2013 FRST youth film show youth film training camp

On the morning of 24, the 2013 annual FIRST Youth Film Festival young filmmakers training camp in Xining city Saline Lake building officially commenced, the famous Italy director and producer Cristiano Bortone and the Academy’s twelve students sitting at a round table to start learning the first day of the course. The first lesson "the film’s narrative structure" for students to bring a brainstorm to open up a fresh outlook.

"problem? Thank god!"

Cristiano graduated from the Department of film and television, New York University, as a visual artist, he is also a director, screenwriter and producer. It is worth mentioning that, in 1991, he set up an independent production company ORISA PRODUZIONI, to support the new creators and innovative image plan to spare no effort.

in the classroom, this can speak fluent Chinese foreign instructors with easy to understand the body language, rich and vivid facial expression to promote the atmosphere of the classroom, and full interaction with the students. Cristiano encourages students to get rid of the classroom notes to bring people’s thinking, by setting up a relationship structure directly to the completion of the main narrative exposition, and support students put forward their own problems and different opinions. "A problem? Thank god!" Become the most common sentence in his class.

instructor Cristiano in the first class, "the narrative structure of the film" will also bring the importance of the theme, "the packaging and format of the script", "how to sell a movie" and other wonderful courses. Young filmmakers training camp special mentor, China’s first screenwriter reed will also bring the theme of how to tell the story of the 26 courses.

participants in the youth camp to get a new perspective to want to learn the same

from the Central Academy of Drama Department of film and television, the week Nanshen is one of the young filmmakers training camp students, he directed the short film "Alzheimer’s disease" finalist in the competition the FIRST Youth Film Festival, FIRST brings the young filmmakers not only provide a display platform, also open to him more a broad perspective: "Cristiano the classic Hollywood style system with us in the classroom are not the same, I think in this way to reach the top masters great."

Gao Renjie from Chinese People’s Public Security University before joining the Academy had never received a systematic, professional film education, with the hearts of the film obsessed, he is eager to contact the forefront of world film practice education philosophy and professional system in the academy.


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