Qinghai New Silk Culture Museum

9 29, located in Xining (National) Nanchuan Industrial Park Economic and Technological Development Zone of Qinghai Ruisisang silk production line started, Qinghai new silk culture museum. As the first company to produce silk products in Qinghai, the province has filled the blank in the industry.

Qinghai as "The Belt and Road" construction of the Western bridgehead, a major strategic background of the implementation of "The Belt and Road construction in the country, efforts to grasp the opportunity, deepening and the countries and regions along the Silk Road cooperation. Qinghai Ruisisi Industry Co., Ltd is a production enterprise of processing Qinghai Federer Textile Import & Export Company Limited was established in Qinghai in high-grade silk, velvet and other textile products. The company’s existing latitude and 2000 square meters workshop, weaving workshop of 3000 square meters, all kinds of silk weaving machine more than 200 units, has been formed into silk technology research and development, production, processing and sale of domestic integrated business structure, products have been in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Central Asia, South Asia and other countries and regions have a greater market share.

at present, mulberry silk production line has been put into operation, the production of 100 thousand meters of silk. The project total investment of 123 million yuan, has completed an investment of 68 million yuan, after the project is put into operation, will achieve an annual output of 5 million meters of wool woven fabric, the annual output value of 120 million yuan, profits of 24 million yuan, the development of the local economy will play a positive role in promoting, bound for the development of Qinghai light industry building.

in another development, the company focuses on the Silk Road culture construction, investment built Qinghai New Silk Culture Museum, a total area of more than 1 thousand square meters, Qinghai is the first to showcase the history of the development of the Chinese silk culture and the Silk Road professional museum, its purpose, to promote the Qinghai ancient Silk Road culture, carry forward the ancient Silk Road the spirit of China show up and down five thousand years of glorious and resplendent history of silk culture.


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