mplementation of agricultural super docking mode green Hui Tian green fruits and vegetables million

Qinghai Hui Tian agriculture actively create "Qing Hui Tian" brand, the implementation of the "agriculture super docking" production and marketing service mode, the planting production base of pollution-free green fruits and vegetables directly into the supermarket sales, reduce distribution costs, guarantee market supply, to ensure the province, city people eat fresh, affordable, safe, high quality the fruits and vegetables.

Hui Tian agriculture is located in the North District of Xining City, large Baoziwan village Baoziwan Town, by the Qinghai Hui Hakka Supermarket Co. Ltd., established in March 2010 through the land transfer and formal operation, mainly engaged in planting vegetables and vegetable storage facilities of agricultural production and distribution business. In recent years, the provincial government vigorously promote the "food basket" project background, Qinghai Hui Tian agricultural Co. Ltd. positive development covers an area of 400 acres of "agriculture super docking" planting base, the total investment reached 30 million yuan, has now completed the winter greenhouse planting more than 250 buildings, green peppers, tomatoes, eggplant cucumber, melons, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, strawberries and other more than 20 kinds of vegetables and fruits. Hui Tian agriculture actively implement the "agriculture super docking" at the same time, also strive to build leisure sightseeing agriculture and leisure agriculture to carry out self picking, recognized species of adoption and other forms, to achieve "green pollution-free vegetable industrialization base + Leisure Agriculture Ecological Park" integrated construction, for the general public to provide more comprehensive life service. In the process of production, we strictly implement the standardization process and improve the quality and safety of agricultural products. At the same time, the establishment of vegetable testing and processing and distribution center 1, the production of fruits and vegetables to carry out the safety of pesticide residues in the detection of 100%, after sorting, cleaning, packaging listed, to ensure that the fruits and vegetables green, pollution-free.

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reporter visited the Qinghai Hui Tian Nongchao docking, "agriculture super docking" parity of 20 varieties of vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, common melon, green peppers, mushrooms and so on cheap food list. 20 dishes are cheaper than the market price of 20 – 30%. Hui Tian agricultural responsible person told the reporter, cheap food sales good, basically retain the communities surrounding consumer groups, although some food is deficient in selling, but both responded to the government "stabilizing Huimin" appeal, let people eat cheap and safe green vegetables, to achieve social value, but also to enhance the benefits of Hakka supermarket brand awareness in the minds of the people. (author: Pan Ling)

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