Xining airport two new corridor part of the end of the month trial operation

The two phase of the project

Xining airport into the final finishing stage, at the end of this month the new "corridor" part of trial operation. The corridor is divided into two layers, the two layer is to connect the new terminal and the terminal of the channel, the first floor as a business lounge, with an area of 1700 square meters.

The two phase of the project

Xining airport is the key construction projects in our province is currently in the expansion of the airport construction of non-stop flight to the most difficult one of the projects. Project in 2020 as the target year, according to the annual passenger throughput of 4 million passengers, cargo throughput of 30 thousand tons, the amount of aircraft landing 43 thousand sorties design. After the expansion, the airport function will be more perfect, more reasonable process, greatly enhance the security capabilities. Not only that, the Xining airport will open more city even more models can meet the international flights, airlines use demand, attract more airlines in cooperation at the same time, gathering a large number of people, logistics, capital flow and information flow, passenger travel will be more convenient and comfortable.

at present, the Xining airport in the two phase of the new runway, parallel taxiway, freight and some of the work has been put into operation. The main building of the new terminal is completed, the implementation of internal decoration and equipment installation. After the completion of the project for the construction of the whole province aviation transportation network, Qinghai to meet the rapid growth of air transportation demand, accelerate the development of the tourism industry, to further improve airport security capacity and service level, to promote the rapid development of economy and society in our province. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

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