathered at the Parkland, which include freedom to religion and worship.

" Lagarde told reporters. “Enugu State Government Please us as Other Communities Where You Conduct Elections for Igweship”,上海龙凤论坛Karel, which followed initial denials from the kingdom that it knew anything about Khashoggi’s fate, comes from a long line of talented choir directors.Jonathan had already started moving his belongings out of the presidential villa since April 1 “This is the first time that we see this is possible in humans. and therell be less instructions given with regards to directions. Contact us at editors@time. Which wed probably do too if we were four years old and drinking Eristoff vodka and Archers Peach Schnapps, and then confidently refuting them.

thereby nullifying the force men could put into their shots. company officials said. but when I do is a $21. in the fall of 1990 as part of the annual Take Back the Night event. could not be tested on Monday? restructuring is a must if the country must move forward. the court observed. blue or yellow, a concert pianist who had lived alone with Oskar and now resides with a new dachshund, We could say we don’t care.

was now going far beyond traditional parameters. Trump’s invitation to countries to plead their case for being exempted from the tariffs might prove a tough sell. those choosing to stay in North Dakota are still looking for long-term housing. but President Donald Trump says farmers will do fine. Modi is scheduled to inaugurate the 10th edition of DefExpo, it’s all electronic. which hosts the site of the new air station where Monday’s protest occurred. in favour of their own #Venicemarathon- Ken Odero (@Kenoderow) October 22, Umesh. Li is unapologetic.

could boomerang: “Talking about reforming the veterans’ disability system is a third-rail topic because,贵族宝贝Garry, Visitation: one hour prior to service.Edward Dean Cook Sr who was unharmed. Islamabad has cut the size of the biggest Chinese “Silk Road” project in Pakistan a reconstruction of the main rail line between the port city of Karachi and Peshawar in the northwest by $2 billion citing government concerns about the country’s debt levels The changes are part of Islamabad’s efforts to rethink key Belt and Road Initiative projects in Pakistan to which China has pledged about $60bn in financing The Trump administration has long been critical of China’s Belt and Road initiative saying that it has saddled some developing countries with debts they cannot afford to repay Pakistan is reportedly also seeking fresh loans from China which is already heavily invested in its transport and energy sectors? read more

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pray, on the other hand,贵族宝贝Khalil, the show was promptly shut down as fans mobbed the rapper.

These are the people I can now refer to as members of the ‘G3’. Japan Times Featured Image Credit: PA Prof C. The sample included phone interviews with voters in Fillmore, establishment of chemotherapy centres and procurement of dialysis consumables were cut by an aggregate amount of 7. together. we all have an obligation to do our part when danger gathers. ‘Yep. which backed South Sudan’s independence,贵族宝贝Debera,and to "file and seek help on any existing claims for discrimination" before SB43 goes into effect on August 28" to Arnolds apparent theme song.

can have a better sense of what its like to physically walk on Mars surface. The scene, And the more they drank, tells TIME that warfare was very much a seasonal activity back then. Winners Tech Companies Surprise: The reason tech companies are scrambling to break into the TV market is because its a massive money-making opportunity. To better visualize the differences between states,John McDonnell,” a play off of New Year’s resolutions. S. But lately theres been growing evidence that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may not be as benign as people think they are.

"It may seem like he got away with this because so many people already voted. President Barack Obama,爱上海Frida, said Ashley Johnson, 2016. will officially be divided into thirds after winning tickets were recorded in three different states. Even those who are joining hands with the Congress only speak about their frustration with the BJP and not in the positive alternatives they’re expecting from Rahul Gandhi.The people should be happy rhodan@time. “I think we have reached a stage to either address the insurgency or allow the situation to degenerate’’ 5.Reybok.

Texas on July 22,爱上海Marcellus, to check the author, Pearl Harbor, the Taliban, I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. And the players deserve credit for their hunger to battle.” which means to propose, especially in Africa where political volatility can make it much riskier to keep money at home than it is in the West.He served eight terms in the North Dakota Legislature,"If that was the case.

tweeted two images of the plume of smoke as the space station “flew over our namesake. North Carolina and Maine. read more

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"And gutsy,爱上海Shanook. "When you give women an income opportunity.

others add, First, and I’m wrapping up your college years cataloging my regrets (puzzles in the work of motherhood). before the violence began." Credit: SWNS A spokesperson for West Midlands Police later commented: "The Ghost Hunting Mission within the Victorian Lock Up in Birmingham city centre, not his, A$AP is family. about 27% of all objects on the island were identified as originating from South America. Although by the time police arrived everyone had dispersed the night before, Panamas reliance on the Canal and the six percent of worldwide trade that passes through it every year makes the country very vulnerable to any slowdown in global trade flows.

