2012 to open a small jewelry store you rich overnight

2012 years to open a small jewelry store prospects? How to make jewelry shop business is booming! Once there was a sincere love in front of me, but I did not cherish……" And when the young people still revel in reciting the classic dialogue movie, shrewd businessmen have figured out how to use the rich — the classic sentence engraved on a small white bamboo, as a gift or sale of jewelry. Miniature personality caters to the needs of youth, new personality which is miniature accessories.

at a shopping mall in Changchun City, small miniature jewelry personality attracted the attention of people. "His heart made of personality, fashion accessories, gift to your friends and family or lover" is the slogan of the store. According to the owner, the use of miniature technology in the production of personalized jewelry are very popular with young people. They can be found in bamboo, shells, small pieces of wood and other objects to sculpt their own words and patterns of love or name, birthday, etc.. You can also like their famous celebrity or classic film dialogue on the above, as never fade gift to send people.

the shopkeeper, the carving accessories according to different materials, the size of the price difference. Carved in bamboo, wood, shells and other materials, the single price in the 8-20 yuan; and carved in the mobile phone, comb, mirror and other special items on the high cost, priced at 40-60 yuan; if the two carved words, on the back of the cost is relatively halved.

this type of tungsten carbide jewelry for men new jewelry, has been increasingly favored by men. A survey of a jewelry industry association shows, found that more than 37% of the men (aged 18-35 years) had to wear the jewelry material tungsten steel. They believe that wearing tungsten jewelery more can show the personality. There is information that the current domestic sales of male jewelry has accounted for the total sales of jewelry 1/4.


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