Shanghai educational institutions to improve the efficiency of learning should not blindly reported

in the influence of expectations at female cheng feng under the education idea, Chinese parents for children to have a good grades racking their brains, spend high price to send their children to good schools, and high prices do tutoring, it is tried method to help children improve performance, but the effect is still not ideal. To this end, Shanghai college entrance examination education and training institutions pointing parents can not blindly sign up remedial classes, which will increase the child’s learning pressure, the effect is often counterproductive.

parents have asked their opinions when signing up to the child classes, not forced children to class learning, students’ learning achievement in the school have been very tired, if not the empty extra time to cram or do not force better, combining exertion is the key to improve the learning efficiency. Improve the efficiency of learning needs most is awake and alert, so proper rest, entertainment is not good, it is necessary, is the foundation to improve the efficiency of learning, parents should remind the child to rest.

on the other hand, parents should remind their children to pay attention to the efficiency of learning. Because learning efficiency to a large extent will affect academic performance. Many students have the concept of learning efficiency but do not know how to improve their learning efficiency?

first, be confident. A lot of scientific research has proved that the potential is great, but most people do not have the potential to develop this potential, which is a very important aspect of self-confidence. No matter where and when you do anything, have the self-confidence, you have a belief, but also enables you to quickly get rid of the shadow of failure. On the contrary, if a person loses self-confidence, he will accomplish nothing, and it is easy to fall into the eternal inferiority.

another important means to improve the efficiency of learning is to learn to play. The process of learning, it should be a process of thinking with the brain, whether it is with the eyes, mouth reading, or hand copying, are used as a means of assisting the brain, the real key lies in the brain to think. Take a very simple example, for example words in mind, if you casually browsing oraimlessly copy, perhaps many times to remember, but not easy to remember, and if you can give full play to their imagination, Lenovo approach to memory, often can remember very fast, but not easy to forget. Now a lot of books on the introduction of English words fast memory method, are also stressed the role of the brain association. Visible, if you can do 7 to focus on the potential of the brain, you can greatly enhance the effectiveness of learning.

Another important factor that affects the efficiency of

is the human emotion. I think everyone had had such experience, if one day, their spirits and emotion, as in learning something will feel very relaxed, learn quickly, in fact, this is our learning efficiency. Therefore, recommended

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