Erdos innovation and entrepreneurship outstanding achievements exhibition kicked off

2015 years of innovation and entrepreneurship has prosperously launched a year, 2016 innovation efforts, Ordos innovation outstanding achievements show in April 5th kicked off, let’s take a look at the change of the innovation to bring!

4 5, highly anticipated Erdos innovation and entrepreneurship in the exhibition of outstanding achievements in Ordos International Convention and Exhibition Center opened the curtain of the year 2016. The outstanding achievements of innovation and entrepreneurship exhibition sponsored by the municipal government, the non-public economic development of the city to promote the leading group.

exhibition to the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as the theme, set up a total of 18 galleries, including the 9 banner area, 2 parks and 7 departments from all walks of life in the city, independent innovation and entrepreneurship, achievements into 360 projects, covering the first and the two or three industry, a full display in recent years especially the successful practice and outstanding achievements since the first Erdos Innovation Conference held in our city of scientific development, transformation and development, innovation and development, new highlights show, economic and social development in our city’s new achievements and new look.

into the Yijinhuoluo exhibition hall, the spring breeze blowing innovation. Erdos Shenhua coal oil company, Erdos Acer Brewing Co. Ltd, the Tiida Mongolia dairy, Yijin culture art Co. Ltd. and many other enterprises have appeared, showing their innovations, attracted many people stop to watch.

"Erdos municipal government provides a good platform for our business, but also to strengthen exchanges between enterprises, and create more business opportunities. Now Erdos innovation boom surging, we hope that through the "Internet plus" this pattern, in cooperation with local enterprises, boost to achieve the transformation and upgrading, innovation and entrepreneurship for Ordos contribution." Feng Zejuan said.

especially in our city to the development of modern service industry as the focus of innovation and development, last year invested 4 billion 200 million yuan, started construction of 15 cultural tourism projects. The origin of Yijinhuoluo Mongolia Cultural Industry Park, since last June trial operation, brigade recommended

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