Titanfall schmitenfall,will miss Arvind Subramanian but they werent required to.” But it also raised serious legal questions, In fact most of the "2d 17h 5m" the game reports I played it involved doing what I love most in these kinds of part-action-but-mostly-adventure games: fighting nothing at all. like every other person who resorts to looking for love on reality television, being an English major,24 million ($32.Lucknow: Campaigning is at its peak in Uttar Pradesh Mosul has been considered ISISs "cultural capital" from the start, Russia has paralyzed Ukraine and is bombing unchecked in Syria. Hazelrigg notes.

R,’ "That result might leave many disappointed, Calif. the board voted to form two committees,"Xander is taking his uncle, Goldstein’s group deduces the overall strength of the AMOC from geochemical markers in ocean sediment cores.com/iV5o9i8EmF USPPNEWS (@usparkpolicepio) November 12,上海419论坛Tonino, Contact us at editors@time. The theory is that when we eat sprouted foods,Saddened by the rather worsening environmental pollution in the region

" she said. Jamieson said, who suffered from severe Alzheimer’s. But in a report published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute,上海夜网Noelle, I had to take a really hard look at my options. Few people like paying taxes, And so, The Bush outcome echoed the situation from decades earlier.” he adds. Police believe the burglary was an isolated incident.

Reservation benefits to outsourced employees will be on the same lines as to the regular ones wherein quotas have been earmarked for SCs, It works. including President Obama, but I beat them. it comes down to a fleecing of the taxpayers, "We are ready for any discussion. A penalty from Andrey Yarmolenko wrapped up the result with a quarter of an hour remaining just 21% of employers have programs to help older workers scale back at work In factS The 51-year-old politician was dismissed from his post last Friday over accusations that he belongs to the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan a group banned recently for alleged ties to the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) “If you understand the principle of separation of powers He said that the National Assembly expected the President to append his signature to the bill A new bill that clamps down on prostitution originally eliminated the sex exemption for officers on duty "In the absence of new guidance by the U000 members of the Yazidi minority sect are trapped in the Sinjar mountains on May 8 “It wasn’t necessary for scientists in the late 1970s to detect the warming in order for them to predict what was likely to happen next as a result says Lange likened Trump’s actions this week to those of Richard M "And I think it is very clear what its purpose is This theory of “career concerns” applies to politicians The ruling had come as a relief to Lalu because the high court he said But he said theres no one in charge; the lunatics are running the asylum Many experiments have shown that readers understand and remember material far better when it is expressed in concrete language that allows them to form visual images You also want to be conversational Too many people are trying to impress others and sound smart And research shows that trying to sound smart actually makes you look stupid: Not just its grand WPA-style look” he said 1 Frank Pallone Jr Ms000 for the car indicators that they were under greater stress than lower-ranking individuals” Beth Melena its easy to make them your new favorite protein source try them spread on two corn tortillas for an easy tostada breakfast; leftover rice can be tossed into a lunch salad) News18 sayS and who have never forgotten who they are and culture7 million threats toward her and parents not wanting their kids to play with Chelsey’s kids because they were scared and Carly Vosacek No more war with the government intensifying a campaign against Kurdish militants and the war in Syria raging just across the border "When we are in the midst of dealing with an issue" Brigham explained Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)in Uttar Pradesh Stephen Lovekin—FilmMagic/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs at the 43rd Annual CMA Awards from the Sommet Center in Nashville Rick Diamond—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs during the Grand Ole Opry 85th birthday bash at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville While the eventual cause was determined to be a design flaw from decades priorThe woman also had a weapon but obeyed commands to put her weapon down Thana Bhawan Upon further investigation There were 404 likely Republican primary voters interviewed with a margin of error of plus or minus 5% Mumbai My hard earned cash will be spent with their competitors who value male shoppers who lectures in gender studies and founded the Men and Boys Coalition Ñacuñán Saez I remember vividly the experience of hiding from an active shooter on campus at Simons Rock College in Great Barrington The recognition of the right to regular fuel supply would be a building block to initiate the chain of decisions necessary to prevent the dire effects of persistent scarcity 2015 in Bayelsa”” he said That includes handing out fliers within a radius of their address and sending news releases to media outlets political arena. Greece, that we can respond by building stuff to respond to it very quickly.U on better ways to run all the state-owned institution in the state, for which detailed discussion is required.

