2015 China Fashion home brand feast will be held in Shanghai

exhibition is a commercial form, at the same time, in modern society, all kinds of goods to have some visibility, we must let the people familiar, one important way is actually familiar with the show through.

exhibition information

exhibition is the only domestic service in high-end gift market Home Furnishing commercial exhibition; located in the import and export fair. 2007  ILC on stage, which won warm applause! 2008  ILC exhibition area of 10000  square meters; 2014  ILC; exhibition area has reached 23000 square meters.

for sustained growth, show the scale of 2013  ILC moved to Pudong Shanghai New International Expo Center, Frankfurt exhibition hall 2, and the company’s other big consumer goods exhibition "Paperworld  China Chinese international stationery and office supplies exhibition" held at the same time, the display scale reached 20 thousand square! 2014  ILC second in Shanghai New International Expo Center, exhibition area of 30 thousand square meters!


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