Xining Federation of trade unions held workers celebrate May Day welcome 71 singing contest

in April 27th, by the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions organized the "red songs sung in May" Xining city workers "," Ying Qing 51 "71" singing contest at the Qinghai Conference Center held a grand hall of thousands of people. Nearly a thousand workers from the Xining Municipal Engineering Administration Department, Qinghai Yuntianhua International Chemical Co. Ltd., West District Health Bureau and the food and drug administration, Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the municipal authorities the 17 institutions and enterprises took part in the singing contest.

game warm atmosphere, each team to fully develop team spirit, to play their own advantages, with a beautiful singing voice to greet the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, great achievements with the theme of praise the great motherland during the past 60 years. "The motherland," Hello, "the red flowers bloom", "holy", "in the field of hope", "without the Communist Party there would be no new Chinese", "let the workers have the power", a song by the staff of the older classics interpretation of the brilliant, everyone sang their own unique style, warm applause as one falls, another rises. With the song "the motherland will not forget me" is the atmosphere to the climax of the venue, the scene has become a sea of joy.


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