Huangzhong to open up a new realm of County Economic Development

in the province to deepen reform, accelerate the development and upgrading of the critical period, the municipal government held a meeting of the county economic development work on the deployment of the county’s economic development. Huangzhong county Party committee and government have a profound understanding of the importance of the meeting, the first time to convey learning, early action arrangements, thinking and action into the spirit of the meeting, focus and focus to the development of county economy, and strive to open up a new realm of the development of county economy.

through their actual objective look, Huangzhong county will highlight the Kumbum Monastery scenic area, Sanjiang source of small and medium business park, new district and DOPA vegetable industry is composed of a base in three areas of construction, and strive to build the province’s religious and cultural tourism center, Xining City, Deputy City Center, modern agricultural demonstration county, Huangzhong to build economic social upgrade". Huangzhong county to cultivate industry as a priority among priorities of the county economic development, to achieve the "three sticks", namely: adhere to industrial county, Sanjiang source of small and medium-sized enterprises bigger and stronger Innovation Park County Industrial Park, foster the growth of small and micro enterprises, good service Gan River, Nanchuan Industrial Park; adhere to stable agricultural county, to speed up production the construction of vegetable base, build Huangzhong Xining worthy of the name "food basket"; adhere to the tourism County, spare no efforts in Kumbum Monastery scenic construction, the depth of the development of cultural tourism brand, accelerate the development of rural tourism. Secondly, Huangzhong county to speed up the construction of the town as an effective carrier of economic development in the county, the construction of the construction of the new town of DOPA framework, promote the construction of the new town beautiful, accelerate the pace of new rural construction. The project is a booster for the development of county economy, Huangzhong county will aim at the country is planning to promote the 7 major categories of 19 major projects in the planning, good projects and actively strive for the project at the same time, the expansion of investment, protect the project elements, ensure that fixed asset investment growth of 25% a year in.

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