Practice the socialist core values and deepen the creation of mass spiritual civilization

It is a great pioneering work to promote the progress of social civilization and an important carrier to strengthen the construction of socialist spiritual civilization. In recent years, the province’s various regions and departments in combination with their own reality, and actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, extensive and in-depth development of mass spiritual civilization, and achieved remarkable results. In order to thoroughly implement the provincial network security and information technology leadership team spirit of the meeting, to further enhance the understanding and promote mass spiritual civilization, strengthen mass spiritual civilization efforts, and constantly promote the mass spiritual civilization sustainable and healthy development, and constantly improve the mass spiritual civilization level, in August 26th, the province’s mass spiritual civilization exchange of experience will be held in Xining, the meeting, the provincial education department and other six units made the exchange statement. Summary of the forum will be held for everyone to learn the reference.

into the whole process of educating teaching

A, grasp the method of innovation, strengthen the ideological guidance. First, the combination of classroom teaching and social practice. Give full play to the role of the main channel of the classroom, the implementation of College Ideological and political course teaching reform "merit promotion plan" and the school thinks of the class class demonstration project, and actively promote the teaching reform and innovation, heuristic, participation and research teaching. Two is the combination of thematic activities and special counseling. The organization to carry out my dream, Chinese homage to Chinese traditional culture, I speak of socialist core values · practice activities to create a three, more than 60 Lei Feng advocated learning campus theme educational activities and cultural brand. Three is to carry out special education and the construction of long-term mechanism. Has launched a special anti Immolation education and Tibet stability of ideological education guidance, to create national unity and progress, the rule of law, national unity education in campus wide students deeds canonical Dorje education activities.

two, catch team construction, strengthen the moral building. First, teachers training. Held in the province’s education system of party secretary, President of philosophy and social science and the ideological and political course every year (Si Pin) backbone teachers, political counselor and teacher of nearly 2000 people to attend the provincial training, special training and collective preparation. The two is to grasp the construction of virtue. Select the 25 teachers of the province’s moral model; excellent teachers to hold advanced deeds video report will be divided into care;

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