Hehuang area in the first international archery tournament ended folk

the afternoon of July 26th, 2012 Chinese Qinghai Hehuang area in the first international folk archery Invitational the successful completion of the specified event, the ancient capital of Ledu in southern Liang concluded.

a few days ago, nearly 500 athletes from five continents have a joyous gathering, with arrows for the media, gongxuyouqing. After fierce competition, Jia Youzhen, Feng county of Ledu Sea East team Huang Muslim team, kwangjin heap Rong Sichuan Liangshan team Jiangsu team, Li Guangyin Wu Zhengyong, won the recurve bow, bow, bow angle of traditional modern and traditional A group, modern traditional bow group B match individual Championships are really safe; Yuan team, Ping Sha Gou Sichuan team, Liangshan team, Ledu County team won the recurve bow, and the traditional angle of modern traditional and modern traditional bow bow A group B group match first group; the Greek team, the Inner Mongolia team won the outstanding organization award Erdos.

Since the start of

, all the athletes with high morale, fighting spirit, race out of friendship, race out of style, showing good sportsmanship and sports level, leaving an unforgettable memories. This game has fully demonstrated the unique charm of folk archery, strengthen friendly exchanges between different countries and regions, allowing people to enjoy the fruits of economic and social development and the hospitality of the Hehuang area of Hehuang people, embodies the "affinity to the world, as an arrow, together Ledu, seek common development" Theme Event to promote folk culture, archery, enhance the "new image of great beauty Qinghai, Haidong, Ledu customs and humanities" play a positive role.

At the closing ceremony of the

, he also performed a large-scale program called "burning passion, flying dream". (author: Xin Yuanrong)

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