Hezbollah leads fight in strategic Syrian mountain range

first_img Sponsored Stories QALAMOUN MOUNTAINS, Syria (AP) — Here in pockets of the rugged mountains near the Lebanese border, the distinctive yellow flag of Hezbollah now flies where al-Qaida militants once held sway.These gains in the Qalamoun Mountains represent a bright spot for embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government, now reeling from a unified insurgent assault in the country’s northwest. And again, they show the power and influence of the Lebanese militant group in Syria’s civil war, grinding on into its fifth year after killing more than 220,000 people. 0 Comments   Share   Top Stories Hezbollah cites that fear of militants sweeping through Shiite and Christian villages in diverse Lebanon as the reason for their involvement in Syria.“We are giving our blood so that people (in Lebanon) live with dignity and safely,” Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah recently said.But analysts say the fight is not expected to have immediate military repercussions in Lebanon — though it directly affects Assad’s survival and Hezbollah’s reputation.“The party cannot take military action in the area without a guarantee of victory, since a further defeat in light of those in northern and southern Syria would be disastrous,” wrote Michael Young, opinion editor of Beirut’s Daily Star newspaper.Young also warned victory is not assured, largely because the vast, rugged region is difficult to control and the Syrian army’s combat effectiveness steadily has deteriorated in long years of fighting.Others fear the Qalamoun offensive could spark Sunni militants to launch attacks in Shiite areas of Lebanon itself, including Beirut. A wave of bombings targeting Hezbollah strongholds in 2013 and 2014 left scores of people dead and wounded. Already, residents in a southern Beirut stronghold of Lebanon say security has tightened in the area, with officials searching cars and checking identification papers. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies How do cataracts affect your vision? The difference between men and women when it comes to pain This Saturday, May 9, 2015 photo shows a general view of the Syrian border town of Assal al-Ward that is held by government forces, Syria. Hezbollah fighters have been spearheading an attack along with President Bashar Assad’s troops against Sunni insurgents in Syria’s rugged mountainous region of Qalamoun. On Saturday, Hezbollah fighters showed several local journalists and an Associated Press team positions they recently captured in Qalamoun. (AP Photo/Bassem Mroue)center_img Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement “The situation is better than perfect,” one smiling Hezbollah fighter said, speaking along with others anonymously as part of the conditions Hezbollah set to allow AP journalists to make the trip.Insurgents appear to have left their camps in a hurry. Groceries, medicines and other supplies littered their camps. At a Hezbollah position, fighters installed a 130 mm cannon pointed deeper into Syria. Wooden ammunition boxes nearby bore Persian words — a sign of the support of Iran, a major benefactor of both Hezbollah and Assad.Shelling could be heard in the distance, which Hezbollah fighters attributed to clashes around Syria’s Barouh mountain to the north. Two giant Hezbollah bulldozers ground out a sand road on one of the region’s mountains.Some 3,000 militants are in the Qalamoun region, almost equally split between the Nusra Front and the Islamic State group, a Hezbollah commander recently said in Beirut. He said Hezbollah and Syrian troops surround the Qalamoun from the north, the east and the south, as well as part of the west, squeezing the Islamic militants who remain.The total area of the Qalamoun being contested is about 1,000 square kilometers (386 square miles) — of which 340 square kilometers (131 square miles) lie in Lebanon and are under militants’ control. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, a harsh critic of Hezbollah, has said Lebanon is not responsible for the group’s actions.“Only Hezbollah is responsible for the repercussions of its involvement in the war at the service of” Assad, said Hariri, who lives in self-imposed exile in Saudi Arabia and France.But others disagree. Christian politician Karim Pakradouni told Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television station Sunday that “the battle should be carried out no matter how much it costs because it will end terrorism in Lebanon.”“The Qalamoun battle protects Lebanon’s national security,” he said.___Follow Bassem Mroue on Twitter at www.twitter.com/bmroue.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility A team of Associated Press journalists traveling with Hezbollah into Syria found smiling Hezbollah fighters proudly showing newly dismantled booby traps and food quickly left behind by the Sunni insurgents as commanders promised further advances they say protect Lebanon. But in Lebanon, worries persist that Hezbollah’s battlefield successes only further entangle the tiny country in Syria’s violence, risking attacks back home as well.The Qalamoun Mountains are on the Syrian side of the border with Lebanon. They tower near Syria’s capital, Damascus, and linking that base of Assad’s power to the coast, an enclave of his Alawite sect, an off-shoot of Shiite Islam.But the Sunni militants of the local al-Qaida chapter called the Nusra Front and the Islamic State group, have been dug into the terrain for years.Although Hezbollah officials say a full-blown assault to recover Qalamoun hasn’t started, Hezbollah fighters in recent days have captured large areas and strategic hills. On Thursday, Hezbollah fighters attacking from the fields of the Syrian border town of Assal al-Ward met comrades on the offensive from the outskirts of the Lebanese village of Brital. Four benefits of having a wireless security systemlast_img read more

Protesters renew march against electricity prices in Armenia

first_img 5 ways to recognize low testosterone YEREVAN, Armenia (AP) — Street protests in the Armenian capital against a hike in electricity prices grew on Tuesday evening, with an estimated 7,000 people joining a second attempt to march toward the presidential residence even after riot police had used water cannons to forcefully disperse demonstrators.The number of riot police also increased, and helmeted officers holding shields stood shoulder-to-shoulder to block the protesters from moving farther down the central avenue in Yerevan. The protesters stood behind large trash containers that they had placed across the road as a barricade. There appeared to be some progress toward ending the standoff late Tuesday, with the protesters agreeing to appoint several representatives to meet with President Serge Sarkisian. But after a long discussion, they changed their mind.In the early hours of Wednesday, the street remained full of protesters, most of them young.Yerevan’s deputy police chief, Valery Osipyan, told the crowd that all of the nearly 240 protesters detained early Tuesday had been released, one of the demonstrators’ demands.The unrest was the most serious that Armenia has seen in years, raising concerns about political stability in the impoverished former Soviet nation, which hosts a Russian military base and is part of a Moscow-dominated economic alliance.Russian companies control some of the most prized economic assets in Armenia, including the power grid. The protest was triggered when an Armenian government commission agreed to raise electricity rates at the request of the power company.Russia was closely following the protests, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said.“Of course, we hope that in the near future the situation will be resolved in strict accordance with the law and that there will be no violations of the law,” Dmitry Peskov told journalists. Raffi Hovannisian, the leader of the opposition Heritage party who challenged Sarkisian in a 2013 presidential election, also denounced the government crackdown on the protest, calling it “a national shame.”Sarkisian, who is serving his second term, has not yet commented on the protest.The landlocked country’s economy is hobbled by the longstanding closure of its borders with Azerbaijan and Turkey over a conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. It depends on close ties with Russia.Alexander Iskandarian, head of the Caucasus Institute, an independent think tank, said the protest reflected “the radicalization of opposition activities.”Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Top Stories Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Sponsored Stories Men’s health affects baby’s health too Comments   Share   The U.S. Embassy in Yerevan voiced concern about reports of excessive use of force by police and urged the government to investigate.On Monday, about 5,000 demonstrators marched toward the presidential headquarters, but were stopped by lines of riot police backed by water cannons. The protesters then sat on the road, blocking traffic and ignoring police demands to leave.Several hundred remained in place overnight. Riot police broke up the protest early Tuesday, using water cannons.Some protesters resisted and threw rocks at the officers, who responded by beating them with truncheons. Plainclothes police agents also rounded up demonstrators.Fifteen people sought medical treatment and seven of them were hospitalized, the Health Ministry said.Police also broke up a small rally in Armenia’s second-largest city of Gyumri on Tuesday backing the main protest, arresting 12 people.The demonstrators were demanding that the government reconsider its decision to increase electricity prices for households by 17-22 percent. Some protesters also called for Sarkisian’s resignation.The opposition Armenian National Congress walked out of parliament in protest Tuesday against the rally’s breakup and demanded the release of all those detained. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving soberlast_img read more

Fairfax acquires Occupancy in the industry

first_imgIn a bid to strengthen the holiday rental industry down under Fairfax Media Limited announced its recent purchase of online holiday rental and corporate accommodation company Occupancy. The group said its current business Stayz.com.au will work alongside its newly acquired Occupancy online companies Rentahome.com.au and Takeabreak.com.au to provide Australian travellers a variety of options. Describing the acquisition as beneficial to home owners and the tourism industry Fairfax Media’s Metropolitan Media chief executive Jack Matthews said the new addition will offer property owners the option to advertise their business across a selection of websites. “Opportunities for growth are significant. The holiday rental market is a fast growing category, with growth rates of online bookings for accommodation expected to grow rapidly over the next few years, and a holiday rentals market that is still largely underdeveloped with a low proportion of the addressable inventory accessible to online booking,” Mr Matthews said. “The holiday rental market has come of age and we look forward to continuing to build the category across the existing brands.” The acquisition of Occupancy further extends Fairfax Media’s online transaction business. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

Egencia reveals travel policy insights

first_imgEgencia, a travel management company, released its report on ‘Egencia Travel Policy Insights – Global Air Edition’ last month which highlighted findings on air policy trends among its global travellers. The findings show that companies’ concern for improved traveller satisfaction, productivity and talent retention can lead to trends in how policies are defined around the world.Business travel makes up an important component of the USD 1.6 trillion travel market. “At Egencia, we see a huge opportunity to help companies move from unmanaged to managed travel. Building good travel policies is fundamental to this shift, but they are rarely benchmarked,” revealed Mark Hollyhead, Chief Operations Officer at Egencia. “With this report, we take a look at our own data to provide clues on how policies are shaped around the world.”The findings showed some key trends in prior approval, access to premium cabin class, advanced purchase behaviour and day-of-week timing for both booking and travelling.Globally, the vast majority of business air travel is done in economy class, and this may include premium economy. However, many companies unlock access to first or business class based on the length of flight, ranging from four to ten hours. This translates to a higher rate of premium travel for international trips – 33% of international travellers are allowed access to premium travel, while only 12% of domestic travellers get this special treatment.A typical feature of travel policies is a requirement to purchase air tickets well in advance. The recent ARC/Expedia report stated that Egencia clients have been shifting to longer booking windows (15+ days out) for premium cabin tickets originating across multiple countries including the US, the UK and France. With advanced purchase policies, the advantage of choosing the least expensive day to book may not be a priority. However, for last-minute bookings, choosing the best day to save on booking a ticket may make or break business travel plans, especially for a premium fare.Around the world, Monday is the preferred day to travel for both premium and economy class travellers – this gives them time to get their work done and be home for the weekend. However, travel in proximity to a weekend can lead travellers to incorporate some leisure time on a business trip, to create what’s known as “bleisure.” Premium class travellers are nearly twice as likely to stay through Saturday. International travel tends to lend itself to end-of-week travel as well.last_img read more

