The first nternational Symposium on cold subgrade engineering held in Xining

recently, jointly organized by the Qinghai Provincial Communication Science Research Institute, Beijing Jiaotong University and Chinese Academy of cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute and other 20 units of the first session of the embankment in cold regions and international symposium held in Xining.

from ten domestic universities, research institutes and the United States, Russia, Canada, Turkey, South Korea, Singapore and other countries more than 110 experts and scholars gathered in "engineering technology" as the theme of "the cold, cold area of subgrade soil and material physical and mechanical properties, cold area of subgrade soil physical and mechanical coupling process simulation" 5 directions to carry out extensive academic exchanges and seminars. During the meeting, the Chinese Academy of Sciences CAREERI academician Lai Yuanming, Moscow State University Ashpiz traffic at the University of Kansas, Professor Han Jie and other experts and scholars were "frozen embankment engineering thermal dynamic stability analysis theory and method", "the Russian permafrost area construction and design experience", "the use of geosynthetics reinforced soil structure" and other topics report. (author: Jia Ming Yang Qingshan)

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