You want to know the five things you need to know

if you are not two rich generation, two generation, you have your own company, and have no money to start, then congratulations, you are like most people, must be fought in the workplace. The workplace is not good, will encounter all kinds of difficulties, want to work better, these five you must know.

1. you have to fight for yourself, don’t expect others to do it for you.

2. your reputation is important.


3. a bad boss can ruin the best jobs.

4. there is no perfect job.

or, at least there is no ideal job you can get from outside. Although you may think you like a particular job or become a company employee, but unless you really get the job, you will never know the truth. Many people find that their "ideal job" is accompanied by a nightmare, a bad colleague, or an extended working time, so that they have little time to spend with their families. Feeling that the first job is an ideal job will cause you to miss out on important signs of danger in your job search – and you’ll be able to accept a job that you later found out to be unsatisfactory.

5. your education is far less important than you think.

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