How to open a casserole shop

open the casserole shop? How to operate? Profitable? A lot of novices want to ask these questions. If you want to get to know, you can look at the xiaobian. Xiaobian summed up some of the operating points, I hope to help you.

A casserole shop location selection:

The characteristics of

two, casserole shop cost:

1, the initial input: casserole shop initial investment and expenses are relatively small, generally open a small casserole shop, business area of 60 square meters, with about 20 seats, if the conditions or the street outside the shop, also can be a temporary increase in the peak time to eat dinner. 60 square meters of casserole point about 20 thousand Yuan decoration, equipment, utensils, tableware casserole is about 15 thousand yuan, dining table and chair of 2 thousand yuan, 3 thousand yuan of liquidity, a total of forty thousand yuan can easily start.

2, operating costs: according to different casserole shop location, generally 60 square meters of casserole shop, rent 3 thousand yuan per month. Water, electricity, gas consumption, not about 3 thousand yuan a month. 60 square meters of shops only 3 employees plus the owner is enough, personnel costs around 4000 yuan per month; other expenses, such as advertising, communication, taxes, one-time losses and other expenses, about 1 thousand yuan per month. A total of about ten thousand yuan per month.

Analysis of

casserole with raw materials and cooking methods are different, the price is generally 5 yuan to 30 yuan range, its gross margin than traditional catering to around about 10%, consolidated gross profit can reach 50% or above, special products can reach above 80% of gross profit.

from Chinese casserole is very popular, in the Asian countries in South and North China all kinds of cuisine, have to casseroles for cuisine cooking tools. So the casserole in China’s catering industry always occupies an important position of their own. With the continuous improvement of people’s healthy diet concept, in the western fast food Sheng today, the traditional diet and cooking methods have been widely recognized. The casserole cooking food is delicious and healthy, creative features, and benefits as a selling point. How to open the casserole shop is a concern of many people.

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