Shop to do business can not be deceived by the old customers

a lot of old customers with the owner for a long time cooperation, often do something more deceptive, so that the owner caused great losses. This is not, has set up shop for more than thirty years of retail customers Zhu boss, really did not even dream: she was an old customer to cheat!

old customers will become a liar? If retail owners lack of awareness of security, it is possible!

one day in March this year, a Audi car in front of the shop owner Zhu stopped, from the car down a well-dressed middle-aged man. Middle aged people came to her cigarette cabinet, said to buy two "China" smoke. Zhu boss looking for, found that only one shop, had to apologize to the middle-aged man said: "I’m sorry, there is a left, you see OK?" Middle aged people said: "one on it, after more than a little more, after the unit needs to buy from you." "Well, thank you! Please take care of!" Zhu boss handed him a bottle of beverage, while asked him which unit is. The middle-aged man said he surnamed Liu, in the work of the court.

from then on, Liu will often ride a bike or walk to Zhu boss store to buy cigarettes, but also explained that driving too uncomfortable, or riding a bike, walk good. In this way, Liu gradually became the boss Zhu old customers. Sometimes I have no money, it will soon after the cigarette to repay, by the trust of the boss zhu.

shortly before the day at noon, Liu shopping in his a handbag forgotten in the store, there is a work permit, court documents, bank cards etc.. When Liu came again in the afternoon, he returned to him in time. That night, Liu drove to boss Zhu shop, said a reception unit leadership, need six thousand yuan. So Zhu boss almost no doubt to lend money to him. Liu also took four "Chinese" smoke, hit ious hurried to drive away.

but this walk, Liu will never come back. It turned out that the old customer is not working in the court, his documents are all false. In order to gain the trust of the owner, he is also interested in the possession of fake documents lost in the store. From another cigarette and liquor vendor not far from the boss of the shop, almost at the same time was Liu cheated two boxes of high-grade wine and thousands of dollars. At the beginning, Liu to the smoke Hotel, said he was sent to other people to smoke, smoke can not be used to help the owner to sell the shop. Smoke hotel boss in order to increase the risk of illegal profits agreed to the request of Liu, the two sides also produced a lot of contacts.

said this liar is very cunning, the first is by all means made shopkeepers trust, but do not reveal their true identity, after the old customers and opportunistic fraud. And in another smoke Hotel, shop owner to sell a liar on the cigarette has been illegal, and then cheated to a lot of property, because the police did not dare to cause the alarm has not been recovered

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