City construction materials and construction waste remediation work has achieved initial results

according to the municipal government conference spirit and City Management Committee of the unified deployment arrangements, municipal law enforcement bureau led by the relevant departments to carry out the construction of building materials for a period of 7 months to dispose of garbage transport special rectification work. Through the renovation of various engineering car crazy layun phenomenon has been effectively curbed, urban construction waste disposal building materials transportation management system to rationalize, urban construction site management to further enhance the quality of building materials, construction waste disposal and transportation management law enforcement special rectification work to achieve substantive results.

city urban management department in accordance with the "building materials of construction waste disposal management and transportation law enforcement special rectification work plan" requirements, actively coordinate construction, planning, real estate, public security, environmental protection departments, hand drawn established law enforcement inspection team to carry out joint enforcement, strengthen supervision and inspection, to check on the night together, 24 hours of seamless management of the city’s various site construction materials and construction waste transportation, the problems of site order rectification, regular check, regular supervision and other measures to strengthen the management of. First, the specification of the city’s construction waste disposal approval; two is a strict construction waste transport unit carrier conditions; the three is to establish a routine cooperation system; the four is to establish a special rectification work report system.

linkage through the urban area, multi sectoral joint, multi pronged approach, concerted efforts to focus on governance, the city investigated a total of 1298 kinds of violations. The specification of building materials, construction waste disposal act of 84, and along the way to throw the road pollution behavior since 132, without authorization of construction waste disposal behavior 8, not stamped tarpaulin and unlicensed vehicles 960 times, removal of illegal dumping of construction waste. Since 38, the other 76 violations, the existence of irregularities of more than 160 the construction site issued a rectification notice, ordered its rectification.


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