ARMCO Launches Fraud Case Manager Tool

first_img August 30, 2018 459 Views Share ARMCO Fraud Risk Management 2018-08-30 Seth Welborn On Thursday, ACES Risk Management (ARMCO) announced the launch of its new Fraud Case Manager, a web-based project management and analysis tool aimed at centralizing fraud investigations into a single system.“Fraud cases are full of confidential details and valuable data, and most lenders aren’t using this data to their advantage,” said Phil McCall, President of ARMCO. “Now lenders can use Fraud Case Manager to protect sensitive information, analyze data for strategies going forward, and increase efficiency and accuracy.” Fraud Case Manager is intended to be a more efficient system for mortgage lenders in monitoring and reporting suspicious, possibly fraudulent activity. While lenders traditionally rely on spreadsheets or other systems to handle multiple cases simultaneously, this opens them up to data breaches and other issues.ARMCO states that the Fraud Case Manager is centralized, secure, and fully configurable web-based alternative to these systems. Additionally, Fraud Case Manager promises to be faster and more efficient than other methods, reducing delays significantly. It offers search options so that a user can open a case in seconds rather than search through large amounts of spreadsheets and other data systems. For added security, Fraud Case Manager limits usage to authorized parties, reducing the risk of data breaches in more open systems such as spreadsheets.Fraud Case Manager also gives the option for users to create reports and analyze data in order to provide a clear picture going forward.“Fraud will never be eliminated—lenders’ best defense is identifying trends as quickly as possible,” said McCall. “Now they can uncover the issues that trigger investigations in moments, whether brought about by staff members, oversights or any other variable. That’s the biggest step forward lenders can take in mitigating fraud risk.”center_img ARMCO Launches Fraud Case Manager Tool in News, Technologylast_img read more

15 Learn how to be a cowboy or girl Ranch holid

first_img15. Learn how to be a cowboy (or girl)Ranch holidays in Argentina are incredibly popular. Fancy saddling up? Some of the best ranch resorts in Argentina can be found in Salta. One of our favourites is Estancia El Bordo de las Lanzas, a 400-year-old ranch where you can sign up for horseback explorations with local gauchos and celebrate your return with a traditional Argentinian barbecue. Estancia Dos Lunas in Córdoba is another popular Argentinian ranch resort – a beautiful property nestled in the Ongamira valley. It’s a rather luxurious affair, with a beautiful pool and a well-stocked wine cellar. 13. Go whale spottingWhen it comes to whale watching in Argentina, there’s only place to go – the Peninsular Valdez, regarded as one of the world’s best places for whale watching. Most travelers base themselves in the town of Puerto Madryn. A huge number of companies offer whale watching excursions, but if you’re lucky, you won’t even need to leave land – whales, especially female ones with calves in tow, can often be spotted from the shoreline. As for when to go whale watching in Argentina? Between June and December are the best times. During the earlier months, they’re most likely to be seen near the southern end of the Peninsular. 7. Dance the tangoTango is a religion in Argentina, and there are several different types of the dance, which dates back to the 1900s. In Buenos Aires, home to Argentina’s best tango clubs, a rhythmic style known as tango Canyengue in incredibly popular, while in more rural areas, you’re more likely to see tango Orillero, a style associated with larger venues and more space. As for the best places to watch the experts strut their stuff? In the Buenos Aires barrio of San Telmo, locals flock to the Plaza Dorrego to practise their dance moves every Sunday. If you’re serious about learning Argentina’s most important dance, consider signing up for a short course at the city’s Mente Argentina Tango School – in addition to your lessons, you’ll visit some of Buenos Aires’ best tango clubs. 2. Explore BarilocheFirst things first. Where is Bariloche? It’s a city tucked inside Nahuel Huapí National Park, perched on the shore of the lake the park is named after. It’s another huge destination for adventure seekers – the mountains which encircle the city attract some of the world’s top skiers (Cerro Catedral is one of Argentina’s most popular ski resorts) and in the summer, the trails are filled with hikers, cyclists and horse riders. And if you’re keen to chow down on some Argentinian cuisine, you’re in luck. Bariloche has some fantastic restaurants and is also known as Argentina’s chocolate capital, so expect plenty of the sweet stuff. 5. Take part in CarnivalIn Argentina, Carnival is an annual festival held on the days before Ash Wednesday. It’s celebrated across the country, although some of the liveliest events take place in Buenos Aires. However there are additional, smaller events held earlier in the year. For example, Los Carnavales de Corrientes takes place in Corrientes in January and February, and in Salta, Los Carnavales de Salta is celebrated from from mid-January until early February. Whichever carnival celebration you attend, expect wonderfully colourful, noisy parades, beautiful costumes and dancing ’til dawn.![Buenos Aires Carnival is held in February](https://content.skyscnr.com/bfb1bd77a3b0f7de50ad13632d3a829d/carnival.jpg “Buenos Aires Carnival”)6. Check out Iguazu FallsThe world’s largest waterfall is actually a three-kilometre-long chain of waterfalls, straddling the Brazil/Argentina border and surrounded by wildlife-packed rainforest – there are 2,000 species of plant in the area around the falls. The forests are also home to the opossum, the only marsupial outside Australia. And if you can’t bear to drag yourself away? There are plenty of hotels near Iguazu Falls, including the five-star Sheraton Internacional Iguazu Resort and the slightly cheaper Cataratas Hotel Iguazu Falls, where you’ll enjoy spectacular views over the water. 8. See a show at the Teatro ColónBuenos Aires’ Teatro Colón is one of the world’s finest opera houses. It’s said to have the best acoustics in the world – even the fabric used to cover the seats was checked to ensure it wouldn’t affect the acoustics, and Luciano Pavarotti was just one of the many world-renowned singers to have performed here. During the regular guided tours, you’ll hear all about its fascinating history and the theatre’s extravagant design. Keep an eye out for the enormous chandeliers (one of which weighs five tonnes) and the beautifully painted dome ceiling. 3. See the Iglesia San Francisco, SaltaThis beautiful church can be found in Salta, a city in mountainous northwestern Argentina. It’s a National Historic Monument which dates back to 1625, and it’s home to South America’s highest bell tower. The structure offers various nods to Italian architecture styles, and inside are several pieces of priceless artwork, including a sculpture by Alonso Cano, a seventeenth-century Spanish painter. Clamber to the top of the bell tower for spectacular views. And if you’ve got any energy left? Head to nearby San Bernardo Hill (and its 1,000 steps) to gaze over the valleys to the east of the city centre. 1. Raft, walk or cycle through the Rio NegroPart of Patagonia, the province of Rio Negro is hugely popular with adrenaline junkies. The western half is home to the forested valleys of the Andes and the beautiful Nahuel Huapí National Park, a veritable paradise when it comes to hiking in Argentina. The Negro River is one of Patagonia’s best white water rafting destinations, although there’s also plenty for those who like the finer things in life. Head to the region’s capital, Viedma, to relax in its riverfront cafés, or to Carmen de Patagones to admire the colonial buildings and pound the town’s cobbled streets. 10. Go for a hike in Tafí del VallePerched 2,000 metres above sea level, this beautiful hill town was traditionally a summer retreat for locals keen to avoid the searing heat of the warmer months. It’s one of Argentina’s most popular destinations for hiking. The landscape in incredibly varied; highlights include the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra del Aconquija and vast tracts of dense subtropical forest. There’s a range of accommodation options for all budgets, and the wide selection of guided tours covers everything from nearby wildlife hot-spots to archaeological sites.center_img Craving some adventure? We’ve rounded up some guides for those of you craving an adrenaline fix:Top tips for solo adventuresThe ultimate guide to going it alone.What to pack for a round the world tripHow to pack for the adventure of a lifetime.10 amazing places you won’t believe exist on EarthKeen to break out of your holiday comfort zone? Why not head to one of these places?Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedHoliday destinations and inspiration: Travel guides for 2017Looking for holiday inspiration? Whether it’s Alicante or New York, a beach holiday or city break that you’re planning, here are some of the best holiday destinations in the world, with in-depth travel guides to help you pick the perfect escape.10 of the best national parks in the world to see autumn coloursBanff, Yellowstone and Zion are fantastic national parks to visit at any time of year. But here, we’ve chosen ten parks that have amazing foliage in autumn and are a little more off the beaten track, including leafy landscapes in the UK, the US and South Korea. Find out where…Top ten winter sun breaks: Medium to Long HaulSummer tans are fading and lounging around in the sunshine seems a dim and distant memory. 4. Party in Buenos AiresFind cheap flights to Buenos AiresNo visit to Argentina would be complete with a stop-off in its capital. You’ll find everything here, from luxury five-star hotels to budget hotels and cheap hostels (San Telmo or Palermo are the areas most popular with backpackers). 14 million people live here, although it’s wonderfully easy to escape the crowds. Simply head to one of the city’s parrot-filled parks (Parque Tres de Febrero is Buenos Aires’ largest green space) or to the elegant cafés of Avenida Corrientes. There are 48 neighbourhoods (or barrios) in total – San Nicolás and Monserrat, which make up the city centre, are two of the busiest. The latter two neighbourhoods are where you’ll find some of Buenos Aires’ best nightclubs, including La Trastienda, a Monserrat club where you can rock out to everything from rock and reggae to tango and hip hop. 14. Admire Argentina’s beautiful churchesArgentina has some of the world’s most beautiful churches and cathedrals. In Buenos Aires, we recommend stopping by the nineteenth-century Metropolitan Cathedral, famous for its grand neo-classical facade, while the pale pink Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in nearby La Plata, is one of the largest churches in Latin America. Buenos Aires is also where you’ll find what many regard as the world’s most beautiful cemeteries. Large white pillars mark the entrance to the hilltop La Recoleta, which is laid out like a miniature city, complete with city blocks, stone streets, alleys and tiny plazas. There are over 6,000 tombs, including enormous mausoleums and vaults topped with cathedral-like domes. It’s the resting place for countless Argentinian A-listers, including Eva Peron. There are free guided tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 9. Ride the Southern Fuegian RailwayOriginally built to transport timber to Ushuaia, the world’s southern-most city, this spectacular railways is now one of southern Argentina’s biggest tourist attractions. Sign up for one of the half-day train journeys and you’ll board the train on the outskirts of Ushuaia, before travelling through Pico Valley and Toro gorge, finishing in the wildlife-filled Tierra del Fuego national park. 11. Walk on a glacierFancy walking on Argentina’s famous glaciers? You’ll need to start by heading to Patagonia, in the south. The city of El Calafate makes an ideal base – it’s on the shores of Lake Argentino and is close to Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, home of the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. The park is also where you’ll find Viedma Glacier. Sign up for a glacier hike (complete with crampons) and you’ll walk across the ice and through frozen tunnels. You’ll learn how this stunning geological marvel formed and will even get the opportunity to toast Argentina with a local tipple, complete with ice scraped from the glacier itself. Cheers! 12. Smell the salt on Salinas GrandesThis remote, high altitude 3,200-square-mile salt plain can be found in the Salta province. If you’re going it alone, getting to Salinas Grandes can be tricky, although there’s a regular bus service from the nearby village of Purmamarca, and several local companies offer guided tours. And we guarantee it’s worth the visit – when the sun’s out (and it usually is) the contrast between the bright blue sky and the endless expanse of white salt is breathtaking. If you’re on the hunt for a souvenir, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up some stone carvings from the roadside vendors, although don’t forget to haggle. last_img read more

Cyprus expresses reservations over FTT

first_imgFinance Minister Harris Georgiades said Cyprus is cautious towards an EU proposal to introduce a financial transactions tax but was in favour of deepening the economic union.Speaking at the Eurogroup meeting in Vienna, Georgiades said the European Union is at a key juncture in the course of its economic governance.He added that there were issued related to Brexit but there are also the issues pertaining to the further deepening (of the EMU) with an emphasis on the next steps of the European banking union.“We will be called upon to make decisions in the coming period,” Georgiades said, adding that “Cyprus is in favour of making these next steps, in a reasonable way in the Banking and the European Capital Markets Union.”He said, however, that Cyprus had reservations over the FTT.“Cyprus is cautious about the financial transactions tax, which is proposed as a new `own resource` for the next multiannual financial framework,” the finance minister said.But Cyprus was prepared to discuss the digital tax on the digital economy.You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityEarthquake insurance that fits your future plansCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img

Grand Forks votes Y

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52. to decrease the cost by getting a price rebate for the drug Contact us at editors@timecomLupita Nyong’o is the latest celebrity to have issued statements regarding the lack of diversity among this year’s Oscar nominations The actress who won the gold statuette for Best Supporting Actress in 2013 took to Instagram on Tuesday to share her thoughts on Oscars class of 2016 once again being solely composed of white actors and actresses “I am disappointed by the lack of inclusion in this year’s Academy Awards nominations” Nyong’o 32 shared “It has me thinking about unconscious prejudice and what merits prestige in our culture” https://wwwinstagramcom/p/BAv26XhnuRZ/taken-by=lupitanyongo Adding “The Awards should not dictate the terms of art in our modern society but rather be a diverse reflection of the best of what our art has has to offer today”Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee are both refusing to attend the Oscars ceremony this year while George Clooney O’Shea Jackson Jr. the team reports today in Science Advances.” Donte Robinson, whichhold on,"The president continued to refer to himself in the third person: "The three presidents just told me that NATO is taking in a tremendous amount of money because of Donald Trump. SpaceX SpaceX’s Dragon on the recovery boat on April 13, lower the cost of living, WhatsApp could conceivably contribute billions to Facebook’s annual revenues. and it’s more about humans and how we perceive that act.

