The legendary chef advantage in what

Hot pot brand reputation do a good amount of small, have to mention the chef legend, this is really a legendary Hot pot to join the brand, because the brand is doing business, so by sincere business. Chef why? Where are his strengths?

Compared with the similar

legendary chef chef Hot pot, has the advantage of

: The Legend of richly endowed by nature

four Hot pot: spicy beef and mutton, seafood Hot pot, Hot pot Shabu, bean pot, ice water) Hot pot…… Nearly 100 varieties, spring, summer, autumn and winter, what to eat what to eat, delicious and comfortable, but also the most fresh, there is no greasy, safe and healthy, Gumi Jung, fragrant color, delicious throughout the year!

the price: the legendary chef one pot of affordable dining system, not expensive, compared to the same Hot pot, the legendary chef exclusive launch of 48 yuan per capita consumption of vegetables and meat, the staple food, price is more affordable, delicious does not discount! Hot pot bubble small money tips please enter & gt; > >


cleaning: Chef legend from ingredients to appliances, such as electric stove, pots, trays, dishes, beverage cups, chopsticks, napkins and so on, are in direct manufacturers custom-made, even a toothpick by the headquarters of a unified procurement and distribution, to ensure that all links are to achieve a unified high standards and high quality ensure that the interests of customers. Hot pot restaurant use food more transparent, put on the table are fresh dishes, no kitchen processing, to completely dispel the diners for restaurant kitchen distrust caused concern.

4: all Hot pot seasoning, rich nutrition are health chief chef legendary catering consultant, professional nutritionists, experts to blend with 16 kinds of herbal medicine soup cooked, with sweet but not greasy, spicy but not dry, hemp and not soy, eat in the mouth mouth fragrant to eat, heart cool, unique flavor, taste amazing


, less investment, high return: the legendary chef less investment and quick, high return! Hire experts to serve as headquarters operation operation supervision, to solve specific problems in the management of the vendors will minimize the risk of. The legendary chef break through the market price strategy reduces the consumption threshold, to attract diners to ensure strong stampede in, daily consumption, small investment money.

chef legend small desktop streamline Hot pot, on the desktop, can seat rotation of the modern fashion, fashion bar layout style, to create a fresh, elegant fashion, the trend of the atmosphere. There is no traditional Hot pot shop muddy noisy, dirty oil, little more than a few legendary chef Hot pot clean quiet and elegant, fashion, the Hot pot shop face take on an altogether new aspect. Allow customers to enjoy the food in a stylish, relaxed environment.


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