How to play a good business card shop

people is a "emotional animal", once the feelings of a shop, you will become a frequent visitor to the store, so shop business, we might as well make good use of the emotional card". However, how to play this card, it has become a problem plagued many people. So, how to play a good business card shop feelings?

people are emotional senior animals, the same is the sales, who pay attention to the emotional contact and communication with customers, who will attract and retain more customers, to achieve more than others operating income. However, how to play a good feeling cards have a deep knowledge. The author thinks, want to play emotional card, not just talk about it, but it must be put into concrete action, the specific must pay attention to the following points, with "sincere, honest, profound and humane" clever play emotional card.

one is to pay attention to use the truth to impress customers. Truth is the foundation of human emotion fusion and sublimation. The sublimation of any emotion is a real word. The same is true for our owners and customers. In order to obtain customer recognition, we must first use the truth to impress customers. So, what is the truth. How to make our feelings reveal a true word. I believe that the truth is a natural expression of respect for others.

first, in greeting customers, to be natural, generous, decent, do not flatter, and not to please. Secondly, for customer service, to pay attention to customer needs, try to match up with care and patience to provide thoughtful and meticulous and accurate services for the. Again, the customer leaves, we should welcome to send more, say "walking", "welcome next time" and politeness.

two is to focus on the use of "good faith" to win the trust of customers. Honesty is the foundation of the people, the way of doing things, the basis for making friends. Good faith is sincere. No, not self deception, also do not deceive. Trustworthiness is a promise, credibility, credibility. For our retail customers, the integrity of the business is to win the trust of customers the most important bargaining chip. Once the trust in the customer, it will lose the trust of customers, will naturally affect our operating income. So, how to make customers believe that our integrity?

first, introduction to the customer goods, no exaggeration, not false price, not shoddy. Second, recommended to customers of goods, to respect the customer wishes, reasonable promotion, empathy, customer accounts, not qiangmaiqiangmai. Third, deal with customers, to the quality and price of goods to make a reasonable commitment, let the customer reassurance. Do not give customers left no goods than three regret.

three is to pay attention to the use of deep customer. They say, a back, two back, three back to the deep. The deep feelings of the long and long communication and cooperation between people. One or two times for retail customers and customers

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