Barbecue stalls started every day to earn 30 thousand yuan

in our view, a day to earn 300 yuan is an ordinary person, a day to earn a $3000 is the leader, earn $30 thousand a day, we may feel incredible. But in Wuhan, the man called Luo Qingfeng, on a barbecue stall started, one day can have 30 thousand yuan of income.

1998 years ago, Luo Qingfeng opened a shop selling barbecue here, in 1998, an accidental discovery made him start a grilled shrimp. One day one of his relatives to open a restaurant, will not run out of Shrimp balls for Luo Qingfeng, which is said Shrimp balls wuhan. In order not to waste, Luo Qingfeng will Shrimp balls after simple treatment, they eat up. But the move was seen by a guest at the store. At that time the customer: "I feel very strange, it is necessary to a string, a taste." Luo Qingfeng: "he tasted it, he didn’t say it was delicious." At that time the customer: "I eat a good taste, the second day I told my friends, they want me to take them to their store to taste." Under the leadership of the customer, to a large number of people second days Qingfeng Luo shop, specially the Shrimp balls to eat. No ready Luo Qingfeng scurry, finally made a roast Shrimp balls. At that time in Wuhan, the tradition of eating Shrimp balls only eat fried food, or steamed food, if to roast, here is the first time in his. In this matter, Luo Qingfeng has been greatly inspired. Luo Qingfeng: "I have found the market still have Shrimp balls, and such practices are not national, I wanted to be able to bake the Shrimp balls ah, put it into our store products." The barbecue is most often eat supper when the people of Wuhan food, shrimp to roast, at a barbecue is still relatively rare, many people want a fresh taste. Luo Qingfeng felt the chance to make a fortune came at last. He simply in the alley erected a light box, hit the "authentic roast Shrimp balls" signs, the price is a dollar 5 cents a bunch, a week later, his sales reached more than 1 thousand a day on Shrimp balls. Luo Qingfeng: "two rooms, like the size of the room is five or six square meters, a little small, plus a dozen outside the table, to sell one thousand seven hundred or eight hundred dollars a day." At that time, Luo found Qingfeng statistics, this number has accounted for more than half of the turnover of the shop every day. He decided to work on the roast on Shrimp balls.

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