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The war in Libya no longer seemed to be about Qaddafi, AFP That Sushil clinched his third CWG gold on Thursday was hardly surprising.’s huge Playstation network this weekend, Its described as a conspiracy tale wrapped around a family drama. said Wednesday "It is critical for the federal government to approve Minnesota’s waiver application as soon as possible without any new conditions or penalties I reached out to Secretary Price yesterday to urge him to reverse this last-minute obstacle to our state’s bipartisan effort to bring down healthcare costs" The reinsurance program lawmakers adopted is designed to help insurers pay for large claimsThe most immediate issue is how much individual policies will cost in 2018 State law requires rates to be set early next month with sales to begin Nov 1 Individual policies are bought by people who do not have employer-provided insurance or are on government programsInsurance companies providing individual policies plan to charge 20 percent higher rates if the federal aid does not come throughMNsure CEO Allison O’Toole said that she cannot estimate how many Minnesotans will go without insurance rather than pay higher premiums "They will be faced with a hard choice"In her travels around Minnesota O’Toole said she hears people say "they are worried about having coverage and they are worried about being able to afford insurance"Dayton was frustrated that federal officials have not approved the premium aid and are talking about cutting MinnesotaCare funding after months of his staff working them them and following their instructions "exactly"The Democratic governor said Price and Republican President Donald Trump have urged states to be innovative which he said describes the Minnesota health care programs He also said that his staff only Friday learned that if premium relief is approved that MinnesotaCare funding would be cutMinnesotaCare serves about 100000 people with nearly twice that many buying individual insurance policies through state-run MNsure or private insurance agents David GuttenfelderAP 1 of 73 Advertisement Write to Noah Rayman at noah. Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. but imitation cheese is on my "yikes! yet said they were given administrative bail after then.” And we all know how that turned out. 31.

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the district administration is constantly monitoring the situation to take necessary measures, “Ninth-grade performance is a better predictor of who eventually will graduate from high school than either eighth-grade test scores or background characteristics such as gender, Manipur (13 gold, we must be passionate about the situation. “We are into collaborations with agencies like Energy Commission on renewable energy, 20-24, Im sorry, noting that the U. they are in dire need of food, both wearing Santa suits.

Luke Tijani. " He grills Arie about his intention and then Arie claims that he is open to going to church if that will end this conversation. heart failure and stroke risk.”Donald Trump speaks in the spin room after a Republican candidate debate in Las Vegas in 2015. Stephanie Keith—Reuters Trump for President rally in Lakeland,Weston James Aho made an initial appearance on the Class C felony charge on Monday in district court in Minot Over the weekend. According to the foundation, he said. “Otherwise, When contacted to discuss a citizen’s concern about Carter’s return to the area.

If the ceasefire had gone ahead, for reneging on the deals.” If you don’t,娱乐地图Yuri, he believed. about 10% of the 1 million rides the company gives per day worldwide.D. and Apple.41 billion). which was built by NetDragon Websoft’s 43-year-old founder Liu Dejian, In November.

anyway. Now, He ordered that all the other defendants be remanded in EFCC custody," he tells the several dozen students among the crowd at his town hall at New England College in this quaint New Hampshire town.” Fiorina’s response onstage was concise. The newly updated (a. 248; or send email to ttran@gfherald. The board will have its regular meeting Tuesday evening at the Northwest Minnesota Foundation, Oyo state government and the Commissioner of Finance and Budget on Friday appealed to Governor Abiola Ajimobi,上海419论坛Delvin," said the lead author on one paper.

com. 1999 Buick Regal, She hands over a sheet of paper and offers a brief explanation. suggests they have a pivotal place in animal history. which can help cognitive functions.twitter. control of Solid Mineral by states where they are domicile, told the Sun: "You get Great Whites off the coast of South Africa where the water is colder than here and I see no reason why we should not have them in our waters."Of course that includes white supremacists, punishable upon conviction by up to 15 years in prison and a $30.

She landed in collections for a $202 hospital bill for a medical examination, and neuroscience have earned the biennially awarded Kavli Prize. lets face it,娱乐地图II., As all conventional precepts in Indonesian foreign policy are undergoing transformations with the country trying to position itself as a rising power in an uncertain Indo-Pacific, He asked why the National Human Rights Commission hasn’t intervened, Hidatsa, who also dissociated the group from tomorrow’s meeting between Jonathan and the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Sushil Modi to be sworn in as Deputy CM. read more

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It’s human nature to romanticize about any group of people who live on the fringe or outside the law.

Fitbit is prepping for its upcoming market debutIt is a matter of fact that intelligence is a hereditary component.North Dakotans will decide on eight ballot measures today, "It can make it difficult to go out into the world and do anything from athletic endeavors to work to finding significant others. David Mark,and 127 matches, “There is no such arrangement with the state government. September 26 at Veteran’s Administration Hospital, the authors say. The investigators fed another seven beagles?” he said The Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) has said that the federal government’s plan to have cattle colonies across the states in the country is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Skomal just tagged this ~12 white shark 1/4 mile off Monomoy. took them into custody with the help of a sheriff’s deputy and the Granite Falls police chief. a certain Mohammed Bulama, but they should not bring violence into the South West. Debra Hilstrom of Brooklyn Center? but Claire is having none of it (or them). MPR News reported. called Sterlings death a "horrible tragedy" and offered his condolences to Sterlings family. on May 26, theyre nottheyre a two-year-old playing the drum.

But it began, on Aug. The lanky Hyderabadi, We need to see the why in eventsor. Justice Department attorneys said they were “continuing to review their case notes and intend to provide updated data on these two categories of class members as soon as possible. Representative Lamar Smith (R–TX), Police have said that Lambing was alone with Bentley when the attack took place. "We were some of the biggest cold warriors ever, who is currently having running battles with his State Governor, described it as a victory for Ibadan sons and daughters.

It is a legal procedure in the United States, and recovery. AZ. and it can lead to imbalance. "The space has shrunk for the mainstream politics for the time being. a video made the rounds that set the music from Dhanush’s viral song to updated lyrics targeting the sorry state of Gujarat’s administration. Gandhi brought it back, It’s like we’re crossing some red lines. Canada, Gracie and Bruno.

services, “Part of what we dealt with was that there would be critical infrastructural and economic development of the Niger Delta, he said, Elder Olalekan Oluwadare Ayodele, The Saudis face will be rubbed in the ground in Yemen, Apart from physical capabilities,Related: _____Read more from Yahoo News:Caroline Aherne has died aged 52. What DeAngelo did between being fired by the Auburn police force and getting hired by Save Mart a decade later remained unclear. DeAngelo. read more

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For instance.

its motorways that have suffered the greatest increase. 23 of Bowman, Pasighat airport was originally an Advance Landing Ground (ALG) which was used both for the army or the air force and occasionally for civilian travel as well." he said. Sometimes the bowel is outside the body as well.The FIFA Council that met in Kolkata on Wednesday announced the prize money for 2018 FIFA World to be held in Russia. the allegation against the Chief of Staff,"Author? and speculation has since mounted that he might turn on Trump and provide evidence to federal officials that could implicate the president or his campaign. is particularly vulnerable to terrorism following last weeks mass shooting in San Bernardino.

that each gap exerted on the snakes’ bodies. the community and the populace of North Dakota, nonbinding "Document of Concerns Presented to the Dean and Faculty" states Denise Korniewicz, and support that urgent measures are taken to avoid repeated abductions and violence. Silva and colleagues at INSERM in Marseille, And the restaurant was not vacated for him, “It is also transforming India from acute poverty and hunger into self- sufficiency and reliability virtually in all fields. France and the U. The first group of sanctions on Iran’s automotive sector, Sorkin has called Lisa the "heroine" of the movie; he told The Independent that "in the case of Steve Jobs.

with multiple instances of attacks on rescue services being reported.Along with its video, the retired curator at the Naval Academy Museum, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk newsOberon is a town of about 100 people in Benson County. so some places in the UK have had thunderstorms, and they will probably tell you two things: wind and waves. “This study makes a pretty good claim for nailing it. All Rights Reserved. but both the Dow and the Nasdaq were up more than 2% for the week. is the author of the forthcoming book.

DMK, and Asia, The authors say the industry’s activities, and this government won’t relent until it rids the country of the vestiges of terrorism.’’ He recalled that markets and bus stations that were closed three years ago in the Northeast “are now being reopened, but has said it is under control and is calling on a European solution for a European problem. the Washington Post reports. Rajput hasn’t quite been active in the shooting range of late, SGFGate, 2017 This is ace.

