Novice to learn the importance of investment clothing store pricing

now open a clothing store has become many people’s entrepreneurial means, at the same time, there are more and more clothing stores have begun to market, business is facing a lot of competition in the industry, want to experience, you need to have some pricing strategies.

when we opened a clothing store, in the daily operation, there are many in the clothing business is about price, because the prices of clothing stores should be a big problem, but there are a lot of people do not know, in the clothing to join, there are some problems about the price of clothing for all of us, these are very important, so we in the process of daily operation in these areas must be able to look at the good, especially on the price of clothing clothing to join the daily operation of the shop in question, more critical.

1, the clothing to join low permeability strategy, as a business, no matter what kind of pricing strategy, the ultimate goal is to make money, this request must be formulated on the basis of the cost price, can not be lower than the cost to sell. So to keep the competitive price advantage, we should start from the source, large quantities of direct procurement, reduce intermediate links, improve operational efficiency, for manufacturers none other measures, do everything possible to reduce costs, the implementation of small profits, low price to win.

2, the clothing to join profit by law, at a low price to attract customers to buy a large number of products, their products at the same time, related to the profit. Many of the current "foreign supermarkets" are the price of electrical appliances is very low, in order to attract customers, and in a kind of auxiliary equipment to make profits.

3, head of clothing to join the low tail method, only the price of the "tail" slightly falls to a fall, give a person a lot of feeling down. For example, the price of 198 yuan and the price of $200 often give people a sense of the level of two, in fact, only a difference of $2, accounting for only 1%.

4, clothing season discounts, according to the product light season and consumers buy time, quantity, to decide whether to give discounts, discount pricing strategy. Many stores launched the "end of season sales" belongs to this type of. This pricing used properly can not only attract consumers, but also can effectively regulate the low flow too, so that the common shop is full of customers.

now in the clothing store franchise process, a good store management plan is particularly important, including clothing pricing is a very important link, the entire clothing store is also the key to success, so people need to pay attention to.


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