Be overjoyed

enterprises to actively participate in, we are overjoyed, they showed as willing to share the social responsibility of the 8 provincial universities; Qinghai Nationalities University, Qinghai Normal University and other active participation, we are overjoyed, employment has become a top priority for colleges and universities; college graduates to participate, we are overjoyed, they used to demonstrate that changes in employment: 90 the concept of the scene; intention of signing made us overjoyed, half a day there were 428 college students to find jobs! Xining evening news held a joint municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, the city talent exchange center the evening job first face-to-face large-scale recruitment activities in June graduation season ends, achieved unexpected success. The employment problem of college graduates is related to the happiness of thousands of families. Help college graduates to obtain employment, as the mainstream media in the province – Xining evening news in the most difficult years of employment most concerned about the livelihood of the people. Xining evening news launched the 8 Qinghai college employment survey, employment, entrepreneurship and other employment services special preferential policy interpretation, and the United Provinces of human resources and social security department and the provincial education department and other units in the province launched a "test for college students for Gang Gang" activities. In order to make college graduates and enterprises to achieve docking, Xining evening news and the Joint Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, City Talent Exchange Center held in June 29th the first evening job seekers face large-scale recruitment activities, second field, third field, fourth field activities will also be launched. The first evening job facing the successful ending face large-scale recruitment activities, behind many people’s efforts, in order to collect jobs for college students, the center of Xining evening news, talent exchange efforts for broader field positions, in order to allow enterprises to absorb fresh college graduates, the Xining evening news will attract college graduates employment preferential interpretation throughout the full policy…… The ultimate goal of all efforts is to help college students. In July, graduates of provincial colleges and universities began to leave school, some college graduates from Qinghai provinces began to return home, the Xining evening news will continue to human resources and social security department, the Joint Provincial Department of education, human resources and Social Security Bureau, city talent exchange;

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