What are the business management thinking

many shopkeepers are lamenting, now open shop, business is really getting harder and harder to do business, do not know how much business strategy. Moreover, compared with the previous, and now the store’s business philosophy is really a very big adjustment. So, what are the store management ideas?


shop on the ground floor of the impact of a large store, but the business will always have to do, but to some adjustments and enterprising, do not expect to be able to return to the previous market environment. Future business will only become more complex. Do not expect to have a good business in another industry, the current store operators did not solve the problem, to other industries, still exist.

so, as a shop owner, in the business thinking, have to make some adjustments. From which aspects can be adjusted? Below to introduce some of the aspects can be adjusted for the boss reference:

, from

to earn money

used to do business is to make money, money is now doing business.

what is making money? Customers demand, store products, brands, services, to meet the needs of customers, which is to make money. But now you have some things in the store, others have, it is not a business, but a business. Who robbed? From your nearest colleague!


market is shrinking, the total decline in consumer or the like, said much has no meaning, as long as the total consumption, there is business, but can no longer rely on consumption to drive business, but to seize the business in the hands of peers.

two, the customer said is true?

shop owners say business is not good to do, often listen to customers every day, in front of the boss said that the price is too expensive, the Internet is much cheaper, no need to like, listen to the boss, to sigh this is not easy to do business. So, the customer said these words are true? These are the real reasons customers do not buy it?

no, Chinese people usually say say is often not the heart really want, a lot of the time, the customer said the mouth do not buy reason, just take the word only, the real reason is that the store owner or store environment let the customer feel bad, even against the customer, the customer she decided to abandon the purchase, but not to say to the boss or store only under the guise of discontent, the high price of the products, there is no nominal demand and so on, to evade.

three, blocking the customers into the store and drive off off

so-called blocking into the shop, that is, in the shop door some improper settings, leading to resistance >

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