University graduates in their hometowns when the landlord

is not easy to go out from the countryside, in the city on the University, if you are such an experience, then, after graduating from college, you are willing to return to the countryside? Zhang’s son, after the completion of the University of water back to the countryside, the news spread, but the village opened the pot. Now in the rural areas a little labor who do not go out to work to earn money, stay at home are laoruobingcan. People in the village said that the boy is not promising, afraid of being in the city.

Zhang Bo heard these words have been sulking ignore aquatic. Zhang Bo’s wife died early, he is a big man to pull the large aquatic bear bitter hardships, but also for his son to the University, expected after graduation to find a decent job in the city, but the aquatic can rise head and shoulders above others, patiently stubborn to return to rural farming.

on aquatic Zhang Bo said: "Dad, I thing you don’t worry about, now millions of university graduates each year, we all want to crush the head in the city, but the reality is that college students can not find work everywhere, on the contrary, rural waste so much to race without. Pity ah! Your family is not known, but now the land of treasure, can be said to last inch of an inch of gold, but when I came back to the landlord."

listen to this Zhang Bo more angry: "the village is now a shortage of land, you have the ability to take all kinds of baby." Aquatic smiled: "I’m going to the rent, but I don’t, I would let the superior city people to pay……" Aquatic speak Zhang Boyi did not beam with joy, listen, I started playing drums: the baby is not the aquatic read silly? Let the city people to pay to farming, this is not a big joke?

aquatic side did not idle, he found the village Party Secretary asked the people in a meeting. "Folks, you kind of an acre of land a year of net income will be 300 dollars, and now has no shortage of labor, I decided to rent 500 yuan per mu each year bring you all the waste land rent." Aquatic word people on the whole stunned and terrified, for a long time no one out loud, I do not know the whole aquatic that what’s inside.

finally village stand: "yes, you are here, our village at least 300 acres of land, we can not have the shortage of worry, do not give money to let you, but you got a kid?" "Yes, how do you grow so many places?" "You can think good, the whole village wasteland by 300 acres of calculation, you have to pay 150 thousand a year ah, no gold in these dolls!" Good intentions of the villagers are accounting for aquatic, worried about him. Yeah, no one has ever seen so much money in 150 thousand dollars in this village.

aquatic said: Thank you for this account for me. Well, I already considered, I recommend

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