Water purifier brand which will increase the supervision and investigation of good Jiangsu

serious environmental pollution in the use of drinking water, we have to rely on the relevant water purifier products, but the quality of the water purifier on the market varies! 10, the provincial health authority announced 5 "list of water purifier and the integrity of the enterprise, said a number of substandard sanitation, shoddy, false propaganda of the" black list "list of enterprises will be launched this year.

, a number of aquatic products on the market claims to have a variety of health care functions, in fact, this is illegal, easy to mislead consumers. The State Planning Commission issued the specification management relates to the health and safety of drinking water product labels explicitly, wading product labels and instructions shall be marked acid water, alkaline water, activated water, oxygen rich water content." Xu Yiping, director of the Provincial Health Supervision Bureau, said two, oxygen rich water, plasma and other products are not able to achieve their own role.

provincial health supervision Association recently according to the "Jiangsu province sanitation production enterprise credit evaluation management measures", from the aspects of credit management, production and operation of health and sanitary quality of the province to declare 65 wading production enterprise data audit, on-site inspection and grading, determine the 5 wading production enterprises as the "integrity health enterprise credit".

water purifier brand which good? Jiangsu will increase supervision and investigation in the future hope that we can buy the water purifier brand! At the same time, said Xu Yiping, scoring table throughout the entire process of production, but also including social impact, through the evaluation to determine the different scores, the total score will be included in the black list". She reminded consumers, if found wading product labeling, express or implied role in disease prevention, or exaggerating the text, graphics, and "acidic water alkaline water" "activated water" and "small molecules of water" and "water" and "water energy" and "oxygen enriched water" concept, do not blindly I believe propaganda, and to the health of 12320 complaints.

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