2015 national innovation talent promotion plan 2 people in our province

, a reporter from the Qinghai provincial science and Technology Department was informed that the national Ministry of science and technology advance released in the days before the 2015 plan of innovative talents list, Qinghai University Qi Delin, Luo Qinghai Tibetan Digital Technology Co. Ltd. Luo Tibet respectively selected Youth Science and technology innovation leading talents, technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Up to now, the province has 8 people were included in the Ministry of science and technology innovation talent promotion plan, including the selection of young people into the scientific and technological innovation leader in the talent, the 4 were selected for scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship personnel.

national "innovative talent promotion plan" is the "national medium and long term talent plan" to determine a high-level talent to strengthen the construction of scientific and technological personnel of the major talent project. Since 2012 to promote, has launched the two batch of innovative personnel selection work, accumulated selected Youth Science and technology innovation 1080 leading talent, technological innovation and entrepreneurship, 733, candidates will be recommended into the national people plan to focus on training and support.


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