What can be done to improve the effect of cigarette placement

cigarettes placed in different, there will be a different effect, for the further operation of the store business will naturally have a different impact. In short, reasonable layout is an important link of cigarette cigarette sales, clean the counter striking cigarette, not only can attract more attention of consumers, but also to stimulate their desire to buy, promote sales, improve the level of profit. Therefore, our account manager in the guidance of retail cigarette products placed in the need to do the following aspects of work:

one should pay attention to distinguish colors. Many retail customers love to the same color on the cigarette placed together, such as red together red, blue and blue together, think so beautiful, in fact, because consumers see the same color when buying cigarettes, it is easy to make consumers mistakenly think that the price is the same, easy to produce misunderstanding. We arranged in cigarette products, can guide the retailers of different colors is reasonable stagger a cigarette placed, it is easy for consumers to distinguish; two is convenient for consumers to choose their own brands of instant love.

two to put the new central. In the promotion of new cigarette sales manager, we should pay attention to guide the retail store to put the new cigarette in the cigarette display cabinet is the most eye-catching position. So, when consumers enter the store will be eye-catching new attracted attention, they often try to buy the smoke out of curiosity. Not long ago I within the jurisdiction of a retail households conducted site visits, the first day of the sale of Guangdong Double Happiness smoke, to put it in the middle of the counter, the smoke, the results on the same day with 8 bales.

three from high to low display. This is among the most widely used method of cigarette display, retail customers in general will be put into the two counter design exhaust position, they used to price by the order of high to low, such as the lower row by high to low placed in high-grade tobacco, above a row is placed in the low smoke, it is convenient the customer’s choice, will allow consumers to easily understand their choice is what grade of smoke.

four to word placement. The character put structure is often applied to large supermarkets and some good conditions, the counter is large, engaged in business of cigarette brand shop, not only beautiful font display, and the cigarette counter sample is complete, full, rich variety, tidy. This display has created a high grade, clean and tidy environment for the purchase of cigarettes, very innovative, creative, to attract consumers desire to buy.

retail store sales of cigarettes is not high, in fact, and the effect is placed in a very big relationship. So, if you want to improve the retail sales of cigarettes, may wish to put more effort on the effect of the placement. So, with a small series of these presentations, if you are a shopkeeper, you will be how to improve the effect of cigarette placement?

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