Remember Mr pastry join teach you to make technology

market has a lot of characteristics of snack brands, such snack brands are generally mastered other people do not know the production technology, so we can make amazing delicious. Remember Mr pastry headquarter to help you, so you can easily do business delicacy.

How do

Melaleuca oil cracker (practicestrain)? Remember Mr pastry headquarter to tell you:

1, the white flour and water, knead the dough, cover on the surface of a wet cloth, 30 minutes (winter to heat preservation and fermentation);

2, with a small amount of flour, add oil, according to personal taste with salt or sugar, stirring until evenly into pastries;

3, the amount of pastry stuffing packets into the fermented dough, and then rub into strips; and then rolling pin to flatten the


4, and then slowly rolled flat rolled


5, with a knife to roll the dough cut (bottom do not cut off);

6, the open section of outward turnover, then reverse the dough into twisted dough twist, the head tail connection is round, into a cake shape; with the rolling pin;

7, cold pot into a small amount of oil, add the bread, wait for about 2 minutes, turn over and fry for 2 minutes, you can pan.

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