How to do a good job in customer reception work

no matter what kind of shop opened, if the customer can not do the reception work, which will be very detrimental to the operation of the store. So, if we want to open a business hot shop, naturally also need to do a good job related to the customer. So, how to do a good job of plant hair dye customer reception work?

exhausted when we opened a plant, Hair Coloring Museum, has done a lot of publicity to attract customers to the store, at this time if the loss of customers, so it would be justified, therefore, the shop sales and reception work must not be ignored, especially for such a plant Hair Coloring Museum for many people also relatively unfamiliar industry.

speaking of sales, first reflected in the self-confidence, for example, when customers in your plant Hair Coloring museum outside the shop around, go out to the customer sales reception, the salesman asked, good effect, price and so on the question of plant Hair Coloring, sales staff answer voice is like the mosquito, did not dare to look at the eyes the other, at this time, the customer will not hesitate to say that he was just passing through to see, then left the shop.

this case the loss of customers, is the largest The loss outweighs the gain., its reason lies in the lack of confidence, if the sales personnel are not confident of their own, not on their products and how the customer confidence, so that you are really using pure plant Hair Coloring? Of course, when everyone is doing sales work will encounter rejection, but do not be discouraged, do not think a customer refused means the customer forever lost, the next time when the customer again from the doorway to your shop after, you still have a chance, as long as you to improve their working methods.

addition, some stores may be more complex, in addition to plant Hair Coloring hair, haircut, perm, also do some business, such stores are usually prone to such a situation, such as the customer in the haircut after shampoo, while washing side, recommend to the customer said: "we ask you please the membership? After becoming a member, you can call 20 percent off. Your hair is not very good, I would like to ask you do need to do care? Previously used chemical hair dye more than it, and now we have plants hair, want to try it?"

imagine, if you just go to a hair, but was asked so much, how do you answer? This will only make the customer embarrassment, not only will not become a member, the next will never come again. Of course, the clerk is passionate, but must not be so talkative.

so, the enthusiasm of the staff should be reflected in what areas? There are several plants do a good Hair Coloring Museum, we all know that Hair Coloring plants need to wrap a long time, so some customers may not be willing to in the store, at the same time feel wrapped head back on the road a little or feel shy. "

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