How to maintain a good cigarette price tag


cigarette price, not only make the market more orderly, the management is more simple, but also for retail customers work, will become easier, so, don’t look at a small cigarette price tag, in order to let it stand a good post "to carry out a good job", with the majority of customers of the tobacco companies manager retail customers can be described as the brains. Different retail customers, different business counter, the number of cigarette specifications are different, how to make a clearly no longer work so hard, let their retail customers also can maintain a good price tag? I combine their own experience, to share with you.

hierarchy. This counter is best done blatantly. According to retail customers such as placing habits, price, brand, according to the type of display, recommend a fixed less variable, the focus is to do the new brand maintenance work, avoid less standard, standard, standard leakage fault.

plane or bevel type. Such as cigarette counter placed in the same plane or plane took a pack of cigarettes and other smoking love stopping, the need for regular maintenance. Therefore, advising clients to each row with wood or glass between strips were separated, or the box sticky price tag of each emission together, the price tag box orderly. Because the price tag box is flat or reclining, the price tag is easy to fall out, suggestions on the price tag behind the plug a small piece of paper it fixed, so the price tag is not everywhere "fly".

small and messy. The cabinet is mainly in rural retail store, cigarettes are often placed together with other department, seem insignificant. Recommend the use of limited space, at the top of the counter to draw a small piece of independent space, so that smoke stand up. This kind of retail store business Cigarette size is relatively small, can also use the price tag box together in a row on display, so that the previously unknown to the public at a glance the price tag.

although now many retail customers have realized the importance of small cigarette price tag, but in the real operation process is easy to overlook this aspect, resulting in cigarette price tag did not play a role, it is of no help with what business shop. So, with the introduction of the above, if you are a retail customer, do you know how to maintain a good cigarette price tag it?

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