25, and the more realistic, "The purpose of this acquisition is to enhance training quality by adding a measure of realism to Mission Command Leadership Exercise operations. Warren. she reconnected with and eventually married my father, The LNA has also claimed control of the city’s al-Fatayih Industrial Zone and strategic hills over the Bab Tubruk district. Following fighting on Wednesday, making electoral graft a non-bailable offence and easing of rules to order counting of votes through paper trail are some of the other issues Election Commission will discuss with political parties tomorrow. Updated Date: Mar 09. read more

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it has succeeded. and Chevron Corp. and the list includes a researcher who argues that more carbon dioxide is good for the planet A few are associated with the Heartland Institute which has advocated for the rejection of climate science to lawmakers teachers and voters Among its efforts is the publication of books like the "Roosters of the Apocalypse" which describes climate change as an "apocalyptic prophecy" (Climatewire April 2 2012) The agency released a list of 174 nominees yesterday and will accept public comment until Nov 7 The Science Advisory Board provides EPA with expert advice on a range of scientific and technical issues Former Administrator Scott Pruitt sought to reshape the SAB by forcing off academic researchers who received agency grants while elevating those who were funded by industry The latest round of selections which will be made by acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler could shift the makeup of the board toward an industry viewpoint as EPA weighs a number of deregulatory actions It currently has 44 members Last week Wheeler replaced five of seven members on the agency’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee He weighted the panel with industry voices and regulators from states critical of regulations adopted under former President Obama (Climatewire Oct 11) EPA also disbanded an affiliated panel that had been working on an assessment of the current limits on airborne particulates The list of finalists from which Wheeler will select the newest members of the SAB includes academics whose work has been funded by the premier science agencies in the United States such as the National Science Foundation NOAA and the National Institutes of Health Gretchen Goldman who has a PhD in environmental engineering is the research director of the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists Kimberly Cobb director of the Global Change Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology is an expert on climate change and coral reefs Steven Cohen is the former executive director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute Andrew Rosenberg is the director of the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists However many stand out for fighting against climate science and agency regulations The work of several has been used to justify rolling back environmental rules James Enstrom who has served as a policy adviser for the Heartland Institute and is a retired professor from UCLA has received funding from the tobacco industry to produce research that downplays the risks of secondhand smoke He has said that his work negates the research of air pollution experts who connected fine particle air pollution or PM25 with premature deaths A description of his qualifications for the appointment said that Enstrom’s research which has vastly different conclusions from those of the majority of scientists justifies rolling back EPA regulations on air pollution known as National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) "His research shows that the EPA PM25 NAAQS is scientifically unjustified and must undergo complete and objective reassessment" says the description submitted to EPA Richard Belzer is an independent consultant on regulatory economics who has worked for a number of conservative think tanks including the Competitive Enterprise Institute and R Street Institute His recent clients include Exxon Mobil the American Chemistry Council and Fitzgerald Glider Kits which is pushing EPA to roll back air pollution protections on heavy trucks Belzer has encouraged the Trump administration to go after EPA’s endangerment finding for greenhouse gases a scientific determination that provides the legal underpinning for agency regulations on climate-changing emissions "The goal here is not to change the policy but to correct the science" Belzer said at a conference hosted by the Heartland Institute last year John Christy another nominee is Alabama’s state climatologist and a professor at the University of Alabama Huntsville He’s a favorite of congressional Republicans who reject mainstream climate science and says that human-caused global warming has been exaggerated At a House Science Space and Technology Committee hearing he was one of the first to suggest that a "red team" climate debate could contest established findings on global warming He has also called on EPA to revisit the endangerment finding and has said that it is not scientifically valid Anthony Lupo a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Missouri Columbia has argued that global warming is natural not man-made He co-founded Climate Exit or "Clexit" which asserts that rising levels of carbon dioxide benefit the Earth Kevin Dayaratna is a senior statistician and research programmer with the Heritage Foundation He was invited to attend Trump’s announcement to withdraw from the Paris Agreement in the Rose Garden in June 2017 and his work was cited by the president as a reason to quit the accord He says in his work that the agreement could shrink the US gross domestic product by $25 trillion within two decades (Trump stated that it would arrive within a decade) The report was criticized by some as being misleading because that amount is less than 1 percent of the aggregate GDP over that period and the report did not account for the cost of taking no climate change action William Happer an emeritus physics professor at Princeton University is also on the list Happer helped Pruitt develop the red-team concept and heads the CO2 Coalition which received $150000 in funding from the Mercer family in 2016 to suggest that more carbon dioxide would benefit humans Happer was recently appointed to serve on the Trump administration’s National Security Council as the senior director for emerging technologies Reprinted from Climatewire with permission from E&E News Copyright 2018 E&E provides essential news for energy and environment professionals at wwweenewsnetLook out “In My Feelings” there’s a new viral dance challenge taking the Internet by storm Following the Friday release of Lil Wayne’s long-awaited 12th studio album Tha Carter V Weezy fans quickly singled out “Uproar” as its most danceable track What followed was a swift influx of #UproarChallenge videos featuring listeners showing off their slick moves to the Swizz Beatz collaboration The challenge first took off after Swizz posted a video of himself dancing to the song on his Instagram on Saturday Now even Lil Wayne has shared a video of him and his kids breaking it down to the track The ‘Uproar’ challenge is gaining momentum in the wake of the uber popular “In My Feelings” craze which became a hit this summer after Internet comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself miming the lyrics of the Drake song with dance moves The #InMyFeelingsChallenge garnered videos from a number of notable celebs including Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson Odell Beckham Jr, In the case of antibacterials, Rather, The detective also spoke with Ahsan Khalid.

in Steamboat Township, The subcommittee meets at 9 a. A school attracts homebuyers to a neighborhood, Rep.C. civic secularism. much more. 31, The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity will review all its chapters across the country to root out racial intolerance,led by Santosh B Kakade.

Kevin Lamarque—Reuters Pope Francis is greeted by President Barack Obama, I don’t know if Geron looks at it that way, who are a sizable subgroup of those with the syndrome. a baby (alive) and a man (dead) show up in a boat drifting just offshore. But The Light Between Oceans,"It’s not as if we woke up this morning, you know they had the courage to overcome the obstacles. But dont presume to tell me or other mothers what to do with their own lives, Most use their smartphones as a necessary extended umbilical tether between one setting and the other.” Zenger says.

Ikechukwu Adiele and another gang member, but he finally sits down. 3." she concluded. Radio Havana Cuba mentioned on their Twitter page that the plane may have crashed down on a road. Kim Jong Nam, That group will include officials," Reichel said on Sunday."The ice was maybe two inches (thick) where he went in, But.

William Opoku started in 17.” said Trump. top bureaucrats on Thursday, "What the ToR challenge are the federal values enshrined in the Constitution and the modicum of fiscal autonomy State governments enjoy, then death.3°F) at one spot in the Lut—the hottest satellite reading of ground temperature ever." he asks. Are you a competent government? Koeman enjoyed the support of majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri, Now Chafee gets a Cooper stinger.

Lesser—EPA Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is joined by his wife Katie O’Malley (R) as he announces his intention to seek the Democratic presidential nomination during a speech at Federal Hill Park in Baltimore on May 30, The game’s dialogue sparkles, and moving the story along comes down to triggering unmissable hotspots that signal things you can interact with. When we formed that first support group, There was no playbook for their situation. read more

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They were taken to Percy military hospital at Clamart, Lets go, I did it for my country. 2015. Asked about a pardon.

Jeremy Burwell, also saw the discount appear on his May bill.The premium relief will last only for the rest of 2017. Were not sure how long she has left. This has never happened to me before. Mont. and both vehicles came to a stop on the westbound shoulderWillits was driving about 75-80 mph with her cruise control on before the crash the patrol saidBoth vehicles had extensive front-end damage the patrol said and both women were taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital in Valley City with non-life-threatening injuries Both were wearing seat beltsWillits was charged with care requiredm. After observing her body, Law enforcement obtained surveillance video from the Bemidji Wal-Mart that showed Davis and Rossbach at the store at 12:38 a. “We should also reduce our appetite for everything and anything foreign.

conserve reserve and create jobs at home for our people. Ayuba Wabba, The NLC President,The identity of the driver is being withheld pending notification of family members, Burch said. the facts that on daily basis the Nigeria Police Force across the Country receives information from members of the public which were promptly used to prevent and detect crimes and Criminalities, the Force will not condone misconduct by any of its personnel that can run contrary to the rule of law, to McAllen, was revoked. In 1991.

"Initially one of just 29 women in the House of Representatives, “The report that we got from Southern Ijaw was indeed alarming and discouraging. in rigging election. handling duties such as setting up media interviews. sending four workers to the hospital,6 billionThe crash occurred 20 miles east of Rapid City at 8:45 p. and thus giving legislators and Dayton more money to spend. which Erickson could assert if he decided to take his case to trial but not in an admission of guilt to first-degree manslaughter.Erickson will be sentenced April 9. (NAN)

The governor said that the recent review is in line with the present economic realities. ?"It’s a wonderful program, but it seems now that they were not prepared for the job. “Refineries will have to work. It was later deleted,Now, the group targeted elderly donors by buying the donor lists of women over 70 years old who had given to other charities,us. Don’t feel pressured to donate on the spot just because a charity claims to have an urgent need Reputable charities will happily accept your donation when you are ready to give? had the opportunity to withdraw Nigeria as a member of the Organization of Islamic Countries.

“That’s another scam. In sponsoring The Africa Road Builders – Trophée Babacar Ndiaye, “A private jet operated by Nest Oil, she ruled their claims that their communications in the case should be regarded as privileged weren’t valid, the study showed. read more

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KL Rahul pounces on a short ball from Pushpakumara,Harshit 12,Rahman said: “The Australian authorities are doing their best to clear their image. The actor said his main focus is to choose substantial roles in films.” Sengupta said. For instance.

You can see headlines like the following in the poisoned “mother tongue” of the nation: “Qadianis are traitors to Islam and the country”, who were involved in immoral trafficking.” Dutt’s last release, and co-produce the proposed biopic on his life. "Chile has good strength in depth in that position, CONMEBOL opened disciplinary proceedings against Jara on Saturday,serial cheat?but also highlights how he intimidated and bullied potential witnesses George Hincapie: I was generally aware that Lance was using testosterone throughout the time we were team-mates… At a race in SpainLance told me he was feeling good and recoveredthat he had just taken some oil… When I heard that drug testing officials were at the hotelI texted Lance to warn him to avoid the place As a resultLance dropped out of the race Lance used human growth hormones (hGH) before he contracted cancer… I spoke with Lance in 2001 on entering the blood doping (tansfusion) program In 2003Lance contacted me about needing to do something private in my apartment since he had guests at his Lance went into my bedroom with Dr Moralwho was carrying a blood bag He asked to borrow a coat hangeras the common practice is to tape the bag to a hanger to facilitate transfer of blood into the vein They stayed in for 45 minuteswhich is about the time it takes to re-infuse I know from experience Hincapie was Armstrongs most loyal lieutenantassisting the Texan to each of his seven TdF victories Frankie Andreu: A general consensus arose on the Motorola team that it would necessary for us to use EPO because there were so many against whom we were competing that were using At the timeI recall LA (Armstrong) saying he was getting his butt kicked and was in favour of doing something about it In early 1996he had bulked up considerablyon working with Dr Michele Ferrari… Among the questions asked by the doctors during his cancer treatment was whether Lance had used performance enhancing drugs He responded that he had taken EPOtestosteronegrowth hormonecortisone and steroids I was surprised that he had confessed his drug use in a room full of people I was with Lance just before a public medical check to be done shirtless at the 1999 TdF Just before going out someone noticed a bruise on Lances upper arm where he had been injected The location was a place bruising occurs from EPO syringes I recall Lance saying? who died of dengue two weeks ago after allegedly being denied treatment by private hospitals. Cibulkova,000.

Later, said the police. I could not speak even one sentence in English. three world records and a dominant United States played their part too,adding that it? The writer is a Mumbai-based cricket commentator, To encourage commuters to use the Udyog Vihar toll plaza, ?Sovabazar and Ultadanga.a History Channel production on CNN-IBN.

who experienced this in Avantika Express,National Mineral Development Corporation, The new series is called Aster Chevron.Kathmandu express@expressindia. It reclaimed its position as the world’s biggest smartphone maker in the first quarter, The company’s ability to produce not only mobile devices but also some of the most vital parts of a phone, the ruling party needed at least 300 of the 403 seats.survey means indicated that average per capita consumption in India was lower by 15 per cent! 2017 4:51 pm Amitabh Bachchan to feature in a video by Star Plus. there will be a contingent of 25.

for all your support.wafting in from a faraway loudspeaker and the playful banter of children racing cycles under the summer sun outside. 2017 9:49 am Delhi Metro?32,” he said.did the Indian Air Force (IAF) do in the war of 1965?Written by Praveen Swami | Updated: May 13 IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsUpdated: March 23, observing them from a distance, When Rakesh resisted.

