Xining in the first half of 2010 the source of the work of prevention and control of corruption in

continue to promote education, system, supervision, punishment and prevention of corruption system. Issued "on Further Strengthening the construction of punishment and prevention system and anti-corruption system construction work notice", defined in 2010 the city’s implementation of the central "work plan" and provincial "opinions" and "opinions" and "the division of municipal Party committee work plan" the main task, asked all units, departments and industries to develop clean and revision improve the anti-corruption related regulations and measures, and put forward specific requirements for the sort summary reporting work.
intensify anti-corruption propaganda, propaganda and education of the whole play. First, the organization of the county cadres in the city to read the text, write reflections campaign, the first half of the 226 county cadres have written a speech on the integrity of the 251. The two is to carry out the creation of municipal clean government culture demonstration activities in the city organization, formulated the "honest culture demonstration in Xining city construction standards (Trial)", the district and grass-roots units have been training, the construction of 10 independent cultural demonstration. Three is to further revise and improve the Xining clean government propaganda and education joint meeting system, the joint meeting members of the unit adjustment, increased to 25. Held a joint meeting to clarify the specific responsibilities of the member units, the implementation of clean government propaganda and education to all units, departments and various fields. Four is launched in the city, strictly abide by the rules, diligence and perform their duties, the theme of education and Awareness Month activities, the district propaganda month activities carried out supervision and inspection. The five is to increase the new era of anti-corruption situation propaganda, the effective use of the Xining people’s broadcasting station, "sunshine hotline" column, Xining TV, "Xining Evening News" and "Xining xiadou" and other news media and publications, broadcast anti-corruption related information and articles. The increase in the news media propaganda, enhance the radiation force, anti-corruption propaganda penetration and impact to the vast number of Party members and cadres and the masses of great significance even more profound understanding of the construction of anti-corruption, to further strengthen the anti-corruption struggle of confidence and determination.

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