To express a single advertising as the starting point of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial path

from yesterday’s eleven can be seen, the electricity supplier is now developing rapidly. As early as 2010, the National Day has reached 10 million. Just over the past two years, in 2012 after the courier business volume followed the United States, rose to second place in the world. A 90 girl found a business idea, to create the country’s first express single advertising business company, after trying to start two months, turnover has reached nearly $1 million.

2012, she found her first job as an advertising agency for a company. Every day standing on the street and distribute leaflets to passers-by, due diligence and simple but she found a strange phenomenon, others in order to complete the task as soon as possible, he put many leaflets to the same people, and will not send leaflets to throw into the trash, so that the number of effective audience of advertising company reduced.

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