3 tips to avoid business failure

for the first time the novice entrepreneurs always easy to be perturbed, their lack of experience, do not know how to avoid those problems will make the failure. Well known entrepreneur Rob  Hayes on this point made three entrepreneurial experience to help novice entrepreneurs less detours.

Rob  Hayes    First  Round  partner, primarily responsible for investing in early entrepreneurial projects. After more than ten years of investment projects and entrepreneurial experience, he has a deep understanding of entrepreneurship. He who first venture entrepreneurs share the experience of three related to entrepreneurship in this article: the devotion of recruitment, actively financing, ensure that the company has enough cash flow to ensure that the company has a long-term goal. Star Group (Startup-Partner.com) of the A:


1, recruitment, recruitment, recruitment

for the founders, recruit talent is the most difficult but also the most important business development of the company. If you don’t spend at least half of your time on hiring, it’s a matter of time before you lose. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of entrepreneurs in their duty to avoid this. However, in the recruitment of lazy lazy sooner or later to return, and many times to pay back, so why delay?

if you interviewed a lot of candidates, no one is you satisfied. Then your heart will struggle and feel bad. It is at this time, you may make one of the following two bad decisions: one is because you might be hiring and recruiting, casually recruit a person to join the two, you may be a reason not to spend any time in recruitment. You may wonder: "I don’t have time for recruitment, I must develop products, I must solve this urgent problem, I must go to see clients."   whatever your reason, you’ve made a fatal mistake.

in the recruitment work, many recommended

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