Fujian college students entrepreneurship support policies

Fujian college students entrepreneurship welfare policy. In view of the efficiency of the graduates to start their own businesses, the Fujian provincial government from the financial support, business premises and office space and other aspects of the policy has given great support. Fujian college students entrepreneurship can not only get 100 thousand yuan of financial support, but also enjoy the free use of office space for 3 years.

operating conditions relaxed

business premises to relax conditions, in addition to college graduates to apply for public rental housing and did not obtain full ownership of affordable housing, allow college graduates to start their own business enterprises established in accordance with the provisions of the family home, rent houses, other commercial housing, local government and ", various development zones, high-tech zones, investment the office park area; grid " such as residence or place of business registration.

college graduates engaged in self-employed, and in the business sector registered date within the two years after graduation, the registered in the business sector for three years from the date from the relevant registration, management and certification fees. College graduates in the graduation year, hold "unemployment registration certificate" engaged in self-employed, directly to the business location of the local tax authorities of the tax service hall window to apply for tax relief.

can get 100 thousand yuan of funds to support

provincial government to increase the arrangement of 5 million yuan each year for college graduates start to support entrepreneurship. College graduates to apply for venture capital projects, the review can be given within each of the 100 thousand yuan to start funding support. City level fiscal year to arrange special funds to support college graduates entrepreneurship projects.     entrepreneurship for college graduates lack of self financing, in the business of land according to the existing provisions apply for small loans or other small loan discount. College graduates apply for small loans (other forms of small loans or apply for discount), does not exceed the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan, the partnership and organized employment, may be appropriate to increase the loan amount according to the actual needs.

college graduates for the first time to start, to obtain business license or other business qualifications, and the normal operation of more than 6 months of tax paid by the local government to give a certain amount of a one-time subsidy. Other personnel recruit college graduates start their own businesses, and shall pay social insurance premiums for 1 years or more, according to the actual number of recruits for one-time entrepreneurship award.

free office space


province will set up a business incubator for college graduates, college graduates to give priority to the office to provide the venue for business and related business follow-up services. College graduates entrepreneurial enterprises at all levels of government recommended

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