Quality service can make the store stand out

now for any shop business, most worried about is the natural shops in a shops, do not have their own characteristics, so naturally not talent shows itself, there is no way to attract consumers, business will be greatly affected. Xiao Bian introduced here, if the store service can be high quality, in fact, is able to stand out from the store.

A town of

I shop located in Weifang Gaomi, compared with other retailers peer location is not very good, most of my customers are all face the villagers of the village. Along with the social life and raise the level of the increase in the village shop, I shop in the middle size shops survive, the store’s traffic gradually reduced.

look at this situation, what should I do? I see in the eye in the heart. In order to make their shop to survive, I do change their brains so they intend to shop, to raise funds for the replacement of a new modification of the store, shelves, and cigarettes counter replacement one grade made of glass, let the customer into the store looks quite unique, this kind of various brands of cigarettes produced, according to the price, how many cigarette tar content, box gloss……

display order, so that customers want to buy what brand will be at a glance, to attract customers. In addition, I added the store did not have the kind of goods in the shop, as the saying goes, to earn money to the full, so I carefully take care of the business has a new improvement. But my business time is not long, two stores and the strongest competition I played their trump card, playing the price war.

this price war on my business is a new challenge, once again affected by traffic. But I still do cool price management, do business integrity, to ensure genuine goods at a fair price new business ideas, in my mind brewing and health. I know that the price war is not a permanent solution, only to improve the quality of service will enable the shops to get permanent interests. I will try my best to the customer’s service requirements: service quality is better than the needs of customers, so that the customer’s home.

so, I think we should do, favorable conditions for the use of the mother and uncle help, customers need bulky items or inconvenient to buy customers, as long as a phone call, I will give to the customer’s home immediately. I don’t want to let customers down and buy wrong.

for example, Aunt Wang to buy Backstreet battery, I asked her what size to buy, she said do not know, only know that is installed inside the TV remote control with the. But the remote control batteries 7 No. 5 and No. two, she said that she didn’t know, I took the No. 5 and No. 7 are to her, but she said No. 7, said 5, I also confused. She wanted to go home to remote let me see, Aunt Wang from my store a large section of the road and across a road, the road is recommended

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