How to do a single pharmacy training

a store operation is good, and a lot of factors related to the staff, whether the system is also a very important aspect of training. However, unlike chain stores, there are professional trainers, many single pharmacy operators even want to provide training, but also do not know where to start. So, how to do a single pharmacy training?

Lin Qing since his shop has been operating well, is now the owner of three pharmacies. A while ago, Lin Qing want to be invited by a salesman to a chain pharmacy training division, the trainer to do the training needs analysis, but Lin Qing think too much trouble. In his view, several of their own business staff are older age, are forty or fifty year old aunt, there is no good analysis, as long as they teach some professional shopping skills can be.

later, the training of things because of the busy also delayed, but in the Qing Qing seems to really need some training for employees, but do not know how to do.

in fact, the proportion of domestic monomer pharmacy is still large, and this situation will continue to maintain a relatively long time 0. However, as the vast majority of single pharmacy problems clear, but no one came to the store staff training. A lot of single pharmacy employees throughout the year did not participate in the training sessions, so that staff growth space and opportunities for single pharmacy is less.

of course, a lot of people would say that the majority of individual pharmacies are the owner of their own shop, no staff. Even so, do you look at the store’s single pharmacy owner does not need to learn new knowledge, to receive more information and training? If you shut it up, it is easy to be eliminated by the market. Besides, there are still a lot of work in the pharmacy staff is single pharmacy, they also want not just to earn a hope to grow, not to get promoted even in the job, at least want to improve in ability. Otherwise, the monomer pharmacy workers, turnover rate will be higher, in fact, it is true.

cause monomer pharmacy training difficult reasons are as follows:

is difficult to concentrate

monomer pharmacy is more dispersed, to do more difficult training, unlike chain pharmacies that can be decentralized and informed by management level. In other words, the chain of pharmacies can be passed down by the management of a layer of training information, but also through the management staff to inform employees to focus on corporate training room, are easier to operate. Monomer pharmacy staff to focus on where the training, who is responsible for the venue, who is concerned, such as a series of issues need to be resolved.

monomer operators do not attach importance to


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