Working conference held in the province’s lawyers association Han Jianhua attended and spoke

March 22nd, the province’s lawyers working conference held in Xining. The meeting summed up the work of last year, the deployment of this year’s key tasks, recognition and reward in the service of the work of the County Attorney to make outstanding contributions to the provincial Lawyers Association, law firms, voluntary lawyers and lawyers practicing more than 25 years. Vice governor Han Jianhua attended and spoke.

meeting pointed out that in recent years, the province’s attorney team continues to grow and develop, the overall quality is significantly improved, increasingly standardized management, functional role has been effectively played. The majority of lawyers to actively perform their duties, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, promote social justice and social harmony and stability has played a positive and effective role, has become an important force in building the rule of law in Qinghai.

the meeting stressed that the province’s lawyers should give full play to their enthusiasm and initiative, to further strengthen the study, improve quality, change the service mode, improve service levels, to ensure judicial fairness, resolve disputes masses, make positive efforts to promote social harmony and stability. To accurately grasp the political orientation, responsibility and mission, always on the ideological and political action highly consistent with the Party Central Committee, hundred-percent to implement the provincial government’s decision to deploy. To accurately grasp the position of responsibility, service economic and social development, and strive to meet the province’s economic and social development of multi-level, wide range of legal needs. To accurately grasp the positioning of services, continue to strengthen the lawyer’s own construction, establish a good social image of Qinghai lawyers.


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