20 billion to create a new pattern of business in Qinghai

Along the innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development idea, this year, our province will help "new advantages The Belt and Road", and expand international exchanges and cooperation in the field, the construction of imported fruits, meat designated ports, 20 billion investment to build 6 key projects, an annual increase of 2-3 million dollars in export enterprises, to create a comprehensive new the pattern of our province business.

this year our province will continue to expand the opening to the depth and breadth, and deepen economic and trade cooperation The Belt and Road "between countries, the foreign investment projects, the introduction of foreign investment dynamic resources, tourism resources, ecological resources and plant green economy and new energy, new materials industry development and utilization. Accelerate the opening of the port system, Cao Bao bonded logistics center (B) to achieve full operation, the construction of imported fruit, meat designated ports, and actively promote the construction of duty-free port entry. Enhance the comprehensive efficiency of the port, increase support for international routes, and strive to open up Xining to South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia International routes.

plans a total investment of 20 billion yuan to build 6 key projects: the implementation of e-commerce, e-commerce demonstration base construction project in rural demonstration county construction project, e-commerce implementation of poverty alleviation projects; city comprehensive trade center construction project, state and county of traditional business district reconstruction project, the "plateau cadre home" construction projects; construction of agricultural and livestock products cold chain logistics facilities construction projects, city joint distribution system construction project, project construction renewable resource recycling system; the implementation of the project, the construction of the market system of urban and rural service system construction project; construction of foreign trade export base construction projects, construction projects, international marketing network Qinghai boutique window project; the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" national key investment project. Imported goods direct sales platform project.

in addition, the next three years, the province’s business sector will complete the top three action plans. Among them, the market three years of construction plans, the annual new public trading market for agricultural products wholesale market or 20, extension 50; construction of county, District, township and village center has a distinctive Commercial Street Community Service Center, a comprehensive trade service center of the circulation network; based on the existing 23 export scale of tens of millions of dollars enterprises, an annual increase of 2-3 million dollars in export enterprises; cultivation of Tibetan carpet, Chinese wolfberry, supplies, and other characteristics of the Muslim Thangka self-produced export commodities brand focus, and strive to create a 2 year international well-known industry of international brands, cultivating more than 2 foreign trade enterprises to obtain A Well-Known Trademark in China, more than 5 foreign trade enterprises to obtain famous trademark in Qinghai province.


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