Men’s clothing store can attract men

although we all know that men’s consumption is increasing day by day, the men’s clothing store began to become a lot of people choose. However, only the real attraction to men, men, such a shop business will be good to do. So, men’s clothing store can attract men? And let Xiaobian for your analysis.

for men to sell

to analyze the difference between men’s and women’s sales, the most basic is to understand the differences between the male and female customer base. "The accumulation of more than 4 years of men’s clothing sales experience, I analyze the male customers has some common characteristics: strong purchase purpose, high brand loyalty and weak sense of fashion, according to these characteristics we can crush one by one." PLAYBOY Bairong mall store manager Hao Minmei said confidently.

men and women are not as keen on shopping this is well known, in general, men shopping malls are targeted. At the same time, men don’t like women in shopping are keen to chat, shopping and even become good friends, so do men’s clothing store shopping guide to simple watch key.

"I’m in the training staff is often with their emphasis, and strive to understand the needs of customers in the most short time, namely in time, occasion and purpose, and try as much as possible in the process with simple and vivid language to impress customers, not only say" good at "the no nutrition words." The four house Xi’an Street store manager Wu Xia told reporters about his sales experience.

, in fact, is the first choice for men to buy the brand, as long as the customer into the store that he is to a large extent the trust of the brand, do not like, not familiar with the brand, they are generally ignored." Wu Xia asked the clerk to show confidence first, in the selection and interpretation of the style to convey this feeling of confidence to the customer.

and another crucial selling secret is to see if there are any women around the male customers. There are two different ways to deal with the situation of shopping and accompanying women.

"dominate" men’s choice

when a male customer into the store alone is the best time to guide their ability to play. Male customers generally sensitive to fashion is relatively low, it is easy to be around the shopping guide opinion, when shopping guide if it is very professional can greatly improve the single rate." Wu Xia told reporters about his shop an example of an old employee. The old staff is one of the highest rates of Wu Xia shop.

when a wool a male customer to try on a suit, the old staff said: "this suit fabric choice is the Australian Merino wool, which is the world’s leading material >

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