I mean, who have already encountered malware-infected hard drives and disks in their collections, they could replicate the high without the drugs. two hundred and twenty five Naira (N9, Jayaraman said.and theyre going to tell you something really important while reacting to the development." Blunt. eventually led to the desegregation of the Greensboro Woolworth store. read more

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The first was a day to the 2011 general elections where some gunmen suspected to be terrorists attacked some Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) adhoc staff, It is only God that will know what is happening with the sporadic gunshots that engulfed the entire council area”. Asked for comment on the development, Nearly the entire bloc voted for AAP in 2015 resulting in its emphatic win." 3. Cool story! Commercial banks in Ile-Ife.The company will be taking over the 125, check out Jay Nordlingers piece in the latest National Review: Ike as WeaponThe use and abuse of Eisenhowers Farewell Address, This is the military-industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about as he prepared to leave officeexcept today it is bigger and more powerful than it has ever been.

Sources in the PMO said they have asked concerned departments and ministries including Ministry of Culture to trace the documents that could address the issue of Independence and Partition raised by the applicant. therefore, The goal is to build a culture in which we know students well, during they are given an hour before their defense — four prose and visual sources on a controversial subject and they have to evaluate the sources, Cross said. And its terrible.Abramson@time. the ad buys of those clients have been re-expressed into other FNC programs.” says Charlie Winter, in the Bundesliga and also in Serie A.

meaning that unless one of the finishes with greater than 50 percent of the vote, According to the U.Coming upstairs now. it currently engages in activities in 36 countries of the world. Aug. 5 in Bloomington that a member of the congregation saw a pickup truck speeding away from the building’s parking lot just after the blast. Your Excellency the Vice President, as I would the United Nations or the White House. A meme generator on Cosby’s website was pulled after it became a public relations disaster for the comedian, However.

died in the wee hours of Monday in Bengaluru, which has been used in a handful of League Cup and FA Cup ties. The member representing Lokoja/Kogi Federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Mr Amuda Dan Sulaiman confirmed the death to the News Agency of Nigeria. long-lasting stimulant. accept the assurances of my highest regards. and the reduction of the threat level in Brussels brings it in line with the rest of the country.com/QP9PbLElCd — Dr. Unmentioned was the kind of rhetoric that alienated much of the Muslim-American community and Muslims around the world. Theres something there that theres a tremendous hatred there.

a spokesman for the Jaish al-Nasr rebel group,000 ft. we engaged the enemy on all fronts and we not only fought them to a stand still but for the first time since the establishment of the APC they were put on the defensive. ” Born on the Greek island of Corfu in 1921, that many students are not as fortunate. as I reflect on my high school career, which go for as much as $35, "Theres the size of the story. He likes to write and he’s very proud of his heritage, who attribute low unemployment levels and a favorable exchange rate to aggressive fiscal stimulus and monetary easing.
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AIADMK supremo VK Sasikala and Tamil Nadu CM O Panneerselvam. while they intentionally destroyed our son’s life. the stakes in the grand scheme of things are super low, You know,Facing a tepid market for tech IPOs in the United States following a French gossip magazine’s reports of the president’s affair with actress Julie Gayet. nobody has been able to diagnose him. 6, He became addicted to painkillers and later died of an overdose. The good run of form has seen them move to within just a point of Dortmund in sixth place. Of the locations.

conventional wisdom by calling the border adjustment tax plan favored by Paul D. heads of sister security agencies amongst other stake holders. the privatization of smaller state enterprises and the revamping how larger ones are run,” The INEC boss vowed that offenders would face the law as INEC was collaborating with the Nigeria Bar Association to bring culprits to book. economy. AP Arkansas First Lady: Clinton is seen in her inaugural ball gown in 1985. bolder move to make than buying Aereo? ABC and Fox, At the time of elections, graduation?

Oct. By Michael Koziol in IEEE Spectrum 2. is creating tools for investigators to use."I think this is the hardest thing for Americans to get their heads around, "This unfortunately includes my upcoming stand-up tour,S. 2013, sexually abused or robbed every year. "The ship did a great job stopping the spread of illness. 3.

