f you are the following then you are not suitable for Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship, not everyone is suitable. If you have a recent venture capital plan, then, might as well look at this article, to determine whether they are suitable for business people.

1, the lack of long-term goals and the height of thinking as a real sense of the entrepreneur, always know what they want in the end, what needs to go through the process, with a long-term vision. As a migrant workers, the focus is that the current two or three years, how to maintain the existing stable rice bowl, naturally will not think too far, it will not be too high.

and there are few who can empathy, standing to the boss’s point of view to consider the issue. It also caused a lot of workers can hardly communicate with entrepreneurs. High high is not empty, after repeated consideration after is high, can be achieved through the efforts of the high, is the bamboo into the chest high.

2, the entrepreneur to complete the definition of follow the prescribed order task refers to something completely resolved, can fix today must not wait until tomorrow. The workers who used to work in accordance with the number of days to complete decomposition, only part of the work day, commuting time to the heart used to go home, and the rest of the work tomorrow, think in the company are not willing to stay for a minute.

3, did not dare to assume the responsibility of leadership to trace responsibility, shirking responsibility, the unified exception we keep step with have stressed their own, put the link well, cohesive personnel problems, and I have nothing to do. Working deep thinking, the first problem encountered is to avoid, and then try to push others.

4, according to a lot of love of personal heroism are working there in their mind with personal heroism, always want to display her on some things, biaogong table in front of the leadership, in order not to be other colleagues to share some of the credit, so sometimes will take a certain risk (of course, with the company’s resources for the cost of a person single-handed) what to do.

5, the lack of cost concept as an entrepreneur, every penny will be counted as expenditure is the cost, so saved is profit, and is very careful in reckoning many leadership habits of thinking and action, this is from a >

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