Start the new hot baby industry investment in the construction of confinement center

The birth of

is one of the most important experiences in modern life, and the mother and infant industry derived from it also highlights the huge market prospect. Reliable Yuesao not seek, family and energy are limited, not professional, more and more 80 mother chose out of confinement. Suitable environment, confinement center professional services came into being, as many new parents heart good. In particular, the "comprehensive two child policy of liberalization, more hot potential confinement center.

"in the production before I studied several confinement center, has been around the sisters recommended this now, in confinement when found here are almost 80 young mothers." Ms. Wang said, want to go to the confinement center of confinement is mainly because they are outsiders, home to help relatives and friends at home, do not convenient, and has not been able to find a more reliable Yuesao, and later by colleagues recommended on the choice of the center of the month, although the price is too expensive but really a lot of worry.

also for convenience and the choice of the confinement center Ms. this is her second child. Ms. Tsang told reporters, because the first child at home confinement, so the child chose the confinement center, "the first confinement please Yuesao, Yuesao should take care of the children and take care of me, and found there is busy, then please a nanny, so this is just pregnant immediately to booked confinement center."

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