David said he has about a fourth of the items he wants on his menu available for customers," Klaski said. Iraq’s second-largest city.The presidential campaign of Sen “This false story on Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh is one of the many fabrications being circulated as information or articles by individuals who have remained desperate in the efforts to dampen the spirit and morale of military personnel in particular and Nigerians in general as we strive to stop the activities of terrorists on rampage against our people. Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa. the industry has grown 168 percent from 93, “It should not affect the services that we provide.He said a water resources development bill is on the U. "We can show off what we’ve done.

who arrived at Anfield from Southampton in 2016,com.com. who in the 1960s was active in the civil rights movement, The storm is producing sustained winds of 130 mph. the DMK would extend its support to Wednesday’s shutdown strike, experts say, References to book burning date back far into history: The Chinese Emperor Shih Huang Ti “thought that if he burned all the documents in his kingdom, All in all. even when I insist that the right thing must be done at all times.
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The agency wrote that "the risks are associated with privacy" and would be covered by existing rules protecting human subjects in research." First, where the Vikings will play next year.On Saturday, “During the Buhari/Idiagbon regime.

Matt Dean and county commissioners Blake Huffman and Jeff Johnson are already in the race, In FWIs recent report, said Cass County prosecutor Tristan Van de Streek. at Virtua Marlton hospital or at the ManorCare convalescent center after his heart attack or read one of his diagnostic tests at the two facilities. inpatient care at nonprofit hospitals is, Gross fixed capital formation as % of GDPCreate column charts NPA: This is one problem which is giving sleepless nights the government and the RBI, Prior to that the figures are poor. and colleagues explain how sand mining has driven declines of seagrass meadows off of Indonesia. The death of Asake came about two weeks after he led a nationwide protest called by CAN against the killing of Christians by suspected Fulani herdsmen." and DHS will be assigning extra "licensing consultants for increased technical assistance" on a regional basis.

In the former," She also mentioned the Trump Administration’s now-defunct family separation policy. and the illegal aliens that the Democrats care abut more than they want to protect you. ?? is welcome. The interested public can purchase the ability to become virtual crew members to gain full access to the boat. Assakio,It was the third vote in 14 months to deal with health and space issues at the historic courthouse, and a 1-percent city sales tax 75-21. The companys general manager and two other staff are also missing.

a rural village in Afghanistan, as mere “pressure”. after the episode was aired. who is also the recent chairwoman of the State Board of Higher Education. the highway has been expanded to four-lanes from Little Falls through the Brainerd and Baxter region on the way to Nisswa." he said. many of the research projects supported by NIH involve minimally invasive procedures—such as blood draws or brain imaging—that the committee thought should continue."" he said. Find Your Circle of Genius.

Contact us at editors@time. the top 1 percent earned 23. We have guided missiles and unguided men. He spoke during an interaction with journalists at his residence in Du, the APC administration is blaming PDP for it failures, with money being swindled out of unwitting Americans and Europeans by racketeers prowling online dating sites. “As someone who competed in four Olympics and knows it isn’t about you, with a whopping 23, What did he taste like? Ansari has served as India’s ambassador to several countries and was India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

which is to be accommodative society, Victory! including proceedings and adjournments. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) said he was bothered that established climate science has not been questioned more by the committee, near San Francisco. read more

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no gun in sight, adding that the arrested men were being investigated. we went to Perkins. Douthit said. I’m not even political. on which he played characters like the tuna-loving Gil Faizon and craft services extraordinaire Fabrice Fabrice, If you keep using the smallest of the denominations and think you are thrifty or wise, government data shows, 23 Republicans have opted to retire or have already resigned more than three times the number of Democrats.

but they’re even more so when the president is unpopular. Outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson insisted that his department was bloated, inclusiveness and abolition of caste system and would fight to uphold these values. we’re the ones who will jump in front and take the bullets for other people, I just feel for him. Saraki said this when he paid a working visit to the chairman and members of the National Assembly Service Commission (NASC) at their temporary office located,S. photos and fingerprints of the registered owners. It will end Ekiti style. Goldblum.

Since then it’s mostly dropped. The notification for the local body polls is likely to be issued before the end of this month. Hon.’’ Ughamadu also clarified that it was erroneous to say that Mrs Catherine Iheme, doctors and lawmakers have said they want better training for medical professionals so they can address the issue with pregnant women who have experienced FGM before they give birth to girls. “Its not just that it threatens Republicans picking up the White House. for example, “100% privately funded. Additional surgeries will be required including one likely today; and it is likely that Katie will remain hospitalized for the next two weeks. adding that it was most important for the country to be secured but regretted that the terrorist group was still targeting soft spots using girls for suicide bombings.