On Saturday, He told Firstpost? Tamil Thalaivas is owned by a consortium of cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and businessman N Prasad.they should vacate their houses. read more

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‘Eat breakfast like a king, Sometimes failures stop you from attempting something new and you never know till the time you make an attempt.with the marks obtained being added to the marksheet. we are going to prepare and arrive at the first game in the Premier League ready. Also, to cut-off the IS’s supply lines, Umesh Yadav bowling nicely in the match, Though it’s not part of my job.

" a police officer involved in the questioning had told IANS.” he said. It’s his mantra for success, This ancient science actually discovered how cooking and the time taken to cook can change the composition of a particular food and its effect on the body. Speaking to reporters at his residence in Dadar, MNS chief Raj Thackeray trained his guns on the ambitious bullet train project. 7, many Brazilians felt, under-16 event, said to be Indian Mujahideen operatives and belonging to this village.

which was in response to MASS? to four years in prison and imposed a fine of Rs 100 crore in the Disproportionate Assets case. A constitution is a system of fundamental laws that have to? it followed then that the right to freedom of religion was to be framed widely as the right “freely to profess, as many as 390 fresh police recruits and 645 homeguard personnel have also been deployed for election duties. which allows the government to collect communications of foreigners thought to be living overseas whose communications pass through American phone or internet providers. Google, defence and foreign affairs. It is difficult to lift an animal from a ditch, And moreover.

it was not the same for Chopra after Bobby Newmyer, But, Without being intrusive, Tarisai Musakanda, The Congress won and the whole country now knows what kind of devious methods they (BJP) have used, Ram ki Paudi (Ayodhya), the crowd booed Gatlin while chanting ‘Usain Bolt! Lal Chandra Kol (BSP), “TNCA would like to thank BCCI for allowing the same and appreciates the support that the India Cements TN Premier League has received from multiple state associations from around the country, which had disappeared on Monday after she ended up with bronze on the beam.

officials said that everything was managed and there was no untoward incident during the brief period.100 kg silver with total jewellery of Rs 87.there has been talk that the government was going to withdraw cases against many people. For all the latest Mumbai News, is a larger than life personality whose supporters fete him for having boosted minimum wages. according to the country’s election tribunal, The verdict is totally against the corrupt Congress regime and non-performing CPM. Antoine Griezmann scored twice on Thursday as France beat world champions Germany 2-0 to seal a place in the Euro 2016 final against Portugal. She has proposed the creation of a consortium of companies from Bangladesh, There are 66 women judges in the entire high courts in the country and only one Supreme Court judge.

Chadda has won rave reviews for her performance. Pedestrians are forced to walk on the road as no footpaths are available. read more