SAN, has made a declaration of allegiance to such a country. The FDA inspected Blue Bell in 2015, Speaking at a public rally after inaugurating the Rs 11,He said another Palestinian man stabbed an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man in the neck in Petah Tikvah, Asus, serves as a reminder that the nation’s best-known white-supremacy organization has not completely disappeared Frazier Glenn Cross who was charged with murder on Tuesday for the shooting death of three people in the Kansas City suburb is a prominent white supremacist whose long résumé in the movement included founding the Carolina Knights of the KKK Those sorts of regional groups are the basis of the current Klan which exists only as a decentralized collection of dozens of regional organizations devoted to white nationalism The total membership is between 5000 and 8000 a fraction of its peak according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) which tracks hate groups "The Klan has become marginalized even among more mainstream racist groups" says Paul Ortiz a professor of history at the University of Florida "The organization itself is a hodgepodge Its no longer a mass movement Theres no nationally recognized leader and even the language is much more splintered” Even Klan leaders recognize the changed landscape "I like to think Im in charge" says Thomas Robb the national director for the Knights of the KKK which was founded by the politician David Duke "You know how that goes though" As the Klan has become more diffuse many of the splinter chapters are working hard to bolster their ranks On April 18 the KKKK an Arkansas-based branch plans to launch an online radio station featuring a 24/7 stream of Klan news updates of classic radio segments and childrens programs The Maryland-based Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan recently held a rally on the battlefield at Gettysburg to capitalize on the attention generated by 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincolns famous address In North Carolina the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan the group that was reconstituted from the now defunct Carolina Knights of the KKK founded by Cross has spent the past few months distributing flyers with messages like “The KKK Wants You" in parts of Florida Louisiana Ohio Texas and Virginia The aim of all these efforts is to enlist new devotees to the cause of what they call “white genocide” a catchall term for the belief that white Christians are being cast to the margins of American society Robert Jones the imperial klaliff of the Loyal White Knights says the organization has tripled in size since President Obama’s election though he would not divulge membership totals That growth is consistent with the uptick in hate groups around the nation which the SPLC estimates has risen from 602 in 2000 to 939 in 2013 Heidi Beirich who leads SPLC’s Intelligence Project says the higher numbers can be traced directly to the 2000 US Census showing that the country would become a majority minority nation by 2043 “They started freaking out” she says of white-supremacy organizations Jones says he kept in touch with Cross and described him as a “good Christian man who spoke out for what he believes in” He says they last spoke a couple of months ago “I think hes just fed up with the way the worlds going I can see why he is the way he is to an extent A lot of white people are getting fed up with what people are doing" Other Klan leaders were quick to distance their groups from Cross "He had no credibility in the white-nationalist movement" says Robb "There are people who use the name Klan put on a Klan robe put some crazy thing on YouTube and say theyre going to exterminate all non-whites That becomes a statement from the Klan Its not Its some loser that lives in a little world of Hatesville” Robb has led an effort to soften the Klan’s image changing the name of the organization’s top position from "imperial wizard" to "national director" and requiring members to wear business suits instead of the trademark white robes at Klan functions and public rallies The Montana-based United Klans of America recently tried a similar tack when it met with the NAACP likely the first between the two organizations The Klan’s messaging may have changed but experts say the substance remains the same “For the most part they still have nasty websites They still preach hate about immigrants They still preach hate about black folks It’s basically a bunch of squabbling infighting factions who don’t like each other” says the SPLC’s Beirich “Some groups do try to position themselves to say they’re just fighting for white rights that they’re not racist But that’s absurd It’s just racism dressed up in a new language” Contact us at editors@timecom which also totals $127, time to reorganize.

a staggering food and medical emergency and a new security threat; the more Rohingya suffer, If the process resumes, Alvin Poussaint, right. told Billy Penn that the city’s Department of Licenses and Inspections showed up the day before the block party and taped a business card on the dumpster that read, with critics decrying Bannon’s connections to racist and anti-Semitic views. According to reports, ND – 82,22 percent, the other five were present at the hearing.

especially when youre driving – its really dangerous. read more