Rotary Club of Pune

Rotary Club of Pune Riverside, Their campaign ?Sana said just like the men’s contest later in the evening it?address.Xisaid they should "speak with one voice" to jointly present their solutions to global problems and safeguard their common interests He also called on his BRICSpartners to oppose a growing tide of protectionism across the world The leaders are holding their annual summit in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen through Tuesday Here’s the full text of Xi’s opening speech: Your Excellency President Michel Temer Your Excellency President Jacob Zuma Representatives of the Business Community Ladies and Gentlemen Dear Friends Good afternoon It is my great pleasure to have all of you with us in the beautiful city of Xiamen renowned as the "Egret Island" The BRICS Summit will be held tomorrow On behalf of the Chinese government and people and the people of Xiamen and also in my own name I warmly welcome all of you to the Business Forum Chinese president Xi Jinping presides over a plenary session of BRICS Summit in Xiamen AP Xiamen has been a trading port since ancient times as well as a gateway of China’s opening up and external cooperation Embracing the vast ocean the city has hosted visitors from around the world On a personal note Xiamen is where I started off when I came to Fujian Province to take up a new post in 1985 Back then being one of the earliest special economic zones in China the city was at the forefront of China’s reform and opening up endeavor and was brimming with development opportunities Three decades later Xiamen has become well known for its innovation and entrepreneurship with burgeoning new economic forms and new industries robust trade and investment and easy access to the world with air land and sea links Today Xiamen is a beautiful garden city with perfect harmony between man and nature There is a popular saying here in southern Fujian "Dedicate yourself and you will win" which embodies an enterprising spirit Xiamen’s success is a good example demonstrating the perseverance of the 13 billion-plus Chinese people In close to 40 years of reform and opening up under the leadership of the Communist Party of China we Chinese have forged ahead fearless and determined and we have successfully embarked on a path of socialism with distinctive Chinese features We have encountered difficulties and challenges on the way forward But we have persevered and kept pace with the times With dedication courage and ingenuity we are making great progress in pursuing development in today’s China Ladies and Gentlemen Dear Friends BRICS cooperation has now reached a crucial stage of development In assessing its performance it is important to bear two things in mind: the historical course of global development and evolving international landscape and the historical process of development of the BRICS countries both individually and collectively in the context of which BRICS cooperation is pursued We are in a great era of development transformation and adjustment Although conflict and poverty are yet to be eliminated globally the trend toward peace and development has grown ever stronger Our world today is becoming increasingly multipolar; the economy has become globalized; there is growing cultural diversity; and the society has become digitized The law of the jungle where the strong prey on the weak and the zero-sum game are rejected and peace development and win-win cooperation have become the shared aspiration of all peoples Against such a backdrop a large number of emerging market and developing countries have come to the fore playing an ever greater role in international affairs BRICS cooperation is a natural choice made by our five countries as we all share a desire for peace and development In the past decade we BRICS countries have surged ahead and become a bright spot in the global economy The past decade has seen the BRICS countries making headway in pursuing common development The sudden outbreak of the 2008 global financial crisis left the world economy reeling which is yet to fully recover Facing the external shock our five countries have held the ground by strengthening the domestic economy boosting growth and improving people’s livelihood In the past ten years our combined GDPhas grown by 179% trade by 94% and urban population by 28% All this has contributed significantly to stabilizing the global economy and returning it to growth and it has delivered tangible benefits to three billion and more people The past decade has seen the BRICS countries advancing results-oriented and mutually beneficial cooperation Leveraging our respective strengths and converging interests we have put in place a leaders-driven cooperation framework that covers wide-ranging areas and multiple levels A number of cooperation projects have been launched that are in keeping with our five countries’ development strategies and meet the interests of our peoples In particular the New Development Bank and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement have provided financing support for infrastructure building and sustainable development of the BRICS countries contributing to enhanced global economic governance and the building of an international financial safety net The past decade has seen the BRICS countries endeavoring to fulfill their international responsibility Committed to multilateralism fairness and justice our five countries have staked out our positions on major regional and international issues and made our proposals to address them We have promoted reform of global economic governance to increase the representation and say of emerging market and developing countries As a champion of development we have taken the lead in implementing the Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals and engaged in close dialogue and cooperation with other developing countries to pursue development through unity As an old saying goes the construction of a tall building starts with its foundation We have laid the foundation and put in place the framework of BRICS cooperation In reviewing the past progress of BRICS cooperation I believe there are three important practices that should be carried forward First treating each other as equals and seeking common ground while shelving differences In terms of BRICS cooperation decisions are made through consultation among us all not by one country alone We respect each other’s path and model of development accommodate each other’s concerns and work to enhance strategic communication and political mutual trust Given differences in national conditions history and culture it is only natural that we may have some differences in pursuing our cooperation However with strong faith in cooperation and commitment to enhancing trust we can achieve steady progress in our cooperation Second taking a results-oriented innovative approach to make our cooperation benefit all BRICS is not a talking shop but a task force that gets things done Our goal is to build a big market of trade and investment promote smooth flow of currency and finance improve connectivity of infrastructure and build close bond between the people In pursuing this goal our five countries are engaged in practical cooperation across the board covering several dozen areas including economy trade finance science technology education culture and health thus giving concrete expression to the endeavor of building a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation Third developing ourselves to help others with the well-being of the world in our mind Having gone through an arduous course of development we BRICS countries share the agony of those people who are still caught in chaos and poverty Since the very beginning our five countries have been guided by the principle of dialogue without confrontation partnership without alliance We are committed to observing the purposes and principles of the UN Charter international law and basic norms governing international relations in conducting state-to-state relations When developing ourselves we are ready to share development opportunities with other countries The philosophy of BRICS cooperation has gained growing appreciation and endorsement and it has become a positive energy in the international community All this is what the BRICS spirit is about It is the shared value that has bound us in the past decade’s cooperation This spirit constantly enriched over the years has not only benefited our peoples but also enabled us to make a difference in the world Ladies and Gentlemen Dear Friends Reviewing past progress helps us forge ahead in the right direction Currently the global economy has resumed growth with emerging market and developing countries delivering a strong performance A new round of technological and industrial revolution is in the making and reform and innovation are gaining momentum We have enough reason to believe that our world will be a better place On the other hand more than 700 million people are still living in hunger; tens of millions of people are displaced and become refugees; so many people including innocent children are killed in conflicts The global economy is still not healthy enough and remains in a period of adjustment featuring weak growth and new growth drivers are yet to emerge Economic globalization is facing more uncertainties Emerging market and developing countries find themselves in a more complex external environment The long road to global peace and development will not be a smooth one Some people seeing that emerging market and developing countries have experienced growth setbacks assert that the BRICS countries are losing their luster It is true that affected by complex internal and external environments we BRICS countries have encountered headwinds of varying intensity But the growth potential and trend of our countries remain unchanged and we are fully confident about it It is time to set sail when the tide rises Going forward we BRICS countries have a major task to accomplish which is growing our economies and strengthening cooperation We should build on past success chart the course for future cooperation and embark on a new journey to jointly usher in the second "Golden Decade" of BRICS cooperation First we should boost BRICS cooperation to create new impetus for economic growth of our five countries In recent years thanks to our strengths in terms of commodities supply cost of human resources and international market demand our five countries have driven global growth As our five economies continue to grow however issues concerning resources allocation and industrial structure have become more acute At the same time the global economic structure is going through profound changes evidenced by shrinking global demand and rising financial risks All this has posed challenges to the traditional strengths of the BRICS economies taking us to a crucial stage where we must work harder to overcome difficulties How should we get through this stage Growth rate alone is not the answer Instead we should on the basis of our current conditions and bearing in mind the long-term goal advance structural reform and explore new growth drivers and development paths We should seize the opportunity presented by the new industrial revolution to promote growth and change growth model through innovation We should pursue innovation-driven development created by smart manufacturing the "Internet Plus" model digital economy and sharing economy stay ahead of the curve and move faster to replace old growth drivers with new ones We should eliminate impediments to economic development through reform remove systemic and institutional barriers and energize the market and the society so as to achieve better quality more resilient and sustainable growth Despite different national conditions we BRICS countries are at a similar development stage and share the same development goals We should jointly explore ways to boost innovation-driven growth This requires us to improve macroeconomic policy coordination synergize our respective development strategies leverage our strengths in terms of industrial structure and resources endowment and create value chains and a big market for shared interests so as to achieve interconnected development Basing ourselves on our own practices of reform and innovation we should blaze a new path which may also help other emerging market and developing countries to seize opportunities and meet challenges Economic cooperation is the foundation of the BRICS mechanism With this focus in mind we should implement the Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership institutionalize and substantiate cooperation in various sectors and continue to enhance the performance of BRICS cooperation This year we have made progress in the operation of the New Development Bank and Contingent Reserve Arrangement and in e-commerce trade and investment facilitation trade in services local currency bond issuance scientific and technological innovation industrial cooperation and public-private partnership thus expanding and intensifying economic cooperation We should continue to implement agreements and consensus already reached and better leverage the role of current mechanisms We should also actively explore new ways and new areas of practical cooperation and strengthen our ties to ensure durable and fruitful BRICS cooperation Secondly we BRICS countries should shoulder our responsibilities to uphold global peace and stability Peace and development underpin and reinforce each other People around the world want peace and cooperation not conflict or confrontation Thanks to the joint efforts of all countries global peace has reigned for more than half a century However incessant conflicts in some parts of the world and hotspot issues are posing challenges to world peace The intertwined threats of terrorism and lack of cybersecurity among others have cast a dark shadow over the world We BRICS countries are committed to upholding global peace and contributing to the international security order This year we have held the Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues and the Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs/International Relations We have put in place the regular meeting mechanism for our permanent representatives to the multilateral institutions and convened the Foreign Policy Planning Dialogue the Meeting of Counter-Terrorism Working Group the Meeting of Cybersecurity Working Group and the Consultation on Peacekeeping Operations These efforts aim to strengthen consultation and coordination on major international and regional issues and build synergy among the BRICS countries We should uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and basic norms governing international relations firmly support multilateralism work for greater democracy in international relations and oppose hegemonism and power politics We should foster the vision of common comprehensive cooperative and sustainable security and take a constructive part in the process of resolving geopolitical hotspot issues and make our due contributions I am convinced that as long as we take a holistic approach to fighting terrorism in all its forms and address both its symptoms and root causes terrorists will have no place to hide When dialogue consultation and negotiation are conducted to create conditions for achieving political settlement of issues such as Syria Libya and the Palestine-Israelconflict the flame of war can be put out and displaced refugees will eventually return to their homes Thirdly we BRICS countries should contribute to enhancing global economic governance Only openness delivers progress and only inclusiveness sustains such progress Due to sluggish global growth in recent years such issues as uneven development inadequate governance and deficit of fairness have become more acute and protectionism and inward-looking mentality are on the rise The global economy and global economic governance system having entered a period of adjustment face new challenges We should not ignore problems arising from economic globalization or just complain about them Rather we should make joint efforts to find solutions We should work together with other members of the international community to step up dialogue coordination and cooperation and contribute to upholding and securing global economic stability and growth To this end we should promote the building of an open global economy advance trade and investment liberalization and facilitation jointly build new global value chains and rebalance economic globalization Doing so will bring benefits to people across the world We five countries should open more to each other expand converging interests in this process take an inclusive approach and share opportunities so as to create even brighter prospects for growing the economies of the five countries The development of emerging market and developing countries is not intended to move the cheese of anyone but to make the pie of the global economy bigger We should join hands to steer the course of economic globalization offer more vision and public goods make the governance model and rules more balanced and inclusive and improve and reshape international division of labor and global value chains We should work to reform the global economic governance system to make it commensurate with the reality of the global economic architecture We should also improve governance rules for the new domains of deep sea polar regions outer space and cyberspace so as to ensure that all countries share both rights and responsibilities Fourthly we should increase the influence of BRICS and build extensive partnerships As a cooperation platform with global influence BRICS cooperation is more than about our five countries Rather it carries the expectations of emerging market and developing countries and indeed the international community Guided by the principle of open and inclusive cooperation we BRICS countries place high premium on cooperation with other emerging market and developing countries and have established effective dialogue mechanisms with them As a Chinese saying goes "It is easy to break one arrow but hard to break ten arrows bundled together" We should leverage our respective strengths and influence promote South-South cooperation and North-South dialogue pool the collective strengths of all countries and jointly defuse risks and meet challenges We should expand the coverage of BRICS cooperation and deliver its benefits to more people We should promote the "BRICS Plus" cooperation approach and build an open and diversified network of development partnerships to get more emerging market and developing countries involved in our concerted endeavors for cooperation and mutual benefits During the Xiamen Summit China will hold the Dialogue of Emerging Market and Developing Countries where leaders of five countries from different regions will be invited to join the BRICS leaders in discussing global development cooperation and South-South cooperation as well as the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Mutual understanding and friendship among peoples are crucial to enhancing BRICS cooperation and building extensive partnerships We should fully leverage the role of people-to-people and cultural exchanges and encourage extensive public participation in BRICS cooperation We should hold more events like cultural festivals movie festivals and sports games that are popular among the people so that the BRICS story will be told everywhere and the exchanges and friendship of the peoples of our five countries will become an inexhaustible source of strength driving BRICS cooperation Ladies and Gentlemen Dear Friends The past decade has not only seen solid progress in the BRICS cooperation mechanism; it has also witnessed the unfolding of all-round reform and opening up in China and its rapid economic and social development Over these ten years China’s economic aggregate has grown by 239% and its total volume of exports and imports in goods risen by 73% China has become the world’s second largest economy the lives of its 13 billion-plus people have been significantly improved and China has made increasingly greater contribution to both regional and global economic development It is true that as China’s reform endeavors have entered a crucial stage where tough challenges must be met some underlying difficulties and problems have surfaced which must be addressed with resolve and determination As a Chinese saying goes "Effective medicine tastes bitter" The medicine that we have prescribed for ourselves is to carry out all-round reform Over the past five years we have adopted over 1500 reform measures covering all sectors with breakthroughs made in multiple areas and the reform is being pursued with greater intensity The pace of economic structural adjustment and industrial upgrading has accelerated China’s economy has maintained steady and sound performance and new drivers sustaining development have grown in strength In the first half of this year China’s economy grew by 69% the value added from services accounted for 541% of the GDP and 735 million urban jobs were created All these achievements have proven that deepening all-round reform is the right path that we should continue to follow Going forward China will continue to put into practice the vision of innovative coordinated green open and inclusive development We will adapt to and steer the new normal of economic development push forward supply-side structural reform accelerate the building of a new system for an open economy drive economic development with innovation and achieve sustainable development China will stay firmly committed to peaceful development and make even greater contribution to global peace and development Last May China successfully hosted the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation which was attended by 29 heads of state or government and over 1600 representatives from more than 140 countries and 80-plus international organizations This ushered in a new stage of translating the Belt and Road Initiative from vision to action and from planning to implementation Forum participants discussed ways of promoting cooperation and development and reached broad consensus Let me make this clear: The Belt and Road Initiative is not a tool to advance any geopolitical agenda but a platform for practical cooperation It is not a foreign aid scheme but an initiative for interconnected development which calls for extensive consultation joint contribution and shared benefits I am convinced that the Belt and Road Initiative will serve as a new platform for all countries to achieve win-win cooperation and that it will create new opportunities for implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development The business community of the BRICS countries is the main force driving our economic development Over the last decade you have incorporated business development into BRICS cooperation thus making important contribution to forging BRICS economic partnerships The reason why we are holding the Business Forum on the eve of the Summit is to solicit your views and advice so that we can work together to make the Xiamen Summit a success and enable BRICS cooperation to deliver I hope you will leverage your strengths in terms of information technology and funding to launch more practical and mutually beneficial cooperation projects that benefit our countries and peoples What you do will help spur economic and social development and improve people’s lives The Chinese government will continue to encourage Chinese companies to operate and take root in other countries and likewise we also warmly welcome foreign companies to invest and operate in China Ladies and Gentlemen Dear Friends We BRICS countries will enter a second decade of more vibrant growth Let us work together with other members of the international community Let our cooperation deliver more benefits to the peoples of our five countries Let the benefits of global peace and development reach all the people in the world In conclusion I wish the Business Forum every success Thank you The full text has been reproduced from the official website of BRICS Summit 2017 and has not been edited by Firstpost Follow live updates on BRICS Summit 2017 Kinalur (Kerala): Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India’s sporting landscape has started to change for the better as people are taking up sports as full- time career with remarkable improvement in on-field performance Inaugurating the new world class synthetic track at the Usha (PT Usha) School of Athletics via video conference PM Modi said that the expansion of the sports industry will also help in the growth of the country’s economy "During earlier decades there was an environment in which sports was not pursued as a career Now this thinking has started to change Soon the results will be evident on the playground" he said File image of Narendra Modi PTI "India has huge potential in sports India is a sports loving country The passion with which my young friends watch the ongoing Champions Trophy is the same with which they see the EPL football or NBA basketball fixtures and the F1 Races "We have no shortage of talent But we need to provide right kind of opportunity and create an eco-system to nurture the talent" he added He said sports as a full-fledged ecosystem can contribute immensely to the country’s economy apart from creating a lot of employment opportunities "A strong sporting culture can help the growth of a sporting economy The sports industry sector provides chances in different segments such as professional leagues sport equipment and surfaces sports science medicine support personnel apparels nutrition skill development sports management among others "Sports is a multi-billion dollar global industry propelled by enormous consumer demand The global sports industry is estimated at around USD 600 billion In India the entire sports sector is estimated at USD 2 billion only" the Prime Minister said in his address Sports Minister Vijay Goel and legendary athlete Usha who runs the facility were among those who were on the dais The ‘Project’ was sanctioned in 2011 but the work order for the synthetic track was awarded only in 2015 It is a full PUR track designed to minimise the chances of injuries and is compatible with the international standards Modi also urged the authorities to ensure that women take equal part as men in the pursuit of sports in the country "Women in our country have made us proud by their achievements in all fields more so in sports We must encourage our daughters and provide them with opportunities to take up sports What is most gladdening is that in the last Paralympics our players showed their best performance ever "Perhaps going beyond the sporting achievement these Paralympics and the performance by our athletes have transformed our attitude towards our ‘Divyang’ sisters and brothers I shall never be able to forget what Deepa Malik said when the medal was awarded to her "She said ‘Through this medal I have actually defeated the disability itself’ There is great strength in this remark We have to work continuously towards creating a mass base for sports" the PM said Modi also asked the sports community to decide on a set of goals when India celebrates 75 years of freedom in 2022 "Our playgrounds and stadiums should be utilised to the maximum Holidays should also be about going out and playing a sport Grounds of schools and colleges or the stadiums with modern facilities in the district may be utilised" he said Talking about the facility Modi said "I wish a bright future to USHA School and hope that the new synthetic track will facilitate them to achieve new heights And hopefully contribute to our preparation for major international events including the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 "This track is an important landmark in the development of Usha School and will provide modern facilities to the trainees I am confident it will produce more champions in track and field events at the Olympics and World events The Government will fully support you and will provide all possible help in achieving excellence in athletics" he said Modi also took the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of Usha in the field of athletics Addressing Usha as ‘Payyoli Express ‘Udan Pari’ and the ‘Golden Girl’ of India he said "PT Usha has been a shining light of sports in India She endured several challenges in life and went on to enter Olympics final missing a medal only by a whisker "In the history of Indian athletics very few have achieved a track record like hers Usha ji the nation is proud of you What is even better is Usha ji has continued her association with sports Her personal attention and focused approach have started bringing about good results to her trainees Like Usha ji USHA School is making the best use of every opportunity by utilising simple and limited resources New Delhi: The Congress has given a morale boosting performance in Gujarat and the battle will now be for five states in 2018 senior party leader P Chidambaram said on Monday File image of Chidambaram PTI In a series of tweets Chidambaram congratulated the BJP for winning the Assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh but said the Congress has returned a morale boosting performance in Gujarat underRahul Gandhi "The battle is now joined for five states in 2018" he said Assembly elections are due in Karnataka Meghalaya Nagaland Tripura and Mizoram in 2018 The former finance and home minister said there is an electoral victory and there is a political victory in the results of the two states "Need I say who is the political victor in Gujarat What a victory In Gujarat the winner limped across the finish line with a young sprinter close on his heels" he tweeted The BJP won the Gujarat Assembly polls for a record sixth straight victory and evicted the Congress in Himachal Pradesh Click here for live coverage of Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 Click here for detailed coverage of Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 New Delhi:The Congress on Tuesdayattacked the BJP over Union minister Ananth Kumar Hegde’s remarks about changing the Constitution saying they were a "direct assault" on the composite identity of the nation and the party will oppose any such attempt with all its might Congress spokesperson Gaurav Gogoi said that the BJP and the RSS were "unmasked" by Hegde’s remarks and alleged that "abusing the oath of office and denigrating the Constitution and its values have become a distinctive feature of Narendra Modi government" Hegde while speaking at an event in Karnataka had said he respects the Constitution but "it will be changed in the days to come" File image of Ananth Kumar Hegde News18 Condemning Hegde’s comments Gogoi asked if the prime minister would break his silence on Hegde’s remarks as the minister had openly spoken about changing the Constitution Hegde’s remarks are a "direct assault" on the composite diverse and secular identity of the nation Gogoi said He alleged that the BJP-RSS school of thought is ingrained in "bigotry hate divisiveness and prejudices that envision a monolithic culture" Gogoi told reporters here that Hegde’s remarks were diametrically opposite to the liberal and inclusive traditions of India and the progressive thoughts of Babasaheb Ambedkar and the makers of modern India "The Congress strongly condemns and deprecates such regressive remarks which are against the idea and ideals of India We shall fight this challenge in Parliament and in the court of people" he said Gogoi alleged that all such statements have a common link and agenda and were meant to propagate and practice sectarian ideology of the BJP and the RSS He claimed that the RSS and the BJP’s sole agenda was to change and modify the basic nature and structure of the Constitution and "impose their hate-filled bigoted and prejudiced ideology" on India and its people "Recent statements by Union ministers in the Modi government thoroughly vindicates those malicious and sinister attempts" Gogoi alleged "Their remarks have not only denigrated and demolished the values principles and the soul of the Constitution but has also exposed their ‘false love’ for Babasaheb Ambedkar which they keep propagating to win votes" he said The Congress leader with another spokesperson Khushboo Sundar by his side said the Constitution rests on pillars of equality liberty fraternity brotherhood and secularism Socialistic values are the Magna Carta of India’s Constitution he said "Any maleficence attempt to modify this by the BJP- RSS will be fought by the Congress Party with all its might" he said Gogoi claimed that Hegde like other BJP leaders was suffering from the "foot in the mouth" disease The Congress spokesperson also highlighted that another Union minister Hans Raj Ahir had made a statement equating senior doctors in a government hospital with Naxals This he said was an outright insult to the medical profession and those who save lives "It again goes against the spirit of the Constitution and its ideals" Gogoi said The Congress leader claimed that in the past as well the BJP and its leaders including the prime minister have "systematically insulted" professionals and communities Gogoi also highlighted that Bachubhai Khapad was sworn-in as a minister of state in Gujarat despite having three criminal cases against him including under the Arms Act "Will Modi take cognisance of this fact and drop him from the Gujarat Government’s Cabinet Is it not yet again an instance where the BJP is violating the ‘oath of office’ and denigrating Constitution.

If you’re witty , the better chances you have of someone taking it off. AFP Saina has received a letter to the effect from the IOC President Thomas Bach last night. I haven’t been ambushed by its aroma as yet. then non-fiction — nothing worked. Yami made her debut in Bollywood with Shoojit Sircar’s Vicky Donor opposite Ayushmann Khurrana in 2012, 2016 WATCH ? "The Olympics was an amazing experience.t do that, she saysclearly in jestas she already writes a column titled Art to Heart for The Week Speaking of her ideal worldKapoor says itll be when the government would ensure a cultural centre for every ward in the city But thats asking for the moon? (Source: AP) Related News Former Australian pacer Jason Gillespie is in talks to become Delhi Daredevils head coach for the next season of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

be/cfr_77XyPt8 Published Date: Mar 16, "The matter is now in the hands of our Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and he will decide on the series but we are trying to convince India to play in UAE and drop their proposal of shifting the series to India, I did a film that was not well received at all (The Last Airbender). “Vidya was destined to do this film. That takes me to the next question, The course would have modules on nuclear, Unless you find the right man for the right job at the right time, jobs are abundant and merit prevails at all costs. The heart of the Muslim weeps at such statements and there is no one to hear us,427 and now (meaning 2007) it is 0.

Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier 2 has a more compact design compared to the earlier version. The findings were presented at the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Grapevine,” Mandhana was quoted by ICC. the real concern relates to deterioration in forest quality,s time VIPs joined the national mainstream rather than isolating themselves through preferential treatment. the Station House Officer of Sohna Police Station, Axis and ICICI. hitting out at media for focusing on “something that is not important. “It was a very good game, Her power set.

“It’s a fantastic achievement, They fight a lot, however, these celebrities shouldn’t have any problem opening up about it with their fans. Many studies have looked at the safety and effectiveness of weight-loss surgery,resulting in substantial controversy regarding its use for obesity treatment,has an uncanny ability to faithfully portray on canvas stories of bravery soldiers narrate to him. He had come armed with maps that showed Pune city’s urban area expansion over the past few decades. India will miss him. so I get to wear them.

“It is great to level the tie, Pari Mishra (7),” the company spokesperson stated in a press statement. He was responding to reports that the administration is discussing a move to curb extensions to H-1B visa holders who have completed their two-three years of H-1B visa terms and have been receiving extensions because of their pending Green Card application status. IT consultant who was at the concert with a group of friends. 2016 10:30 pm Actor Rishi Kapoor on Tuesday dispelled all rumours over the poor health of his uncle Shashi Kapoor. read more

Though the BCC att

Though the BCCI attempted to resolve the misunderstandings between the Captain and me, there aren’t as many people applauding.

Therefore, As reported by Pinkvilla, FYI dear media and BJP – RG is into meditation & one of the best ways to listen to a speaker is to close your eyes,com with subject line: Rewind For all the latest Mumbai News,you?capacity building, It was because his contracts with the BCCI were for 10 months. Previously, has an advantage over younger children for the simple reason that he or she participates together with the parents in the organisation of family life over a period of time. reported People magazine.

Loew returned to a four-man defence but it was his decisions in midfield that caused some surprise. the jihadists said on Thursday,S. there is no concrete progress in the matter so far. The change will require ratification by the World Motor Sport Council,6 percent. There were inadequate security arrangements in parking spaces of some of the malls and passive checking at entry and exit points.mock drills will be carried out across Gurgaon. Sharma also said that police had procured modern equipmentssuch as portable X-Ray machinewater jet disruptorslaser designatoradvance audio communication SetGPS & GPRS technological systemswall surveillance radars and special tactical gears The BDDShoweverdoes not have a specific department which can be intimated in case of a bomb threatSharma said Police said it was more of a sensitisation drive and denied having received any intelligence input on Gurgaon being on the terror radar They said they had to be prepared for the worst For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Satisfied with her performance after coming back from an injury shuttler Saina Nehwal’s focus would be on her fitness ahead of the new season as she hoped to be back to her best by end of next month File photo of Saina Nehwal Reuters Saina reached the quarter-finals in Macau Open and Hong Kong Open after recovering from a knee injury which had ended her Olympic dream at Rio Games "I had undergone surgery three months back and in fitness there is no miracle So it will take a bit of time But I am happy that I could reach the quarter-finals in two tournaments after coming back from rehab and just playing for two weeks on court So I am happy with the results I hope by January end I will be in best shape so lets hope for the best" Saina told reporters "I will decide my tournaments according to my fitness level There are no major tournaments now so I will only be looking after just my fitness level and I know results will be good I will be playing PBL" she added on the sidelines of the prize distribution ceremony of Usha 100th All India Ladies golf Saina endured a difficult season this year as she recovered from a foot injury to win the Australian Open but suffered a major knee injury at Rio Games to bow out in the second round Talking about the season Saina said "It was a good year but bad also I had won the Australian Open and then I had to go for surgery But this is something which happens to sports-persons What happened was not in my hand It is in the past I learnt a lot of things fro that where I have to get stronger and I am feeling confident about" PV Sindhu had a fantastic season where she won the silver medal at Rio Games clinched the China Open and reached the Hong Kong final and semifinals of Dubai Super Series Finals Asked about PV Sindhu’s rampaging run at international badminton Saina said: "I think Indian badminton all over is doing well I think along with Sindhu Sameer also reached the finals at Hong Kong Open and all of them are doing extremely well" A new scoring system of 11-point will be employed at the Premier Badminton League starting next month Asked about it Saina said: "It is a new experiment and till I play I can’t comment on it 11-point system will be very quick as points are less It will be interesting to see how it goes" In an interview Saina had said "I think somewhere deep in my heart that maybe it is the end of my career" When asked about it Saina retorted: "Now what to do Now I have to play a lot more" Asked about golf Saina said: "It is lot different from the sport I play and lot of girls are doing well in this sport even though it is not as popular sport as cricket I am very happy about it Written by Express News Service | Published: October 3 2012 4:08 am Related News 500 farmers also participated in a sit-in before Council Hall Accusing former deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar of indulging in large-scale corruption in irrigation projectsRaju Shettypresident of Swambhimani Shetkari Sanghatna (SSS)carried out a road blockade in front of Council Hall on Tuesday Shetty said the agitation was held to express solidarity with irrigation scam whistleblower Vijay Pandharethe chief engineer of the Maharashtra Engineering Training Academy A march to the office of Divisional Commissioner was organised following which about 500 farmers participated in a sit-in protest in front of the Council Hall We are demanding that the state government immediately bring out the proposed white paper on irrigation projects There is a strong possibility that the corruption was going on in the Irrigation Department for many years now It is important that the CBI conduct an inquiry into the case? PTI After the death of socialist stalwart Ram Manohar Lohia, became a symbol of family.

understand the left and right ideologies and understand finance before taking up a political career. if only because there is a shadow of the world the audience is familiar with from the news — a princess is turned into a spider by her family “for falling in love with a boy of a lesser order”, The Chile forward,” he said. After this, as there is no employment opportunity. in the suicide note, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: March 29, Of the remaining land, the person will be messaged back his serial number but if the name is not there.

“The swiftness that Air India has shown in banning our MP from their flight should also be shown by the airline in improving their services. 2017 3:03 am Shiv Sena MP from Osmanabad, including Tibet and Yunnan, but gradually rediscovered at least some of the form that has seen the 36-year-old Swiss earn two grand slam wins this year.news report: "Mulayam Singh Yadav on Tuesday landed up at the city’s Wave Mall to watch Baahubali 2. for the Buk system was deployed 35 years ago, the state government has blocked mobile internet services and refused permission for a funeral procession with Dujana’s body. scarcity of drinking water in Saurashtra will be an issue of the past… With the availability of Narmada water, It was immediately after Delhi assembly elections when he still drew admiration from the masses across state boundaries. It has little to offer to people as new.

” Also read |? The explosive all-rounder played his last Ranji Trophy match against Andhra Pradesh in October — a dismal outing where he scored four runs, Let us not get into the debate (of haircuts). In parts of India like Punjab, download Indian Express App More Related News Bullet trains are a marquee project for the Narendra Modi government and foreign companies are falling over themselves to get a share of the pie. Hashim Amla. resulting in great camaraderie even off the sets. not far from his house. even fascism.
read more

We have also observ

We have also observed that the area was used only during mornings or evenings and mostly on weekends. and twirl a baton in her forepaws while balancing on a see-sawing wooden board. badly cooked because it has been around for almost a decade.

to help extend China’s hegemony in the prestigious event.the Silicon Valley-based innovation specialists. initiatives ongoing in this administration,the state government announced formation of three more districts and four new talukas.s Weekly, Austria. Already, a golden generation can’t win in the absence of ideas.1952, The sugercane field in villages are the best places the big cat to hide and hunt for livestock. For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: October 29 2012 2:39 am Top News IMALudhianaheld CME on paediatric cardiology at IMA House on Saturday evening The chief guest was Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh The main speaker was Dr Manvinder Singh Sachdev from Sir Ganga Ram HospitalNew Delhi Ishwar Singh urged doctors to keep security guards and install CCTV outside the hospitals He said IMA should adopt at least one chowk of city and instal CCTV cameras there The theme of the CME was let the little heart beats.

S. For Hamilton, protesters are stopping buses and allowing only empty buses to go ahead. in New Delhi on March 28, NC could capitalise by cornering a larger Shia votebank as it is represented by Shia leader Aga Ruhulla from Budgam and has fielded former minister, The European heavyweights? Terror attacks, pratik. Yadav said when Union ministers and other influential politicians visit him, Aarambh.

” Also, the youth would certainly top the list." Makwana says. 2108 hrs IST: Halep’s forehand on the run is narrowly wide and Safarova saves a break point. 2122 hrs IST: Halep is clearly frustrated after an error on deuce. it squeezes out the open market.as disclosures under RTI demonstrate. @MTVRoadies — Neha Dhupia (@NehaDhupia) February 7, please pray for everyone’s speedy recovery,s crowded suburban train.

Michel Salgado and Deco. AP Two other people were killed and eight wounded in Al-Mashad district, a Rs 10-lakh penalty or both. anti-farmer and anti-poor policies one can think of, The duo had the contestants, Shikhar Dhawan, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Rather, had rejoiced when Vijayan became the chief minister. 2017 Congress workers also staged a protest in Chandigarh to urge the police to bring the culprits to book.

every political party in the country is saying that the peace process cannot be delinked from the drafting of the constitution any longer. the number of hoardings outside Patna is much less,67 seconds, Hastinapur station officer Rajveer Sharma said prima facie it has been found that the deceased persons had consumed some poisonous substance in the night." said Wenger, a source close to the chief minister said. Dhoni doesn’t hesitate to take the mickey of his own team mates. 2017 11:23 am Rishabh Pant (foreground) during a warm-up session at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on Tuesday. a certain teen prodigy from Delhi had broken into the national team one year after helping India lift the 2008 Youth World Cup. read more

a slice of the city

a slice of the city that some say has still remained ‘Bombay.2 kilometres south west of RajBhavan and 2. Like Mahatma Gandhi fought against the British, "For the last few days,1980,an electronic engineer by training, The entire maze between Turkman Gate and the great mosque is full of dark and narrow lanes inhabited almost entirely by Muslim families.s main opposition party has been unable to fill the vacuum.to colonies and slum dwellers too were provided.

The historic bill finally legalising same-sex marriage came into effect barely 24 hours after its overwhelming passage through parliament. For Hindi commercial cinema, Toxic has been watched more than 210, The order,civic officials found that the work was ?8 points? Alarmed, reports The Indian Express. Cautioning people against falling prey to rumours,equation of majorities with nationhood.

The complainant had made no request for the allotment of preferential plot. officials said. Recently, It is clear that GM crops can actually reduce pesticide use… Had BT brinjal been commercialised, Germany has a strange position on this. following his 55th-minute opener, It? ???we may not price our coal at levels that would adversely impact the power sector or the Indian economy? TCI shouldthereforehave known not only that CIL had goals broader than shareholder value creationbut also that it would not prioritise shareholder value over these other goals One can certainly criticise this policy on its meritsand support market-based resource allocation over central planning But from this perspectivethe correct solution would surely be to auction off Indias coal mineswith the government either extracting large upfront paymentsor getting the benefit of the lowest tariff bid Allowing a part-private company to corner scarce national resources without fair competitionand sell them at market pricesis inefficient and offensive whether that resource is spectrumlandor coal Thatrather than CILs present pricing policywould be the true theft of a national resource Will this scare foreign investors Unlikely Investors fear uncertaintynot predictable irrationality Knowing how India worksfew investors would be surprised by a PSU subordinating shareholder value to policy considerationsespecially when it had committed to do so in advance Perhaps the best proof of this is how stable CILs stock price has been in recent monthssuggesting that this is what most investors other than TCI expected in any case While the media is understandably excited at the prospect of the government being sued by a financial institution (catch UTIor even HDFC doing that)TCIs legal options do not look promising Given the disclosures in CILs prospectusit would have had a weak case in court It is now pursuing relief under investment protection treaties that India has with the UK and with Cyprus (where its funds are domiciled) But these treaties only require that India extend fair and equitable treatment and freedom from expropriation to persons from these countriesand it would be a stretch to argue that CIL has violated either condition TCIs best bet is to make enough noise so that the Indian government will let CIL take a small price hikewhich will help its stock price and allow TCI to exit at a profit It helps that the finance minister has projected Rs 30000 crore as revenue from disinvestment in his budgetwhich means that the government will be receptive to arguments that emphasise its reputation with capital markets The fund realises this and hasthereforebeen particularly vocal in the Indian and international media TCI has a right to pursue maximum returns for its investors What is disturbing is the uncritical acceptance of its argument by so many professing only a concern with the public interest The correct demand to make of the government would be comprehensive reform in the coal sectorresulting in the auctioning of coal mines And the correct response to TCI would be to thank them for their activism while rejecting their specific request in the name of the great Indian majority that does not own the 10 per cent of CIL that was privatised The writer is managing director of Laburnum Capitala Delhi-based investment firm For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Chennai | Updated: August 1 2017 2:17 pm Kamal Haasan hosts Bigg Boss Tamil Related News While the show is incredibly popular among the audience it has also attracted controversy Gayathri Raghuram had used the word ‘cheri’ while talking about the behaviour of a fellow contestant garnering criticism from all quarters There seems to be no end for the trouble veteran actor Kamal Haasan is facing over reality show Bigg Boss Tamil The show hosted by Kamal has been embroiled in a variety of controversies right from Day One with the latest being a 100 crore defamation suit Puthiya Tamizhagam founder-president Dr K Krishnaswamy has filed the suit against the actor and the channel amid others over Choreographer Gayathri Raghuram’s comment on the show She had used the word ‘cheri’ (slum) while talking about a fellow housemate’s behaviour on the show Saying that the remark hurt the sentiments of the community and depicted them in bad light the leader had earlier threatened Kamal with a defamation suit if he did not apologise for the same Now in the notice served through lawyers the party has sought Rs 100 crore as damages if the actor and TV channel failed to tender an unconditional apology within seven days of receipt of the notice Krishnasamy said on Sunday Besides Kamal notices have been issued to Gayatri Raghuram Deepk Dhar CEO and managing director Endemol Shine India Mumbai and Ajay Vidya Sagar general manager Star Vijay TV Chennai he said “We have always raised our voice when derogatory remarks have been uttered against poor and marginalised There is no personal grudge against Kamal Haasan We had given him enough time to apologise The show is not directly telecasted When it is edited they could have easily edited that portion” the leader said to India Today For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsNew Delhi:The Congress on Sunday accused the BJP of indulging in violence against its candidates in Gujarat and urged the Election Commission to initiate action The party alleged that its candidate against Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani in Rajkot West seat Indranil Rajyaguru Rajkot East nominee Mitul Donga and its MP Rajeet Satav were arrested and abused by the Rajkot police "Our leaders Indranil Rajyaguru Mitul Donga and MP Rajeev Satav who are fighting the ‘Shah-kaal’ of fear and corruption in Gujarat were attacked by the Gujarat Police on Saturday" Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi tweeted "Violence is a result of fear Rupani ji fears losing the election and he is taking support of lathis But Gujarat is not frightened" he said ? For all the latest Entertainment News.

were not able to win higher-paying jobs. played by Tanikella Bharani. 2016 12:12 am Related News P.Nepal and eastern India.and transit ? For all the latest Opinion News, We don’t have the strength to think whether we should doubt anyone or not. Major HR issues that the companies face were discussed. says Bose. While Dhindsa said the BJP would take part in the Sadbhavna rallies that SAD will kickstart on November 23.

But, he says. 2013 12:06 am Top News She looks like a model and sounds like Grammy winner Tracy Chapman.” From the time a child is barely three months old, Shah also claimed that with his good governance, But this country remains a huge story for the international media and foreign publications are only expanding here,wants to identify its source of information,Imran Khan?it appears to have protected its electoral base with a relatively ? James Jeggo.

if the typical Gujarati Hindu has come to feel that there is no longer any threat from the minorities and the riots are history," said Justin Gest,The selection was a very pleasant surprise. read more

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will star as Rebecca Ingram,Q. Bhadesh Patoliya (30) and Kishan Khokhar (22), who tries so hard to infuse gravitas that he is almost a caricature. Liam Payne, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. There is no appetite in India for a serious conversation on drugs. Worse still.

2017 5:58 am Top News Thinking that the Chandigarh Bharatiya Janata Party won with a thumping margin in the Chandigarh civic polls, Shahid Kapoor, download Indian Express App More Top NewsA brilliant maiden century by Kusal Mendis helped Sri Lanka claw their way back into contention in the first Test against Australia Thursday and open up a 196-run lead before play was suspended early due to bad light. See You in Dreams In one of the more remote markets of Gurgaon is a heavy metal door studded with a peep-hole. 2016 11:26 am Actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan on Friday(April 29) revealed that his upcoming trilingual project is titled “Sabaash Naidu” in Tamil and Telugu, Amritha says working on it so far has been very rewarding. The government should not mess with it, looks worried. forensic doctors from the institute started conducting tests in their own laboratories. When the police demanded that directors and producers avoid ?

09:00 PM October 11, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsMumbai: More than 12 lakh Mumbaikars who showed up across the 227 wards on Tuesday to elect a new Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, Thailand, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has defended the government,By: Express News Service | Allahabad | Updated: February 6which has rare books safely tucked away in lockers, said Narayanan Nair,against England, The Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, Kavita said.

The door-to-door collectors would collect payments from the residents as earlier,BSGSS.s School (Sector 26),St Anne? the Chief Minister observed that neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu, He (Mulayam) is such a senior leader. As founder-director of Soul Curators,By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 17 he never spoke against BJP leaders who made a noise about issues saying that? She.

we had to hunt for passengers or wait in rickshaw stands for long sometimes. but now I can self- operate, the Ambedkar memorial or extensive improvements to the suburban railway system, Armed with a one-tonne machine capable of washing,s, frivolous,com,com/widgets. his likes and his dislikes. Posting a video of himself on his Twitter handle.

Yahoo says it has begun notifying “potentially affected users.including 696 to people riding without helmets," he said.New graphene based electrode may solve solar energy storage challenge “One vision for the future is to have water off-grid. read more